Canada declared 42 organizations as ‘terrorists’ including Hezbollah


Canada has declared 42 organizations to be “terrorist entities”, including al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas.

Canada also declared a Yemen-based group affiliated with al Qaeda a terrorist organization on Friday, a move that allows the government to prosecute Canadians linked to it.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula was blamed for this year’s attempt to destroy planes using bomb-laden toner cartridges as well as a foiled attempt to blow up a plane near Detroit on Christmas Day 2009.

The designation makes it illegal for Canadians to work with the group or contribute money to it, and it gives law enforcement officials the authority to seize financial assets the group may have in Canada.


Mrs. Hilary Childs-Adams, Ambassador of Canada to Lebanon said following a meeting with MP Bahia Hariri in Sidon on Friday that dialogue is the only way to resolve the impasse in Lebanon.




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