Loud explosion heard in Sidon – Breaking News update


Future News has reported that a loud explosion was heard in Sidon and its surrounding areas as far as Iklim al-Toufah in south Lebanon . The cause of of the explosion has not been identified .

MTV also reported that an earthquake took place in Sidon area , which may have sounded like an explosion, but Seismological Center in Bahnas denied the MTV report and said Sidon had no earthquakes today.

MTV also reported about the same time that Israeli warplanes were flying at low altitude over the area of Al-Zahrani ( near Sidon) and were dropping flares.

New TV on the other hand reported that a naval mine exploded off the coast of Sidon.

This development comes after the Justice Palace in Baabda was evacuated on Wednesday after receiving a bomb threat. Explosives experts, backed by police dogs, rushed to the scene to secure the area and search for the bombs. According to AFP no bombs were found.

Update: Future TV reported that the Israeli warplanes broke the sound barrier at a low altitude over Sidon and this may have been source of the noise that sounded like an explosion.

According to local reports Israel continues to violate the Lebanese airspace despite UN SCR1701