MP Hout: Did Berri conspire with Siniora


Al-Jamaa al-Islamiyya MP Imad al-Hout questioned the allegations made by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah against former PM Fouad Siniora during his most recent speech.

“Speaker Nabih Berri worked closely with Siniora during the 2006 July War, so do you think Berri was Siniora’s partner in what you accuse him of?”

Nasrallah accused Siniora and his cabinet of trying to prolong the 2006 July War.

Siniora responded in a statement on Friday by saying :“The Lebanese people and all Arab and foreign officials knew that the government’s primary goal was to end the war and lift the blockade, but Israel and the U.S. opposed it”.

Siniora added: “Nasrallah’s statement are puzzling. How did Nasrallah come up with this conclusion? No one can believe such talk,” adding that if the Hezbollah chief has documents that support his claim, it is his duty to reveal them to the public.

Accusing Lebanese of collusion with Israel on the basis of “undocumented evidence” is inot allowed , Hout told Future TV

Siniora is a “ statesman in every sense of the word, and it is impossible to doubt him or accuse him of conspiracy against Lebanon ,” he said.

“Siniora gave a great deal to the Resistance,” Hout added.