Hezbollah preparing to face STL indictment, report


All political and legal data clearly indicate that Hezbollah has finally recognized the inevitability of being indicted by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon ( STL) in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, and that all the pressures exerted by the party both internally and regionally have failed in burying this indictment and in delaying it for a long time , according to political sources of al Sharq al Awsat newspaper.

“Resorting to violence ( as in May 2008 ) will not change anything for Hezbollah, on the contrary this may increase its losses” , according to the sources.

Hezbollah is therefore moving to face the consequences of the indictment and has reportedly prepared an action plan to prevent the implementation of the indictment . This involves the refusal to hand over any of its accused elements or those of the opposition. Sources also told al Sharq al Awsat that Hezbollah and the opposition will use all political and constitutional means to prevent the implementation of the indictment through the government by blocking the funding for the tribunal.

According legal experts, financing the tribunal will not be a problem if Hezbollah succeeds in blocking the Lebanese funds . Based on article 1737 of the tribunal other countries can step in an provide the financing if required