Lebanese Fed up with Hezbollah, report


The majority March 14 coalition stressed on Wednesday that the Lebanese were fed up with “daily Hezbollah threats and militia-style practices.”

Following the weekly meeting of its March 14 general-secretariat the alliance said Hezbollah practices “will not be able to intimidate the Lebanese or dissuade them from committing to the accomplishments of the independence intifada and its gains.”

March 14 General Secretariat called for joining ranks, adding that Hezbollah “should know that the Lebanese are attached to civil peace and they do not fear intimidation and threats.”

Arrest warrants

March 14 criticized the Syrian arrest warrants( against a number of Lebanese dignitaries ) by describing them as “a Syrian call to eliminate the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and are a blatant defiance of Lebanese demands for justice and stability.”

“It is as if the Syrian leadership wants to restore ties between the two countries to the phase of extreme tensions, throwing out the window all efforts undertaken by the Lebanese state, and especially the prime minister, to normalize ties in a way that would benefit the Lebanese and Syrian people,” the statement continued.

The arrest warrants “which should not be taken innocently as some have called for” will push the other team towards increasing its defiance, The march 14 statement added.

The March 14 forces lauded Prime Minister Saad Hariri and President Michel Suleiman for their positions towards the warrants and urged the Lebanese to exercise diligence to avoid falling victim to regional interests.


The general-secretariat condemned the Free Patriotic Movement’s “provocation” against the Lebanese Forces.

This was in response to Aoun’s statement on Tuesday that Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea should not take to the streets and use arms.

Geagea responded directly to Aoun today by saying: “I did not expect you to reach such a low level and for you to call on your allies to militarily attack your Christian opponents.”

Geagea was referring to Hezbollah, Aoun closest allies and the only armed group in Lebanon