Mitri: Calm prevailed during cabinet session


Lebanon’s Information Minister Tarek Mitri briefed the media following Monday’s cabinet session at the Grand Serail

Calm atmosphere

The cabinet’s atmosphere is completely different from the way it is portrayed by some…. the ministers discussed issues calmly and honestly.

The local media has speculated that cabinet sessions will be tense. Tension is currently high in Lebanon since some March 8 coalition politicians are calling for the abolition of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL).

2011 budget

The cabinet discussed the 2011 draft state budget..some ministries’ budgets were not finalized and will be discussed during the upcoming cabinet session scheduled for Wednesday.

However, the information minister would not directly answer a reporter’s question over whether the ministers discussed the issue of financing the STL, responding only that many matters were not discussed during the session.

March 14 alliance MPs withdrew from the September 16 evening session of the Parliamentary Budget and Finance Commission to prevent a quorum when March 8 coalition MPs called for voting on a 2010 state budget clause pertaining to Lebanon’s funding of the STL with aim of ending the funding.



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