Future MP: Enough intimidation tactics from Hezbollah


Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc MP Ammar Houri on Saturday noted that “the battle against truth, justice and the protection of the future of political life in Lebanon is ongoing.”

In remarks to Future News TV network, Houri added: “We have been witnessing since late 2005 the episodes of the other camp that aim at terminating truth and justice, and today they have reached the peak of insolence through demanding us to forget (slain premier) Rafik Hariri and the rest of martyrs.”

“We are simply saying that we won’t accept any settlement regarding the (Special) Tribunal (for Lebanon) and let that be clear,” Houri said.

Responding to Friday’s remarks of Hizbullah’s MP Nawwaf Moussawi, Houri said: “What we are hearing from some in the other camp, especially from colleague Moussawi, is a desperate intimidation against truth and justice, and those who have the principles of persuasion and the submitting of proofs must not resort to intimidation and threats.”