Clinton in Egypt for renewed Mideast peace talks


U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will continue an attempt to broker peace in the Middle East on Tuesday when she and special envoy George Mitchell meet leaders from Israel and the Palestinian Authority in Egypt.

The negotiations involving Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas are part of a process aimed at closing a peace deal within the next 12 months. The process kicked off earlier this month during a meeting between Netanyahu and Abbas in Washington that Clinton hosted.

Clinton and Mitchell are expected to continue talks with the leaders in Jerusalem on Wednesday.

This isn’t Clinton’s first attempt to participate in an attempt to secure a two-state solution.

As first lady, though not a principal negotiator, she traveled to the Middle East to meet with Israeli and Palestinian leaders in support of President Bill Clinton’s policies on the issue. The president eventually hosted Israeli and Palestinian leaders at Camp David, Maryland, for what proved to be unsuccessful final-status talks.

Now, as secretary of state, Clinton has a second chance and a more direct platform to help the parties reach a comprehensive settlement.

Should Clinton help shepherd an agreement, it would “fulfill a longtime desire to succeed in this area,” said Ned Walker, who was U.S. ambassador to Israel during part of President Clinton’s second term.

“She has something of a long history of being involved” in the region, said Walker, who also used to be an assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs. “This would be a great fulfillment for her personally and for the administration and the country.”



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  1. Clinton Male version did not succeed, why the female one will ?

    No way.

    1. Ole,

      That is chauvinistic at best. Typical Lebanese male thinking that his penis gives him certain rights that women should not have.


      Hilary Clinton happens that she has a family and being a public figure does not make her a target for disrespectful comments. I hope you are enjoying the freedom that you take for granted because you and I know your head will be chopped off in the Arab World for saying stuff like that before you look up the meaning of the word “chagged” on wikipedia.

      Bunch of spoiled kids behind a keyboard purchased by a rich daddy you are.

      1. Walid,

        Who died and made you king and the protector of this or whatever blog.

        I am not a spoiled kid or rich.

        As a matter of fact, I do not respect american foreign policy at all because it is full of hypocracy and doing my own country injustice in so many ways. So sorry if I have offended you for accusing Hilary for chagging her way to peace…a PEACE as per american standards and definition.

        For the last time don’t give yourself the right to judge me or any other person for that matter as it is my porogative to say what I want the way i WANT IT

  2. well I will give you a hint the Male version was too busy chagging his personal trainer….the female version is now too busy getting chagged by every other arab to peace her way out….sex rules

  3. I am not talking about the politics as it happens I do agree with you. I do not like it though for you to present it in a condescending manner as from your sentence one could deduct that the male version of anything is better than the female. That’s all!

    Re-read your sentence and tell me I am wrong. You can attack her views and her politics (because she sells out to the jewish lobby quite often) and that is fine but not her integrity as a woman. That is low.

    1. Walid,

      I Wouldn’t be that concerned about her integrity at this point knowing that her countries foreign policy ….which is the same policy she is marketing in her visits is the same policy that is behin crushing thousands of skulls of arabs and Lebanese whom are mostly KIDS and WOMEN…so what about the integrity of the WOMEN who died because of Clinton’s MARKETED POLICY..??!!!

      Problem is Walid you might not have experienced yet seeing people burn and ask for help right infront of your eyes like i did in Qana…I was there in 1996 with the red cross 1 hour after it happened and have seen first hand what Clinton’s foreign policy does to my country and its WOMEN….

      Bottom line scrue her…women or people like that has no INTEGRITY neither as women nor as individuals

      1. Here you go making assumptions again Jad. You say: “Problem is Walid you might not have experienced yet seeing people burn and ask for help right in front of your eyes like i did in Qana”. I had my version of Qana dude thousands of time over, EXCEPT the perpetrator was a Syrian army shelling indiscriminately YOUR country (as you put it) and saw kids and women by the bushels in Ashrafieh laying bleeding, screaming, and dying on the sidewalks. I lived that day in and day out for 10 FULL years in front of my eyes (as you put it again). The only difference there was outrage in your case and nobody asked about those civilians who got killed and maimed because nobody would hear their plight during the massacres committed by the Syrians in YOUR country.

        So please do not lecture me on atrocities because I was in the middle of it and I lost family and friends and I buried them with my own hands.

  4. What does the syrians have to do with Clinton??!! and the policy she is trying to promote? Your taking my words out of context.

    I am sure every Lebanese has his story about massacres and about burrying beloved ones. My story relats to the USA and Isreal that is all.

    1. It relates to the assumption that I did not see atrocities.

      BTW the Syrians would have never dared step foot into Lebanon without the green light given to them BY Israel AND the USA.

      It was the USA that sold out General Aoun when they told Israel to stay put while the Syrian army invaded Hazmieh and slaughtered in cold blood members of the Lebanese Armed Forces (whose only fault was to follow orders) and then bury them in mass graves under the feet of their fellow troops in yarze.

      It was Bush senior who sold Lebanon to the Syrians as a gift for their joining the war on Saddam’s Iraq and for the Syrians to topple General Aoun who later crawled back to them because they promised him the presidency. So my stories ALSO relate to Israel and the U.S. Anyone who trusts ANY Foreigner to the land to gain hegemony against their compatriots is delusional. Syria will sell Hezbollah in a jiffy to get back the Golan Heights. Rest assured of that.

  5. that is the first time I agree with you on something 🙂

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