Baroud: Drivers have turned into killers


Lebanon’s Interior Minister Ziad Baroud announced on Tuesday immediate and long-term measures to deal with traffic accidents in the country .

This comes after the horrific accident that took place yesterday on the Jiyeh highway, south of Beirut. At least six people were killed and 20 others injured in a traffic accident involving several trucks and other vehicles.. A Lebanese soldier was among the dead.

“There is a dual responsibility: on the citizen who must respect the traffic law and judicial authorities that we hope would take further preventative measures so that violators fell there is more and more control,” Baroud told a news conference at his office.

“Drivers have turned into killers and politicians should not protect any perpetrator no matter what,” said Baroud in the presence of Police chief Gen. Ashraf Rifi.

Baroud said he adopted new measures to cope with traffic accidents — immediate and long-term.

He said radars are on the list of immediate measures to control speed.

Baroud said he asked Rifi to reprimand policemen for negligence.

Regarding long-term measures, Baroud said fines would double, noting that he had demanded to increase fines by 5 times, but we have settled for three folds when five times was even little,” Baroud added.

He called on the various political leaders to refrain from protecting any traffic violator “no matter what.”



9 responses to “Baroud: Drivers have turned into killers”

  1. Jean Haddad Avatar
    Jean Haddad

    I like this minsiter sending direct message to politic leaders of refraining from protecting violated drivers from law. Wow I thought there is no wasstat in Lebanon. If they eliminate wasstat then no one will follow those leaders anymore. I think this is where Lebanon need to restrict then we can stand against deviated leaders.

  2. Tony Gedeon Avatar
    Tony Gedeon

    Thank God we still have responsible people in charge in the forsaken Country of ours…

    Go get them the right way Hon. Baroud ,and bring along more Individuals who share your mission of service…

    The public at large look up to you and your action for protection and peace of mind..

    This Guy IS A STRAIGHT SHOOTER..He carries his name well .

    You have our full support ,you’re a true PATRIOT..

    God Bless.

    Tony G

  3. God help this guy, he’s alone among that bunch of crooks… I don’t know how he can do it. he must of love his country a lot. he’s honroble, honest and works hard. I noticed that with Aridi too. both of these guys work hard and do not take any crab from anyone.good luck for both.

  4. moustapha Avatar

    I second all of you, among the few politicians that his actions speak louder then his words. Practically scream them out hehe..

    He is an Asset to us Lebanese for we need him as a role model for the coming generations to learn from his transparency, honesty, loyalty and HARD work.

  5. I took the driving test in Lebanon a month ago. All I can say is that my great grandmother (allah yir7ama/RIP) can take the test and ace it.

    I think playing some racing game on an XBOX/Playstation would be alot more challenging than our system now, haha.

  6. Really Mr. Baroud get a grip … the roads here suck … i have been living and working in Beirut for just over a year now … im not from here originally… i drive a suzuki motorbike and I cant tell you how many F$($* times i have slammed into pot holes in the road or had idiots not following (what is working) of your fake traffic lights … or speed limit signs (if they exisit in certain areas) how about you FIRST fix the DAMN roads and post normal traffic laws that ALL WORK im sick of driving through

  7. 1 out of 5 traffic lights that are not flashing yellow or do not work … whats going on ? is it that difficult to get them up and running is really pathetic … even my rented place when i first arrived i remember they installed a new traffic light and pedestrian crossing also … this was over one damn year ago and it still flashes yellow go figure … before u talk about radars and all this sophesticated crap how about you get the basics right first… i know of a few radars in downtown that are just their for the scenary … they dont even work…

  8. Even if the traffic lights work, stop at a red light and see what will happen, if the cars behind you don’t ripp you apart, the traffic police will screem at you for holding traffic and direct you to drive on the red light. About going for your driving test !! what test its a joke anyway, if the 2 people can’t help you the 3rd one will know someone who can get you a licence for $100 ok maybe $200.

    1. Very true … i dont understand why their is police on the WORKING traffic lights … they make the traffic so much worse … and disregard the entire concept … LIGHTS … this country is so weird.

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