Hariri Murder reenactment on Sept. 28 in France, report


A re-enactment of the 2005 Beirut assassination of Lebanese ex-prime minister Rafiq Hariri is to be staged in France later this month as part of a UN-backed probe into his murder, a source confirmed Saturday.

The exercise is to take place at a military base in southwestern France on September 28, said the source.

Le Figaro journalist Georges Malbrunot wrote in his blog that the re-enactment will happen under tight security at the base in Captieux, in the Gironde region, southwest France. It normally serves as an army firing range.

A French explosives expert working with the UN-backed Special Tribunal for Lebanon began work on the exercise in June, he added.

At the request of the Lebanese prosecutor’s office, the tribunal is investigating the February 14, 2005 bombing that killed Hariri and 22 others.

Parts of the Beirut street that Hariri’s convoy had taken and the surrounding buildings had been reconstructed for the exercise, Malbrunot reported.

Neither the French foreign ministry or the defence ministry was prepared to comment on the reports.

The Hariri murder triggered an international outcry and led to the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon in April 2005 after a deployment of almost three decades.

The killing has been widely blamed on Syria, but Damascus has consistently denied involvement.

The Hague-based Hariri tribunal, set up by a UN Security Council resolution in 2007, is expected to issue an indictment towards the end of the year. AFP



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  1. This will break the hearts of a lot of people who Loved Late Sheikh Rafic Hariri. This in a way will make us all live the moment / day we knew he was killed.

    However, if this serves the purpose of finding the Truth, then few more tears could be swallowed….

  2. waste of time and money.

    all the money wasted on this you could have built a huge electricity station that lights up all of lebanon and improved many roads and built schools.

    i love hariri but i’m not a politician and i care more about the regular joes than the politicians.

    are you gonnna put the spies in those trucks? are you gonna reenact phone calls that might have been intercepted? are you gonna see where all the explosives came from and who the hell jammed hariris car?

    ya 7aram how much money we waste instead of feeding the poor and the elderly.

    people are hungry and luis vuitton opened in our downtowmn.

    how many billions were spent to rebuild the hollywood style location to enact the tragedy?

    a tenth of that money would have been spent on new schools, better hospital equipment and desalination facility that provides clean water to drink.

    STL STL STL khalsooni min hal shakha 3ad

    1. i wonder who the cast will be for the reinactment?

      Montgomery Burns will play ASSad

      Rob Reiner to play Moogniyah

      guys any other ideas?

      1. i want my old school boys fahid ballan and rushdi abaaza. if they’re not available then abu el 3abid, abu sayyah, or dureid la7aam as i’m assuming its a comedy.

  3. Tony, poverty and people getting hungry and money should be spent on better things than this…..I bet if you ask a million people how would you have the Gov. spend its money you will have 1 million and 1 different opinions. If the reenactment helps finding the truth then so be it…we have spent more money killing each other in the civil war than this…finding the truth might END ANOTHER CIVIL WAR…

  4. Jean Haddad Avatar
    Jean Haddad

    Tony thumbs up. I know you like Hariri but you hate the concept of finding the truth.

    5-6 years and it would take another 2 years probably the killer has already had a heart attack and he died then they will start again with the investigation. This STL should have completed its mission long time ago. HA is at the corner of the border to declare war then again STL will face a good bye we are in war.

    Everything is paid by Lebanon, haram haram and haram

    What about the assassination of gemeyal, Tueini, Maouad etc… No STL for them sure they cant afford cause Saudis support only Hariri. This is not fair 6 years and another 2 years the guilty already has prepared his way out.

    Smetimes I ask myself this STL isn’t a game too in the hands of Hariri? Am sure he knows already who killed his father otherwise he would have not been to syria since he was the first blaming them too. They thought with the stl matter they can bring HA to the tables but they forget HA members are Barbarian and moujahidine they will die before anyone touch them. Yallah a mess after a mess and the music keep playing on and on till when. God only knows

    Because of our beloved politicians we ended up here

    I gave up and I always tell myself to stop listening to them I will

    1. That is NOT true!!!

      The STL is for all the assassinated leaders. Whomever did Hariri in did the others. Find the killers of Hariri you will find who killed the others.

      STL is for all of Lebanon.

      1. walid israel and syria killed most of the others and i believe that.

    2. jean habeebi please dont put words in my mouth. i absolutely support the idea of finding the truth but not at the expense of insulting me.

      when i know who killed hariri why would i need such a big charade and hollywood reenactment to tell me who did it. its obvious. israel and its spies did it.

      i look at motive and benfits. hariri supposedly helped the shia so much so why would they do it. syria was happy sucking 51% or even more of lebanon’s GDP so why would they wanna leave.

      who do we have left? israel and the USA who love to think they’re helping the world just like they did when they installed the khomeini and just like they did when they removed saddam and just like they thought the killing of hariri will remove syria leaving HA exposed for them to neutralise and make lebanon surrender so that israel uses us a waste land.

      ya3ni come on man to put HA as a scapegoat to such a huge plot and no one else alongside them is absolutely offensive to intelligent people if not laughable.

      this whole STL is a political negotiating block and nothing else.

      you will see HA in the last minute will give the STL more info so that they delay it even more so more negotiations take place.

      did they hand the STL what bellarina requested?

      are they gonna reenact all phone calls and the jammig of the radars in hairiris car?

      according to analysts no one can do that except for the company itself which happens to be israeli.

      its not that HA are barbarians that they wont come to the table. its cos they wanna make sure they dont keep getting back stabbed like they got fooled intoacceptig the STL constitution.

      wouldnt you be angry when your own (brothers) are putting a knife in your back while you sign the paperwork?

      i would be very angry.

      you’re right jean, why would hariri jumblatt and gaegae soon go to syria when the STL is going on?

      people must read between the lines and figure things out that arent on paper and you’re one of them as well as others on this site.

      thats the power of independent thinking and thats what will save lebanon. not the sheep that follow the media like its the oracle.

  5. Do you think Lebanon paid for the STL..LOL???!!!!

    Well it is Saudi and probably the USA who did, so stop nagging about the payments the Lebanon is paying for the STL.

    All the politicians who were killed before and after hariri deserved to have their murderers braught to Justice too, I agree with you. I believe R. Hariri is lucky to get and STL made especially for him, but maybe by finding his murderer other ambiguities of the rest or most of the assasinations before and after him will be a bit clearer

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