Aoun attacks Lebanon government & president


Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun attacked the government in a televised speech on Sunday and called for resignations of several ministers.

He also criticized president Michel Suleiman .

“For some time we have been telling the government that it is violating the law, but it is as if they are not listening.”

Aoun said that the Internal Security Forces (ISF) Information Branch is an “illegitimate branch “, “kidnaps people for months,” and “spreads rumors about people.”

His criticism comes as a possible reference to the branch’s August 5 arrest of retired Brigadier General Fayez Karam ( pictured with Aoun) on charges of spying for Israel

Karam who is also a senior FPM official, was charged with espionage and providing the Jewish state with information on Hezbollah.

Aoun has repeatedly condemned authorities over the issue of leaks to the media on the investigation.

“Who is this branch responsible to?… Is Interior Minister [Ziad Baroud] asleep?” he asked.

Aoun also said that even though Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar is responsible for keeping investigations confidential, rumors have spread. He criticized Information Minister Tarek Mitri and Defense Minister Elias al-Murr over the investigations as well.

“Are all these ministers sleeping?” Aoun said, asking, “What are they waiting for to resign?”

Karam and Aoun went into exile in France following Aoun’s defeat by the Syrian army in 1990 and both returned to Lebanon in May 2005 , 11 days following the withdrawal of the Syrian army from Lebanon.

Based on articles 274-278 of the Lebanese law , those convicted of spying for Israel could face the death sentence.

Aoun also questioned the transparency of government expenditure and the activities of the Finance Ministry and Prime Minister Saad Hariri.

He also asked : “Is President Michel Suleiman doing anything other than weeping.”

It is “necessary to see dismissals and resignations starting today,” the FPM leader said.

Aoun also criticized calls arms and militia free Beirut , saying a weapons-free country would be in danger from Israel.

March 14 alliance and some FPM officials called for an arms-free and militia Beirut following the bloody street battle that shook the Borj Abi Haidar neighborhood in the Lebanese capital on August 24, pitting supporters of the Iranian backed Hezbollah against the pro-Syrian Al-Ahbash militants —also known as the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects. 3 people were killed in the clash including a Hezbollah senior official.

Aoun who was very critical of Hezbollah while in exile in France has been a close ally of the Iranian backed group since 2006.

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea said that last week’s Borj Abi Haidar clashes harmed Hezbollah’s image, adding that the violence revealed that the party has a military presence in the capital that cannot be justified or accepted, according to a statement issued last Wednesday by Geagea’s office.

Geagea also said last Friday that Hezbollah’s arms “serve other interests. ”

“As far as we know the resistance should be in occupied territories. Is Beirut occupied?” Geagea asked.

Former Lebanese president and Phalange party leader Amin Gemayel said today : “They say weapons are in the best interest of the State. Where is the interest of the country in Borj Abi Haidar incident and Shehabiyeh explosions? What are weapons there for?”

Last Friday a large explosion rocked a village in southern Lebanon .The explosion took place inside the village of Shehabiyeh , near the border with Israel at an arms depot for Hezbollah.

The explosion was reportedly the result of a fire that detonated eight rocket shells, several hand grenades, and two gas containers, according to Reuters



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  1. aoun is taking the role of a comedian.Every word he said contradict what he should stand for. By the day he is getting to be a nut case, I will even pay for his transport to “Asfourieh”. This guy calls himself a politician!!!Shame on him, his supporters and bloc. He was in charge when h/a emerged and what did he do, he high-tailed it and went in hiding to France. One would ask why is he defending karam!! is it because they are two peas in a pod and in cahoot against h/a. One would not know considering the surprises that we face on a daily basis. aoun should be heed SABAH’s song.

    1. he needs a mental hospital

  2. ya aoun you are so lucky you are in the lawless country if you where somewhere else in the world they will hang you of your balls that if you have any you peace of crap

  3. Ali, I agree with you, lol. Aoun talks out of his ass. He needs to go back to France or shut the F*#ck up. Yes, he is hiding behind the strong right now, but what is going to happen to him when the strong becomes weak?

  4. I think the only people who should resign are Aoun and the rest of March 08 party.

    They failed in the elections, Nasrallah promised his party to win the elections yet they failed big time. Despite their failure they insisted for a long time for having their rights in the goverment as if they were the winners. Evertime they are under pressure they either send their dogs to the streets to terrorize people or they resign from the goverment.

    This is pointless really, look at Aoun is a blind man whom I really feel sorry for him and his followers. The man dedicated his life to fight Syria and he did for long years…many died because of following him, he lost the war went to france and came back as another Syrian alley…wiered guy, i just hope when I am that old I wouldn’t be switching side like that and I would die with some dignity by saying I have faught based on UNCHANGING PRINCIPLES

  5. how old is he now? isnt it time for him to get a heart attack or stroke or something?

  6. He is something like 72-75 bit with an IQ less thant that of a 10 years old

  7. Aoun sorry bess Kool Kxxa

    1. i love your comments Jad

  8. this is a fabricated story about general fayez karam he is innoncent and all these lies to ruin his name and also put a dought around general auon repetation whoever plays politics and ruin an innocent man life has no place in heaven all religion of god will tell you that

  9. They should arrest him, the same way they arrested those at the airport for badmouthing the president. I cant believe he still has followers, after all the flip flopping he has done. His party slogan suites him perfectly “TAYAR” and he changed directions like one!

  10. my dear Joseph

    I hope you’re joking about this…. we have not heard any deniels from Aoun or Karam about the acusations… maybe there are some questions about the media or how the case was handled, but the story is 100% true, i am afraid Aoun is aware of it from the begining and maybe he has something to do with it.. hope not…HB has a lot to do with this case, they were instrumental in putting the whole case together and he was watched by the Syrian, Iranians and HB intellignce for a long time, since he was in France…no one wishes harm to anyone innocent, but if he is innocent why does not he speak out and deny all the accusations????and as far as Aoun concerns, I wish he stays quite, everytime he opens his mouth he makes himself seems empty of any national resposibility… for a guy in his position you would expect more resposible man…God help him, he needs lots of praying….

  11. auon will never help any forigner against his own lebaneese brothers and agains lebanon he is too much patriotic

    1. You must be kidding: Fleeing to France, begging the US for his return after he dismissed the syrian regime, he returns hailing the syrian, h/a and iran in effort to sell Lebanon. What do you call that!! Patriotism, I call it treason.

      1. i guess i am wrong you guys might know more about aoun than me

        in this case he was in france with that general his friend for 15 years if they prove that he was a spy then aoun could be charged for conspiracy

    2. wow I cant believe you can say something like that and keep a straight face

      bedal fee khootain mitlak be 7al dinni, your comment proves that people like you is what keeps mentally retarded and unfit people in power.

      BTW go ask the families of the slaughtered soldiers who were left behind by this traitor, this piece of garbage should be the first traitor tried in libon before any spy

      tfoo aleyk!

    3. Are you for real? What do you call using the army against the Lebanese Forces and bombarding and putting a whole population under siege without food or water in Beirut. Then out of frustration turn the weapons against West Beirut and bombarding the civilians indiscriminately.

      the sole purpose of The Lebanese Armed Forces should be for use to defend the country against foreign invaders NOT to control Lebanese political movements as he did.

      1. in that case your right i just do,nt know enouph about him i have been living in the us for 30 years

      2. WOW Joseph,

        You are the first Lebanese who admits he made a mistake. I am humbled…

        Well there is hope after all. 😀


      3. Joseph can lead us,lol

      4. Just for your info. Aoun used to meet with the Zionist Lobby in the USA and probably in France as well during his exile for 15 years.

        Don’t forget Fayez Karam was in Exile with him….

        Am not suggesting that Aoun is a traitor, but there are some questions marks around him that the government needs to dig into

  12. in that case he should be tried for war crimes against his own people and the lebaneese people should bring him to court to face justice and be tried for crimes he commited against his people just like the us did with saddam husein

    1. Joseph khajaltnee heyk 🙂 I guess you never heard about this cowards crimes, he is an absolute disgrace, Im sure if you read up on him you will understand more of his wrong doings.

  13. Aoun is the most patriotic Leader, though not the smartest politician. His military mentality makes it hard for him to be a clever politician.

    His war with the LF was really started by the LF. LF had been controlling all of the eastern section of Beirut, and they rejected any role for the Army, especially after Aoun became the interim prime minister.

    1. Prophet,

      The similarities between the Lebanese Forces and Hezbollah are many aren’t they. They, in their own ways, both hijacked the will of the people. The only difference is geography. While the LF did not allow the army in the Christian heartland, HA does not allow the army in Shia land. Both parties are sectarian, the first is a Christian resistance and the second an Islamic resistance. They both shot at their own brothers to get to power. The LF destroyed all other parties militarily and pretty much silenced great parties which would have taken the country in a different course and HA fought Amal with such ferocity that the jaws of observers fell to the ground and eventually controlled the will of all Shias.

      I think I will stop here to leave room for others to continue the list of similarities…

      1. Walid, Ha kept in the family, the only fight they had was with other shiia,lol

      2. Your analogy is interesting, yet not too accurate though. It was Amal who started the fight, Not HA. I’m saying this just for Historical accuracy. I personally reject any domestic wars, regardless who starts it. You still bear responsibility even if you don’t start the fight.

        HA never committed the atrocities that LF, Amal, Jumblat and Gemayel and the rest of the criminal did. Fair is fair, Walid.

        Don’t think I SUPPORT ANY ANYWAY. I just support who ever is defending Lebanon from Israel. This is my weakness.

    2. he could have negotioted with them and found to peaceful solution to the conflict there were no justification for the use of arms aginst the ctizen of lebanon and killing of lebaneese civilians just the fact he was not the president elect and la were not the only militias in the country bearing arms so he had no right to use force against them he has made some bad decisions that resulted in crimes against civilian so he should be tried in the court of law

      by the lebaneese people

      1. JOSEPH,



  14. Joseph, If you want to try Lebanese leaders for war crimes, you won’t have enough courtrooms, nor would you find enough prosecutors. You need to start with Geagea, Jumblat, Berri, Amin Gemayel…Not sure Aoun qualifies for war crimes, His war with the LF was imposed on him by Geagaa. But that does not relieve him of the responsibility of civilians getting killed in his war.

  15. the lf were there because it was there homes and their cities and that,s were they lived it was not like they invaded the eastern area they were there defendind those cities long before mr auon showed up where the army was not operating and was not able to help any body ok he should have negotiated peaceful options with them intead of just attacking them i mean who gavehim the right to do so and what congress had approved his action and what governement none at that time the men has commited a big crime against all lebaneese innoncent civilian had been killed as a result of his negligent decision and he should brought to justice by the lebaneese people

  16. it looks like from what you guys telling me that auon was the biggest criminals of all in that country because as a general he knew better and he knew that he was breaking the laws of the state and was acting unconstitunally he should be tried first the same as the iraquis did with saddam husein

  17. WALID my friend you did say thats the LF and HA are similar i don;t agree with you the LF wan;t similar to HA but geagea is the LA dreams was to join in the lebanese army geagea didn;t want that he have another dream to follow the dream call money and power if BASHIR was still alive the lf would been army my friend and the lf and the army fought many battles side by side i don;t thing they every did that with HA

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