Hariri: remaining silent over the clashes is ‘unacceptable’


The idea that “we stand as observers to clashes such as those in Beirut on August 24 and remain silent without giving an opinion” is “unacceptable,” Prime Minister Saad Hariri said during an Iftar dinner at Qoreitem on Friday, according to a statement from his office.

His comments come after the bloody street battle that shook the Borj Abi Haidar neighborhood in the Lebanese capital on August 24, pitting supporters of the Iranian backed Hezbollah against the pro-Syrian Al-Ahbash militants —also known as the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects. 3 people were killed in the clash including a Hezbollah senior official.

Hariri’s comment may be a possible response to the accusations made by Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah during his Friday speech in which he accused politicians of “blowing the Borj Abi Haidar clashes out of proportion in order to exploit them” , and said ” those who think the incident reflects an Iranian-Syrian dispute are betting on a failed American neoconservative project.”

Many analysts branded the clashes as a proxy war between Iran and Syria over the control of Lebanon.

On August 25, the cabinet agreed to form a commission to deal with arms proliferation. In a statement issued after a Beirut Development Conference meeting on August 27, Beirut MPs and municipality officials called for a “weapons-free Beirut.”

March 8 MPs have said that such slogans aim to incite sectarian tension and that the weapons proliferation issue is being used against the Resistance.

Hariri reiterated his call for calmness and dialogue, adding that it was essential to preserve coexistence and that no one sect could ever gain advantage over another without Lebanon itself losing.



36 responses to “Hariri: remaining silent over the clashes is ‘unacceptable’”

  1. yislamli timmak mr. hariri. which civilised country ignores such a careless incident by parties that are supposed to take the country’s interest at heart but think that they can waltz around town like street gangs shooting up stors of people that work hard for a living and thekicker was the burning of the mosque.

    i bet if this was in switzerland and a group of people burned a mosque all the muslims would be up in arms calling for fatwas and going crazy with death threats.

    that poor cartoonist who still receives death threats over a petty cartoon and we burn mosques and shoot up the streets and complain when peopl emake a big deal about it.

    airi bil mantaq taba3koon with all due respect to your RPGs cos after all, i got the balls to speak my mind without holding a gun.

    1. Tony,

      SPOT ON!

      How dare they desecrate a mosque? and YES if that happens (and by mistake mind you) in Switzerland we will have a holly war with “el ayman be shmeelna”.

  2. Constantin Avatar

    Yes Saad don’t you ever remain silent on these security violations. Everybody should understand that arms in the hands of any party other than the government are a danger to the public security, to the advancement of the country, to the economy, to tourism, and most of all are not needed anymore, our country is free and the fact that Israel is flying daily over Lebanon is because of the arms of HA and their deloyment on the ground.

    For Israel, Lebanon is presently a no man’s land so until we have one government with one army with no outlaws running around with heavy weapons in an uncontrollable fashion as we have it right now, Israel will continue to violate our air space for its own security. If I were in their place I would do the same. On the other hand, the HA arms will never prevent Israel from violating our air space. So HA arms are useless right now and even very harmful for the Lebanese and the Lebanese government.

    1. So let me get this straight CONSTANTIN,

      If an Israeli paramilitary militia starts arming itself in Israel can we use our own planes to invade their space and “monitor” their activities?

      Can you guarantee that they would stop waltzing in and out once HA disarms? and if they do not stop their incursions into Lebanon because there is NOBODY to stop them, I am really curious, would you bear arms or would you send your own kids to defend the South and its people?

      Do NOT be naive, I am against HA being rogue and all, but give them credit that they liberated your own country and paid heavily in martyrs.

      I believe that it is time for them to serve as a brigade inside of the LAFs because they will bring a lot of experience and knowledge to an army used to classical warfare and not to modern day resistance against a superpower.

      We have the right to arm and become a regional power to be reckoned with AGAINST ANY invader be it Israeli or Syrian or any other threat and EVERY RIGHT to STOP IRAN from acquiring the Nukes and EVEN MORE RIGHT TO DISMANTLE the nuclear capability of Israel.

      I disagree with some of our politicians’ mottos TOTALY saying “quwat Lunnaan be doe3fo” THAT has been proven as weak of an equation as its meaning.

      HA proved to the world that our strength as a country is in the strength of our defenses. Israel (and Syria) NOW think thrice (that’s more than twice) 😛 BEFORE coming back to LEBANON.

      I hope you agree and shift stance…


      Walid Khouri


      1. Walid, you almost sounded like Nassralle,except when you said;”stop Iran from aquiring nukes”.lol.Sorry, I couldn’t resist.lol

      2. Keep laughing you will be sleeping on a Persian rug soon enough 😛

        I agree with Nasrallah and HA on a lot of things, and they have every right to follow their religious spiritual leaders in Iran. However, for us Lebanese it stops here. We do not really like to have them jeopardize the country for the sake of Iran.

        Look at how fragile the situation is, eza daq jaraes be Tehram mnesma3o be Beirut, wu eza toel3it cii fatwa doed Denmark btehhteriq el Ashrafieh. Anno ye3ne cuu nehhna be lebneen Charmin? DON’T ANSWER THAT! I KNOW THE ANSWER…

        For the posters here look the definition of Charmin on http://www.charmin.com

      3. Cheer up Walid. Don’t take everything too seriously.I won’t answer, because I’m not in the mood for politics today, and you don’t know the answer. You just assumed that I would answer in certain way. I will post about this subject soon, and you’ll know where I stand. One thing you have not realized is that I don’t see things in black and white. I have my own issues with Iran and the political system there. I simply don’t support blindly, and don’t oppose blindly. That does not qualify me to be a member of any political party in Lebanon, since none of them accept criticism , especially from within. And none are willing to examine their own actions and admit mistakes. So my loyalty is always to my dream Lebanon.


      4. Btw, what is wrong with Persian rugs? lol

      5. prophet i will use walid’s statement to cathy – you’re the exact mirror of me. lol

        i like your mind set. walid is a great guy fyi. click on the ads on his web sitee please so he can collect cheques everytime you click.

        take care boys

  3. walid i totally and absolutely agree with you.

    one must learn to distinguish between HA the rogue and HA the resistance.

    HA needs to place very strict guidelines on its members so that it doesnt keep making these mistakes. those people in the parking lot should all be punished cos it takes yers to build a reputation and overnight to destroy it.

  4. Jean Haddad Avatar
    Jean Haddad

    I gave all of you thumb up. Whatever you say I agree with you this is how is the politic in Lebanon. Why people keep standing and shooting speeches left and right. Talk no action. Let those politicians walk their talk rather than hidden behind their talks. Am so fed up of Hariri, all other ministers come one someone has to make the decision in this country and stand like real man and give that damn shot against HA or let them rule the country officially.

    I am the most excited man to engage HA in battle against the christians and trust me is going to be their end. We are all hanging or death rope questioning ourselves when is my turn to die. Its enough HA its enough bullshit talk its enough tellin kids stories weapons to defend Lebanon. Its enough seeing nasralleh ugly dirty smoky face on tv, its enough its the time to stand up like real Hero and face those idiots which they ae not better than mojahidine for Iran. I hate war but I had enough to say or them HA or us Lebanese. Its the time to revolt against them. Sorry but I cant take idiots like this anymore. I need my country back free democratic I want to enjoy the smell of the Lebanese soil the trees he beach the fesh bread I want my country more than HA wants Iran. At the end I am the winner and they are the losers

  5. the more I read the news, the less I see a difference between Saudi and American colonizers, they both use (with Harir’s help) the same fake civil war gimmick the try and divide and conquer. They’re hopeless, because we’re not buying into that.

  6. Yes one cannot remain quiet when such clashes occur!They concern the people s safety and security!People and their children want to live in peace not in fear of armed militias!This has to be resolved and not turned over like a page or forgotten!

  7. Jean Haddad Avatar
    Jean Haddad

    Hala and Fauzia

    Hariri is a good man but not a politician. He got this role as a PM because he dominates the sunis and because no suni likes to go against him and many other reasons with no relation to the qualification of PM. But I agree with you as we follow the US he follows the Saudis. Fortunately, the saudis are pro American other we would been fighting each other. What I don’t like is, the US is supporting the saudis to dominate Lebanon through Hariri who is their player as HA dies for Iran. The only difference between HA and tayyar they are not armed. How can I live in a democratic country driven by other nations politic with lebanese politicians playing other nations cards. When are we become a real country with its own decision led by a president and real ministries not influential ones.

    I raise my thumb for Hariri when he donates money to support Lebanon or Lebanese in good way but the reality he is buying them out. He has so much investment in Lebanon almost half of the country belong to him. I hate HA but how can you distinguish between what HA does versus Hariri. As I said the only difference is weapons. Due to the minority Shia in Lebanon been armed was ideal solution to dominate rather than been civil party, which they will never disarm themselves.

    As a Christian or dirzzy what are we getting out of this. Nothing except worrying about what the furure looks like for us with 2 dominating parties one with money buying everyone and one with weapon scaring everyone.

    In the spite of this crisis that will never get solved unless we become like Aoun kissing hands and being under the mercy of one of them. Trust I prefer to live in small village calling for my independence and declare my own state living in peace with any other foreign influence. Then I can call myself free democratic citizen in free democratic country. Believe me we have enough of all the politician bullshitters. None of them is watani to stand for our lebanese flag. This is our mess and I laugh when I hear the optimism of the posters merging HA in the army, diaaeming themselves. Palestine issue has never been solve and it will never. Do you think our case will be solve too. As long we are bordered to Israel Lebanon remain as threat to Israel with HA, fatah al islam etc… And be as a card for anti and pro American to shake Israel and the US whenever they want. So we are the playground in all time. Egypt and Jordan were more brilliant than us with their peace agreement win Israel avoiding what Lebanon going through. Peace with Israel can kick away all these pro Iranian, Arab and americana from using us as their playground. Am not pessimist but think of the cause effect then you realize am right.

  8. Jean i understand your concern, If i was a Christian or a Durzi in Lebanon I will probably be worried too…as you said Sunni Followers follow Saad H. who follows in turn Saudi and USA and you have the Shiaa from the other hand who clearly follows mainly Iran and are supported by the Syrian.

    The Sunni has a lot of money power and political cover locally and internationally because of Saudi and USA, the Shiaa has a lot of arms power (more than the army) and can take over the country anytime they will.

    Thing is, none of the above will change soon, actually I dont think none of the above will even change in the next 10 years, Lebanon will remain caught between the whims of USA and Iran

    Who covers/supports the Christians and Druz in Lebanon?

    1. To answer your question

      I know for sure that you Jad cannot support yourself never mind supporting the Christians and the Druze.

      The reason is that you spit sectarian at every post by listing every sect you know of.

      OK I am Lebanese and a Buddhist may be I should call upon the Dalai Lama or China to support me.

      It is time for the common regular Lebanese to support Lebanon and stop all that polarization BS and stop relying on the superpowers.

      I tell you history repeats itself. in the 3rd millennium BC there were two powers fighting for dominance in the Middle East. The Egyptians and the Hittites. Go to http://www.cadmeia.com and read what happened to our ancestors during that fight. Then come back and speak sectarian.

      Cadmeia.com Then click on Ebla, then click on the first TOP blog.

      Let me know what you find…

      1. walid i totally agree with you. its time for us to sit down and to actually talk to ech other. our problems are internal and we ahve to deal with them ourselves.

      2. Walid, you and Tony are really two funny blocks sometimes.

        First of all we are living in a Sectarian society that promotes itself in a country the is governed by the Nizam El Ta2ifi. So yes, I do spit sectarian or whatever you called it…however I do not do it for hatred, I do it to point out facts about the swamp we are in rather than cling to false hopes and idealistic views of things that cannot and will not happen at the current mentalities we have in our society.

        We are a society that claims we are a democracy and we aren’t in any way a democracy. We are a society that claims that we have freedom of speech which we unfortunately do because we abuse every part of it to the advantage of our enemies and we dedicate this freedom of speech for fighting each other in front of the eyes of the world.

        Do I blame any sect in particular for this, no? Have you ever seen me blame it on any other sect before…EVER, no?

        So, don’t give yourself the right to preach me and send me website having stories and meanings about things that I believe are way beyond your level of comprehension

      3. I think you meant “website having stories and meanings about things that I believe are way beyond Jad’s level of comprehension”

        I do not blame you… You are stuck.

        and I will preach to anyone who wants to listen.

        If you do not like it LEAVE the site. It is that simple.

        It is called Freedom of Speech…

        and it is MY RIGHT!

        so ndaebb.

      4. OH and one more thing.

        I am the author and owner of this website which you said it is beyond my comprehension.

        Go there and read may be you will learn something…

        My last post about the SEA PEOPLE has facts that refute a lot of the claims made recently by scientists about who were the phoenicians and where the “euro-asian” haplogroup came from into our population.

        One more question though. Although I do preach at times can you tell me who is allowed to preach?

        My last name is Khouri after all. Does a priest fit the bill? LOL

  9. jad i’m a durzi bro and i aint worried man. khali il bateekh yikassir ba3doo.

    we druze have the mountains and during the civil war, we used to have dinner on our balcony and watch all of you fight each other every night like a movie down in beirut.

    we dont strive for land nor do we strive for a country therefore we pose no threat to anybody.

    1. Tony,

      naza3ta ya zalame

      You are playing into the hands of people who are striving for division.

      United we stand divided we fall…fall…fall…fall…fall…fall…fall…fall

      1. Walid this is a blog that is dedicated for freedom of speech not for making freinds and creating sterotypes like the ones we already have in our streets.

        Everyone entitled to have his opinion regardless to what you, tony or others believe, like or dislike.

        We are not here to judge each other, but we are definitley here to bring our ideas closer or at least try to understand each other’s point of views.

      2. AND who made you ya Jad a spokesman for this site?

        I am gonna make friends with EVERYONE who tends a hand towards me and meet and enjoy life and drink and laugh together as friends at your oxymoronic comment.

        Disagreeing with one’s opinion “la ma3loumeetak ya aflaton” IS OPINION as well. Disliking or liking believing or not and not agreeing with you IS DEMOCRACY as well.

        I never judge you or another I voiced my opinion scholarly based on facts not on some bs you spit out of your mouth to JUST voice an opinion because your rich brat dad bought you a keyboard.

        Typical Lebanese entitlement in a failed state you are.

      3. walid and jean my whole point that we have the mountain didnt come from strength bro, its just where we live and stay.

        jad, its what we seriously did during the civil war dude mentality or not.

        we used to seriously wait for the red flare every night around 9pm to go up in the middle of the sky and as soon as it was about to go out, the tracer bullets and the explosions wold happen.

        everyone was desensitised to war even till today.

        look at the parking lot incident man. any other country they would be freaking out.

        in lebanon its just a hiccup and you hear its a fight among brothers and blah blah.

        i agree with walid, united we stand and divided we fall for sure but when you say no ones protecting the druze and christians you’re wrong. i’m very sure there’s weapons stashed somewhere just in case.

        the only thing i didnt lie about your comment jad is that you think that you can be the druze spokesperson and i’m telling you that i’m not scared and neither is my family and yes, we have the mountains just like the christians have their areas and the sunnis and the shiites.

        there will come a day when we will all live together and the LF will be our army but the time is not yet ready for this so we have to still put up with some weapons showing themselves in beirut which is why new laws and guidelines are being written to prevent these things from happening.

        dony worry jean, i never its ok for the surrounding to burn but until we lebanese treat each other as equals and stop with this class mentality, we will keep burning each other and killing each other cos arrogance and status are a must in our society with the license plates and the gucci handbags.

        we all think we’re more protected and more important than the next person.

    2. Jean Haddad Avatar
      Jean Haddad

      Tony bro, you sounded like a real tourist. Lobbying in Lebanon but its ok ic the surrounding areas are burned. We need just to ensure the road to airports or by land are open for you to go through. Lol

  10. i am sorry that makes you no bodies…which you are not, you are a part of this country just like everyone else…and saying that you used to sit and watch US fight like it is a movie or whatever, as if we were fighting to entertain you isn’t much patriotic for someone who lecture people all the time about being a great lebanese.

    I have a lot of freinds that are druze and the mentality of YOU have the mountains is really naive, it is like saying I have the biggest Jail with a view on the beach and the city.lol

    Lebanon is coast, sea, mountain and most importantly people who care about enjoying all of it

    1. jad habeebi what did you want us to do man, we were young dude. hearing bombs and studying in blackouts under candle lights became the norm.

      we prayed for you guys and we also prayed for the whole of lebanon.

      our house got destroyed eventually as well so none of us are immune but to say we should be scared is maybe for you to live that way but i dont fear death bro, i welcome it cos i know thees a better place than this planet man and if my time is up here, then i’m ready to join my mother and grandparents and uncles and in-laws and you name it, they’re all there in the after life to welcome me so no i’m not gonna walk around being worried.

      1. well you did nothing and you were too young as you said, not blaming anyone here.

        All what I was trying to tell you is that the way you have mentioned this earlier was really bad, you made sound like you enjoyed watching us fight from the top of your mountain

  11. Jean Haddad Avatar
    Jean Haddad

    Tony A Bro, you sounded like jumblatt stand with the strongest then the mountains will stay safe

    1. jean i think he was talking about the mashayekh not HA 🙂

  12. Jean Haddad Avatar
    Jean Haddad

    Ya Walid

    It sounds good in a speech or in newspapers “united We stand, divided we fall”. Again we are dreaming of getting united who with whom? Palestine and Israel, Iran and the US. Enough illusions and over expectations. Let think about a solution that really suits Lebanese to live in peace rather than deeming of the impossible. Thats why we still live this nightmare over 50 years and will follow to the next generation and we will hear other saying “united we stand divided we fall”. Am just logic I wanna live Around my love ones in peace and tell u honestly my love ones aren’t saudi Arabia and Iran fans and supporters awe the real leanness with real made Lebanese opinion

    1. I am really baffled as you are saying EXACTLY what I am saying.

      My motto is for the Lebanese to stand together what’s wrong with that?

      menn wayn nakachta hayde? amma you just like to post for posting?

      1. Jean Haddad Avatar
        Jean Haddad


        Don’t get hyper and dont misunderstand. I haven’t said is wrong to stand together as Lebanese. What I meant is to stop dreaming of the ideal state and lets focus on something that we can realize. thats why I gave you some example do you believe Iran and the US will stand together for the last 30 years they have been against each other which are represented by March 14 and HA it will never happen so let find a solution that suits both side or lets kill each other till one remain and stand alone. This is Lebanon situation, no one like to admit but this is where we are at.

  13. Walid,

    It is not about agreeing or disagreeing that I am criticizing you about it is the WAY you do it.

    You are too aggressive, you call people names when you don’t like what they say …you have just called me Aflaton, lol I wish I were Aflaton….

    You sound to me like either your a frustrated guy or simply a bully who tries to anotogonize people rather than argue with them calmely and reasonably.

    For the record I only speak for myself, don’t care about the rating either.

    1. People like you need to be governed…

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