STL: The tribunal’s indictment is just the beginning


The head of Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL)’s Defense Office François Roux said in an interview with An-Nahar newspaper that “the tribunal’s indictment is just the beginning.”

Roux said that no one knows when the indictment will be issued or who will be indicted.

Roux said the Defense Office is to “protect the rights of the defense, provide support and assistance to defense counsel and to the persons entitled to legal assistance, including, where appropriate, legal research, collection of evidence and advice, and appearing before the Pre-Trial Judge or a Chamber in respect of specific issues.”

Roux also said that he and Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar – who is representing the Lebanese cabinet – finalized this week a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

He said that the tribunal’s Defense Office will collaborate with the relevant Lebanese authorities if it needed assistance, adding that the Defense Office’s work will begin after the STL issues its pending indictment.

“The procedure is legal, not political,” Roux said.

He also said that his office has recruited about 85 attorneys – including five Lebanese – who can be tasked with defending those who will be indicted.

“Every defendant may choose a lawyer,” he said.

STL Prosecutor General Daniel Bellemare said earlier this week during an interview with Now Lebanon he has not yet drafted the indictment adding that he will make sure that the evidence he will produce is admissible in court.

STL was created by the UN security council to try the killers of lebanon’s former PM Rafik Hariri and the related crimes

About Roux

François Roux is a French lawyer who has been practicing criminal law for over 36 years. He spent many years at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda where he represented four accused persons and obtained one verdict of not guilty. He was also a member of the defense team for Zacarias Moussaoui who was implicated in the September 11th attacks in New York.



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  1. (French)

    Oh un français qui parle français !

    Notez que depuis l’entrée du gouvernement français dans l’OTAN, rupture significative avec la Vème république, les effets se font ressentir jusqu’ici.

    Indicter à votre aise, mais que diable, ne faites donc qu’indicter, le Liban a été dit indépendant, toute instabilité provoquerait rupture … avec la constitution héritée par exemple.

    1. Ole,

      Stop posting in French!! We get it that you can speak French. Good Job. This site is written in English so stick to that. You are so annoying!!

      1. lol, innu ye3ni hoowee kteer special bil francais

  2. The killers MUST be brought to justice whether they are in Tel-Aviv, Washington, Baalbek, or Damascus with or without immunity. Justice should be taken as soon as the accused has been proven guilty and if we cannot reach them legally it is the DUTY of EVERY Lebanese to bring those to justice ONE WAY OR ANOTHER (read it any which way you like)!!!

  3. The killers MUST be brought to justice whether they are Hezbollah!

  4. I can’t wait for the indictment to come out in 2096. nevermind by that time I should be in heaven or hell. It depends what have i done lately lol..

  5. ELIAS,LOL 2096? I was ready to respond in a serious way, until I realized you said 2096. I’ll wait, maybe we’ll discuss it where ever our final destination is, given we both behaved the same way .lol

    1. Prophet by the time this STL come out with rulings it will be so dull and boring nobody is going to even care lol. My hunch they wanted to come with it before year end. But when hezbollah prevented its evidence, the STL might be stalling to show that its trying to look more fair. But their rulings I believe is set. And I think they’re just waiting for the right moment. However there are no right moments considering all craz events that keep taking place.

      Anyway i hope for the best for lebanon and we can bury the hatchet and move on. What’s done is done you can’t bring the dead but you can bring the country alive by the unity and the will of lebanese people. Have a great weekend! Peace..



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