Hezbollah MP: Only resistance weapons needed in Beirut


Hezbollah MP Ali Fayyad said: Any weapon that is not resistance weapon is not needed in Beirut or any other district.

This comes after the clash that took place last Tuesday night in the Beirut neighborhood of Borj Abi Haidar between supporters of the pro-Syrian Association of Islamic Charitable Projects—also known as Al-Ahbash—and the Iranian backed Hezbollah militants , leading to the death of three people, including Hezbollah official Mohammad Fawwaz, his body guard and an Al-Ahbash member who is the son of a Beirut Mukhtar.

Future (al Mustaqbal) parliamentary bloc on Thursday condemned the bloody clashes in Borj Abi Haidar following its weekly meeting at Qoreitem under former PM Fouad Siniora.and asked: What are Hezbollah weapons doing in Beirut?

“What happened in Borj Abi Haidar two days ago is unacceptable and cannot be accepted under any pretext or justification or explanation,” the bloc said in a statement.



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  1. Tarie AL Fanarie Avatar
    Tarie AL Fanarie

    For those who supports hezbollah and believe there are innocent of any wrongdoings. Here is your proof of this stupid idiot MP telling us that only his group can carry weapons. Who initiated the attack on AL Ahbash? who initiated the attack in 2008? you wants us to be stripped of weapons so you can rule the streets you and your damn thugs. Anyone now also believe that israel is behind hariri assasination is also accomplice to the crimes committed. You now make pushing to the brink of civil strife when you make stupid suggestions like that. Either you disarm like everyone or shut the hell up. We’re tired of criminals like him wants to rule the streets of Beirut. Go to hell you and Nassrallah and all your iranian proxies..

    1. PROPHET Avatar

      If you Google Tarie AL Fanarie, all you find is his comments and blogs on Ya Lubnan, and Lebanon now. You’re absolutely right, He’s an Israeli hired to impersonate a random Arab reader, and comment to promote Israeli views.… WE SHOULD EXPOSE HIM EVERY DAY WE POST HERE

  2. beirut needs to be free of all weapons. HA is gonna keep being a pain until its paid off and it will eventually be absorbed into the army.

    these are scare tactics that many sheeple dont understand.

    HA will not last. theres pressure from so many sides that will eventually allow HA to assimilate with lebanon’s visions.

    i mean its obvious that the statement issued is one of arrogance oo marjali.

    tarie do you live in lebanon right now?

    1. sami stefan Avatar
      sami stefan

      I agree all weapons should not be in Beirut, but what about the AL Ahbash weapons????? and they are a charitable organization…..

    2. Tarie AL Fanarie Avatar
      Tarie AL Fanarie

      No Tony I live in the US.

  3. michael Avatar

    this Hezbollah MP Ali Fayyad is funny and have sense of humor like Nasralla Underground. hahahahahahaha..so idiot and so stupid comment from MP Ali..how ridiculous!

  4. michael Avatar

    This MP Ali Baba should present a more precise definition of resistance. Is it only members of hizbolla carrying weapons resistance? Is it allowed for other lebaneses to be resistance without being a member of hizbolla? If this is allowed then all the lebaneses should also be allowed to bear weapons because Israel doesnt differentiate between regions or religions in lebanon. What do you think Idiot Ali Baba? Call the Underground and ask Nasralla James Bond..

  5. This guy is funny, a real laugh. How will the beirutis partake on the ‘brotherly love’ if they do not have the RPG’s and such weapons to match the resistance &/or any of the multitude of militias that seem to be springing up?

    If, beirutis must remain disarmed, it is only fair that hezbollah, al ahbash, and all the rest do the same.

  6. Wallah, heyk lakeen, tahet amrak nehhna.

    Now all of Lebanon is gonna turn against you and you are pushing us towards civil war.

    I really hope you are happy… You and your leadership.

  7. Tooz feek and the horse (donkey) you rode on. To actually think (state) that everyone should disarm but HA. It’s incredible how this group and it’s members think they are actually above the rest of us.

    On a different note, I am happy to see that the ‘majority’ of these posts on this site are written by true Lebanese who understand the role of HA…that of a ruthless mind-conditioning mob that will only serve to destroy our country. Keep up your support for our beloved country and stand up against those who want to take away our freedom and right to a peaceful life….

  8. Tarie AL Fanarie Avatar
    Tarie AL Fanarie

    Walid I can’t say right now where i Live. but Sometimes i travel and I stay in california.

  9. tarie why the secretiveness?

    1. Tarie is under cover LOL

    2. Tarie AL Fanarie Avatar
      Tarie AL Fanarie

      Fine Tony i stay in Los Angeles area if you really like to know.

  10. no tarie is paranoid that some HA followers will find out where he lives and kick his butt.

    i’ve never seen tarie once criticise other parties. he’s only obsessed with HA like as if HA are the reason lebanon is in the mess its in.

    after 1982, HA has contributed to lebanons mess which in turn is forcing lebanon to reflect on why we its in the state its in.

    if anyone has read spritual books and understands to dichotomy of god, one will understand that HA is the best thing that happened to lebanon cos its forcing us to unite, regroup, rethink and regain what our forefathers envisioned for this beautiful land of ours.

    any bad move on HA’s part is a great move cos it helps lebanon reaffirm to itself that the current path is not the path we want to head in.

    but of course, i might be talking too deep for some of you – not all of you, but definitely some of you.

    1. Wazeer Tony, Im really have alot of trouble keeping my food down after reading this peace of idiotic literature

      “if anyone has read spritual books and understands to dichotomy of god, one will understand that HA is the best thing that happened to lebanon cos its forcing us to unite, regroup, rethink and regain what our forefathers envisioned for this beautiful land of ours”

      Come on mang, WTF is this? theres nothing deep about this comment other than your a$$hole that has been negatively thumbed for the past month, you sound worse than this fool fayad. Tony shoo sarlak wle?

      give me your address wle, IM sending you a muzzle for Xmas

      1. Jean-Jaques Francois Avatar
        Jean-Jaques Francois

        Thank god someone else is calling him out for his hypocritical tirades. His head is so far up his a$$, there’s no room for the thumbs ya Maria.

        Hezbollah is the best thing that happened to Lebanon? Maybe if you’re Irandian or Syrian. Perhaps Tony is an Syrian spy! Off with his nuts! Oh wait, bothers don’t spy on one another. Assassinations and espionage? We call that tough love.

        I’m sick of cowards like Prophet and Tony labeling those who disagree with them as spies – it shows a lack of maturity and a lack of intelligence. Given that Tony is 46 years old, I think we can write it off as the latter.

        If you don’t have a valid argument, then do us all a favor and shut the F up.

      2. jjf you always seem to come at the end of a discussion and think you’re giving something to the argument. go to your coiffure and leave these debates to us who know what we’re talking about.

        if you bothered to scroll down to my explanation where i actually got a plus 1 to explain what i meant by HA is the best thing that happened to us you shallow arrogant phonecian, you wouldnt have posted this post a little too late.

        have a good day bro and go read spiritual books dumb a55 you’ll know what i mean.

        better yet, scroll down to my explanation.

      3. Jean-Jaques Francois Avatar
        Jean-Jaques Francois

        If you actually read my comment Tony, you’d understand why I speed read most of your posts. Besides the fact that you are quite full of sh!t most of the time, you also write a thesis for an answer. If I’m going to invest that much time reading, I’m sure you’ll understand that your intellectual level ma 3am yilabee2ni.

        I appreciate your racist remark. Calling me an arrogant phoenecian? I can only imagine why you came to that conclusion. There you go again questioning the patriotism and nationality of fellow Lebanese based on your own shallow beliefs.

        I love how you refer to your post as the one with “plus 1”, and turn around and bitch and moan about how crappy the rating system is, and how Israelis are driving your numbers down. You show your true colors every time you type something here.

        I know this may be unfathomable, but perhaps other Lebanese don’t agree with your opinions? No, they must all be Israelis and arrogant phoenicians!

      4. Jean Jacques, I wouldnt take being called a phonecian as an insult, its an honour to be one!

        Tony you should appreciate the phoenician background, thats what makes libon different from dumb arabs, the civilized world came from them!

      5. i wasnt meaninf phonecian as an insult. i dunno why you guys would think that.

        i thought maybe the word arrogant migh have been more of the insult but not phonecian lol.

        i love you both and i dont care about this back and forth bantering.

        maria thank you for pointing out to JJF which word is the insult.

        we’re brazzaaas and sistaaaaahs ryt? lol

  11. The weapons in Beirut are only used against Lebanese. If and when Israel get to the outskirts of Beirut Nasrallah would have gone to Iran to announce another divine victory.

  12. Only the¨ state weapons¨ are needed in Beirut or any other district!!!!!!!!

  13. PROPHET Avatar

    Tarie’s behavior is indicative of some one who is being paid to comment and spread lies and misinformation. It’s very typical of Israel’s policy of LIE, LIE, AND KEEP LYING, until someone believes your lie. I’m sure his foreign ministry is paying him ,like the thousands of others they hired to counter Lebanese bloggers.

    His lies are becoming so stupid ,that his boss might even fire him, lol

    1. Tarie AL Fanarie Avatar
      Tarie AL Fanarie

      And what do you call people like Wahab, Aoun and Karami and Arslan and many others who just throw accusations at you without any basis? who paid? your group and syria? I am Lebanese from Ameminan decent. I was born in Beirut and I used to support Aoun the clown. I don’t anymore not him or anybody else. if I want to disarm everyone in lebanon except the army? am I an israeli agents? if I want the LAF to be in total control of Lebanon am i being an israeli agents? if I want the war and peace decision to be made by the MP’s in the govt’? Am i being an israeli agents? if you attack people in Beirut and then ask them to disarm? who’s are you to do that? who did the sit-in for 2 yrs in beirut the mossad? who destroyed lebanon in 2006 in order to free Samir Quntar? who attacked Sunnis in 2008 and the druze the in the mountains? Just when I remind you of these events you turn and say israel? then you turn and say you’re paid by the israelis? so you keep me down and weak so i can never defend myself. this is the strategy of thugs and criminals and you can quote whoever you like the truth is there and you just want to distort the truth. How come i don’t see you commenting on Li Fayad when he said only the resistance should keep their arms? do you think is this fair? or shall we wait on Tony to keep telling us. Oh HA will disarm just give them time? oh HA will release their memebers to the STL if accused? of HA aggressions are in the past? well guess what the aggressions still there by weapons, by words and constant attacks on whoever oppose them. If opposing is wrong and to you that constitute being an israeli agent? then you’re not a prophet as you claim to be. You’re a messenger of death except you come in sheeps clothing. You come as nice as understanding. do you ever comments on again when hesbollah attack civilians in lebanon? i dare you to do so? stop going to israel here we’re talking lebenase to lebanese issue here. By the way i do not support israel but i wish to have peace with them someday fair and square. If you can’t understand that fighting for you life in lebanon against hezbollah the aggressor is wrong, then you’re the agents of Lucier and agent of death. You get paid every minutes to do iran biddings. You say you’re resistance fighters and you’re fighting israelis. Then leave the weapons out of Beirut and the LAF and police handle the security. Not hezbollah in west beirut. Otherwise resistance is lie and they’re using israel to satisfy its own existance. I bet you my house even if israel withdraw from the Syrian farms and Ghajar hezbollah will not disarm. having said that we no longer need the so called resistance. but after seeing all the attacks and lies they spread i will never believe they will disarm. Their enemy is not just israel but many people who oppose the presence of arms and detest their control of every aspect of lives in Lebanon. Long Live Lebanon. Down with hezbolla, israel, Iran and syria. Oops i should not say israel my boss will like that..lol

      1. PROPHET Avatar

        With all due respect to the Armenian community.

        I know many Armenian Lebanese. They are the most patriots I know.You can’t be more Lebanese than those who have been there for thousands of years. A first generation Armenian accuses his fellow Lebanese of being Iranian or Syrian traitors. How funny is that? Now you accuse everyone of being Syrian or Iranian. Being an Armenian, should make you more patriot then all of us. The Armenians suffered at the hands of the Turks so much. they understand more than anyone else the meaning of suffering. I don’t sense that in you. A true Armenian would never be supportive of ISRAEL. a TRUE Armenian WOULD BE SUPPORTIVE OF THE COUNTRY THAT TOOK HIM IN AS ONE OF ITS OWN. I doubt that you are An Armenian.

      2. Leb-Syrian Avatar


        Not a personal attack on Tarie, but just wanted to add to that, that the syrian people have always been hospitable to the armenians as well,and helped them in the genocide, as well, my grandmother was Armenian from syria.

  14. PROPHET Avatar

    Go away Tarie, you didn’t have the guts to respond to my comments. You have no argument to make except propaganda. Answer my comment to you before you repeat yourself. It is obvious that you are getting paid to makes comments and spread division among Lebanese. YOU never have the guts to respond to any comments directly. Typical of some one who is sitting by the screen all day long, getting paid to spread divisive comments . You are not a Lebanese. Go away, your game is over

  15. PROPHET Avatar

    Tarie, I challenge to respond to the comment I left you twice, I’ll repeat it again:

    Victor Hugo once said: Strong and bitter words indicate a weak cause.

    You can criticize HA as much as you want. You can disagree with their policies and ideology as much as you want. But to make unsubstantiated charges such as racism is really a sign of desperation.

    It’s very clear and obvious that you don’t know the definition of racism.

    Racism is defined as follow:

    – A belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

    -The belief that each race has distinct and intrinsic attributes; The belief that one race is superior to all others; Prejudice or discrimination based upon race.

    -discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race.

    -The prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races.

    -An ideology based on the idea that humans can be separated into distinct racial groups and that these groups can be ranked on a hierarchy of intelligence, ability, morality etc

    None of the reasons you indicated in your comment amount to racism. Your political views are yours and you are entitled to have any political view you wish. But you sound so desperate when you throw charges such as racism when you disagree with a political view or action.

    The sunni/ shiia differences have been around for 1400 years. As bad they are, there is no racism in that conflict. Shiia and Sunnis are not two different races.

    If you want to have a discussion about Politics, fine with me. But if you want to show ignorance by mixing political conflicts and religious differences with racism, you are just making your arguments look stupid.

    Tarie, stop repeating your self, you sound like an idiot.

    you never respond to my comment, but you keep repeating yourself . It is obvious you’re getting paid to do this, eat your heart out. Lol

  16. Tarie AL Fanarie Avatar
    Tarie AL Fanarie

    Prophet you keep repeating like a Parrot that i am pro israel. I say to you i am not. Just because I am anti-hezbollah that doesn’t make me pro israel? Are saying all Lebanese who belongs to March 14th movement are pro-israelis? that’s what you sound like? I tell you one thing if hezbollah was only fighting israel and did not harm any lebanese. I will not go against them period. I will criticize their poor decision of war and peace when this occasions arises. But i will not attack them in the same way i do now. Trying to convince yourself and others that i am pro israelis it don’t bother me because i am not. Armeinans faces genocide by the turks but many hezbollah supports love Turkey. What happened with the Genocide is long gone but i won’t forgive the turks as long as they don’t appologize for it and compensate armenia for the holocaust they cause my old generation. the more you bring up the issue that i am pro-israel without having a proof its making look dumber and dumber and that’s the execuse you guys use in order to humulate your enemy. You’re a hezbollah who say nice words. But behind the scene i bet you have fought with them and there is blood on your hand. I never had blood on my hand and never will. That’s the difference betwen you and I.

    1. tarie and tony smith FYI i dont think criticisng anybody makes you a traitor. only when tarie defends israel do i question his loyalty to lebanon ONLY.

      i could care less about criticisms to HA or any other party.

  17. Tony Smith Avatar
    Tony Smith

    If critisizing Hezbollah means we’re traitor so let it be..

    1. Tarie AL Fanarie Avatar
      Tarie AL Fanarie

      Heaven forbid we do Allah will punish us for criticizing his soldiers. HA GET LOST God do not need you and you can go fight israel in the South all you like. As long as you keep it there between you too. Leave Beirut and rest of lebanon free of your arms and scums and thugs and terrorists. Drug dealers, money launderers and car thiefs.

  18. Prophet Avatar


    I’ll give the benefit of the doubt, and talk to you as a Lebanese, but not as a patriotic Lebanese yet.

    I share your pain with the genocide that the Turks had committed against Armenians. And I don’t blame you for not forgiving the Turks either. Though, I need to remind you that when the Turks ruled Lebanon under the Ottoman empire, thousands of people in Lebanon, and especially in the south, were murdered by the Turks.

    That does not mean I should hate the Turks now, though I may not forgive them for their crimes against Lebanese.

    I never said that you or anyone else has to support HA. All I was saying is that you need to patriotic Lebanese, and stop defending Israel. Lots of Lebanese, including me have some issues with HA. But I don’t consider them Iranians or Syrians. I consider them a Lebanese political party that has its own ideology. Not everyone is supporting their ideology, and definitely not me. I Just consider them a resistance movement that liberated most of south Lebanon from Israeli occupation, when most Lebanese parties were killing each other ,and destroying their own country. They were doing that when we had no government, no Army, and no functioning institutions. You assume that I have blood on my hands. You are free to assume anything you want, but I say this; If it wasn’t for the82 invasion, I would have never left Lebanon right after high school. And if it wasn’t for HA, and the rest of the resistance, I would have never been able to go to my town without having to go through the humiliation of Israel’s checkpoints, and their traitors in the occupied south. I never held a gun with my hand, and probably never will. Never had loyalty to any party, and never will. I would, however, support any party, or anyone, including you, if you fight and defend against Israel’s aggression.

    You said you were born in Beirut, so you have no idea how much suffering people in the south have gone through. Since the late 40’s until now, shelling, invasions, occupations, and so on, yet no government or army to defend .I won’t mention the UN or the so called civilized world. We all witnessed them in 2006 and in the Gazza war. They’ve lost their humanity. I have no faith in them. I would have faith in you, as Lebanese, if you joined your fellow Lebanese in defending or offering moral support, at least.

    HA was not even created, PLO wasn’t even created, when I had to sleep in a shelter as a child. They didn’t exist when I watched defenseless people getting killed by Israel. Where were you and your morality? Where was the morality of the so called international community? Where was our government?

    Don’t come back with excuses to Israel’s crimes, there is none.

    My point is this; It wasn’t our Army or government who gave me the chance to go visit my home town. It wasn’t March 14 or march 8 or any of the clowns playing politics. It was the people who sacrificed their lives that allowed me and thousands of Lebanese to go back to their towns with integrity.

    They deserve to be given credit when it’s due, and criticized objectively when it is warranted.

    Next time you use the term Racism, you better know what you’re talking about. You sounded like an idiot when you said sunni/shiia thing is racism. You made me laugh.

    If your criteria for supporting a particular party, is whether that party has hurt Lebanese civilians or not, then you are violating your own criteria. Most of March 14 parties, are parties that were involved in the civil war. All parties from both sides, March 8 and March 14 were part of the civil war. They all hurt their Lebanese people during their insane fighting. They all abused civilians, some even fought our national army. So your claim that you don’t support HA because you think they hurt people, is not valid anymore.

    If you have issues with Syria, I would understand because I do too. AT the same time, Syria is not our enemy, and never was. Yes, the relationship between Syria and never is complicated, but impossible to solve. On the other hand, Israel has always been our enemy.

    I never said that all march 14 supporters are pro Israelis, but I will say that few of the parties that make up march 14 , were allied with Israel, and I don’t have enough faith in them . They have yet to prove that, that part of history is over, and I would forgive them. Though I share many of the principle that March 14 believe in, but I don’t support their strategy, nor do I Trust the intentions of many of their leaders.

    History is a good witness. I don’t need to go in details.

    My issue with you is this, you seem to forget all the Israeli aggressions, killings, invasions, threats, violation, and atrocities, and you only attack Iran, Syria, and HA.

    1. Jean-Jaques Francois Avatar
      Jean-Jaques Francois

      Who the hell gives you the right to judge what makes a Lebanese patriot? Israel is an enemy, but it’s external to Lebanon. Hezbollah has acted like an enemy in the past, such as in 2008 when it took siege of Beirut. As a Lebanese patriot, i feel more threatened by Hezbollah’s presence inside Lebanon than Israel’s presence to the south of Lebanon.

      You sound like a broken record with your hollow accusations against fellow commenters. Calling people Israeli spies or agents does nothing but demonstrate cowardice and ignorance on your part.

      If your formula of what makes a Lebanese patriot somehow involves a ratio of hatred towards Israel and love for Hezbollah, then by your own admission they are all fanatics. We have enough fanatics, and need more citizens who think and don’t follow like blind sheep. Those are the true patriots.

  19. Prophet Avatar

    correction;second sentence last Parag should say:Yes, the relationship between Syria and Lebanon is complicated, but impossible to solve.

  20. Prophet Avatar

    , the relationship between Syria and Lebanon

    is complicated, but NOT impossible to solv

  21. Tarie AL Fanarie Avatar
    Tarie AL Fanarie

    First I appreciate you taking the time to write this long post. But with all due respect i have to disagree on many points. The first point i agree with you as far HA fighting israel and sacrificing many fighters and civilians in the process. that’s where my respect for them comes and my admiration. second i disagree with you that i am not patriotic lebanese and once again i am not defending israel. All i want is solve the internal problems. When HA decide war and peace despite disapproval from gov’t and population that’s when you’re mistaken about them. When they did the sit-in for 2 yrs that was a big mistake? when they attack sunnis in 2008 and druse that’s when they were mistaken. when they act like this how can I not believe its not them who assasinated hariri and 17 other people with him? if you’re not guilty and you have a proof you’re not. Then I am with you to fight the STL in court and defend yourself. Stop telling us its not them, because all along they wanted to disqualify it from the beginning. Having said that and i am not protecting the israelis damn it. They(HA) the way they’re attacking the STL and not wanting to fight it in court. That definitely a defensive schems by them. Then Nassrallah going on TV threatening another May 2008 events. what do you want people who feel their guilty. You say they’re not, then good please defend yourself. I just do not believe that the STL is going to falsify evidence to indict HA for the sake of it. With all the reaction of HA and their MP’s supporters and their constant attacks. It really makes you wander about them. its not that i am defending israel again. Its just the way HA is going about it. Having said that, then when you have an organization whom you believe they have done many wrongs after they were pure resistance fighters. Then sorry we can do without you? when you have iranian flags and their officers touring the South with HA and not lebanese gov’t. WHo are you HA to let them tour the South? or install their revolutionary guards in lebanon? Enough about this i think i made enough points here. As far as Syria not being an enemy? When did Syria defend lebanon during its 30 yrs of control? All they did suck the blood of lebanon. They took the profits out of Casino Du liban. they controlled the airport and took the profits too. They stole from banks and one of them is Medina who’s Rustom beik took millions of dollars til the bank broke. They bombarded tripoli for over a month in one time battle alone. They took over many areas in lebanon and controlled as Nazis. Please the Syrian have destroyed many areas in lebanon with no mercy. They showed absolute arrogance and total hegomny over lebanon. To me they were as bad as irsraeli if not worse. You say our relationship with them is complicated. I say you’re being smart to twist it like that. But to many lebanese the relationship even though we seem friendly but there is no way you can tell me that Syria acted like a sister nation to lebanon for all those years. Instead of focusing on building the lebanese infastructure and especially the LAF. they destroyed it and built HA. everything they did was to their benefits especially from drug trades. Israel is our enemy and will be i take it for a long time. All I am saying if you’re lebanese and syria then treat others lebanese with dignity and respect. When LBC disprected Nassrallah by making joke about him. His supporters were let loose for hours before they were asked to pull back. Where was Nassrallah vacationing in Germany before he heard about it? Even the latest incident and i am not in no way supporter of Al Ahbash. But the way several people described at the scene that it was a hezbollah supporter with his family driving and bumped into a car close the mosque. An arguement broke out and little you know he came with hundreds of fighters and started shooting at people. I mean come one you telling just because you were born in lebanon i should treat as brother if you act like this? to me if you act like this, then you’re no different then the israelis. To you HA protect you to me The phalangist protected me? to each his own. Many called phalangist traitors to lebanon because they had a relationship with israel. Fine but all i can say is that they both used each other in order to accomplish one goal to rid lebanon of plo. When was all said and done. Bashir was disowned by israel since he wanted no israelis in lebanon. He didn’t want to be their man in lebanon. TO say what they did was wrong, yes i say yes. But whom the christians had in Middle East to support them? you tell me? to say the shiites were not respected in the beginning i say you’re right. But we’re all with you if you want to fight israel and take comon decision and not on your own. You can’t tell hariri not to visit the embattled area because he’s encouraging strife? you can’t tell lebanese govt and people that only the resistance is allowed to carry guns in Beirut and everywhere else in lebanon. This is what i am getting at and you don’t get it i am afraid. We consider israel our enemy then fine lets all be ready for it when it attacks, then we all attack back. But don’t go incite the israelis then say they’re the aggressor. You keep saying that israel initiated the attack in 2006. All we can remember that Hezbollah attacked them inside their zone, killed and kidnaped their soldiers. they israelis have given HA many warnings and said we need our soldiers back or we attack you. HA never yielded therefore israel attacked. I am just being logical here about who was the aggressor in the first place and not defending israel. You may believe this but after israel bombed lebanon. I argued so hard with many americans and jewish co-workers in siding with Lebanon and even HA at one time or another. So stop telling me i am not patriotic. tell HA to keep nice and quiet. If they’re not guilty in assasinating Hariri and many others. then fight it in the court of law. And don’t take your fight on lebanese. we’re tired of wars and we’re tired of isreal, syria, iran and all these fanatics who are controlling my land , dignity and my freedom. Long Live Lebanon..

    1. tarie my question to you is then why do you defend israel when spoken about and tell us to look at HA the same way. if you’re lebanese then stay lebanese man.

      when we’re giving points about israel, what do you want us to say when you post your defense for them?

      maria and tim i will repeat what i said in a way that you guys will understand my point and tim, i love you too bro and i dont mind being beaten on bro.

      okay here goes, when god created light, for us to appreciate it he had to give us dark, right?

      okay, spirituality is all about the equality of the polarities and the balance of appreciation.

      the reason god sends us here is cos on mother earth, is cos at a certian point, we stopped appreciating what he/she has provided us. i will say god in the (she) form just to be fair cos we men gave him his sex as male.

      we are sent to mother earth to suffer and toil and struggle and experience the 5 senses he has given us so that when we go back to her, hopefully many of us have progressed and are able to transcend to such a level that we dont have to reincarnate to come back.

      now, the fact that god always gives us different polarities to work with in order to always have a comparison point to work with, life is also full of these differing points of references that enable us to understand who we want to be and what we are all about.

      some of us see these things and some of us stagnate thereby reincarnating back here to go through the whole process again until we learn something.

      okay, now lets go back to pre82 before hizbollah was created and we were still fighting internally and embezzling and stealing and cheating and not paying our electricity and we are all armed to the teeth and we believed that the lebanese government was at its best. let’s take that as a point of reference so let’s say that was the dark that god created.

      after 82, hizbollah was created until the present.

      before i say HA is our light, let me explain what its forcing us to do.

      when we look at hizbollah and its attrocities and bullying and turning its arms against us and obstructing the STL and aligning itself with iran and obstructing business and sit ins and stealing electricity and al ahbash and starting a useless war and wiam and aoun and qumaiti and and and…..

      it is forcing to not want that route. it is forcing to tell our government that enough is enough with your crooked ways, wake up before we lose lebanon.

      it is forcing us to wake up and make new alliances with a terrible neighbor that has also bullied us but might actually be the ace in the cards for us to get rid of or absorb this rebellious group into our army.

      it is forcing us to realise that we have been all these years looking to outside countries for our remedies but now that we see iran as a choice, we’re finally seeig that this is not a path any of us wants.

      so it is forcing us to seek alliances internally such as gaegae inviting HA to the table and look at joining the LF. it is forcing us to sign peace treaties with the druze and christians. it is forcing us to get our electricity problems sorted out cos we can see what all the corruption has brought our country.

      it is going to force to eventually and this is where i say god willing not, we use force to dismantle hizbollah.

      this is the dichotomy of god i’m talking about which is why i say in a very spiritual way, HA is great for lebanon cos its forcing us to see what we really want and its forcing us to act fast upon it before we lose lebanon.

      i hope this post clears my point and i’m sorry maria and tim that you didnt get my post before as i hope this one clarifies my point.

      tim, in terms of the political structure of lebanon – i have reda many articles and including here on YA Libnan by many high advisors that lebanon has saved itself from being monopolised due to its party system that represents the whole of lebanon unlike the USA system which you said is run by conservatives and i disagree.

      the USA system be it reps or dems is controlled totally by the AIPAC.

      the lebanese system does need a lot of work for sure but it is this system that has prevented the like of iran from controlling the whole of lebanon just like the USA hasnt been able to do so either due to the party system structure and neither has israel with all its spies been able to do so.

      thats why i say that our democratic system is actually a good one if we can separate church and state then we will have parties that represent all people of lebanon and all religions with a new constitution that embodies all.

      back to tarie’s argument about HA and the STL. HA is kicking and screaming cos it knows its being used as the scape goat and if nobody can see it, then, you’re all naiive.

      they are most likely asking for it to be lebanese cos they know they can corrupt it and control it which in a way though i disagree with the STL cos it was with the UN and i would have preferred the hague, the STL is a good thing.

      the STL is very political and its being used specifically to force HA to dismantle so is this good for lebanon? of course. as long as the LF hurries up and strengthens either with the HA absorption into it or at the end, unfortunately that i say this, we will have to use force.

      thank you guys and only 5 days to go and i am in lebanon enjoying and smelling the life thats called lebanon.

  22. CHRISTIAN Avatar

    TARIE YOUR THE MAN BROTHER you not only said but slammed dunked it too haha… keep up the good work god bless!

  23. CHRISTIAN Avatar

    its ironic cause if you read history lebanon have no biff with israel while all the other arab countries were bombing it sebhan allah as soon as PLO were kicked out of jordan they came into lebanon mainly the south and began its retaliations on israel from our border thats when israel striked back and thats where it all began civil war in lebanon syrian troops in lebanon HA along with a few more terrorist org…. god is great!

  24. Tarie AL Fanarie Avatar
    Tarie AL Fanarie

    Leb-Syrian i could not do a directy reply to you above. But with all due respects my disgust with syria is with the gov’t not the people. Sorry my friend and i personally have nothing against you and I know you try to be fair here.

  25. prophet Avatar


    You need to learn your history better. Israel’s aggression against Lebanon started way before the PLO came to Lebanon. Right after the 48 war, Israel occupied seven Lebanese villages, committed a massacre in Salha, where more then 70 people were shot to death in the town’s square. The survivors, were forced out of town, and ended up in other villages in Lebanon..

    Lebanese Army tried to retake those villages back, but failed.

    Those villages are still occupied until now.


    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Hula massacre took place between 31 October and 1 November 1948. Hula (Hule) was a village in Lebanon 3 km west of Kibbutz Manara, not far from the Litani River. It was captured on October 24 by the Carmeli Brigade of the Israel Defence Forces without any resistance at all. Between 35 and 58 captured men were reportedly shot down in a house which was later blown up on top of them.

    Salha Massacre:

    1948 (Lebanon) : After forcing the population together in the mosque of the village, the occupation forces ordered then to face the wall, then started shooting them from behind until the mosque was turned into bloodbath, 105 person were martyred.


    Another massacre took place at the same village in 1967

    Wake up guys. Stop defending Israel. Stop misinforming the public.

    1. prophet Avatar

      Tarie, You are full of it. Lebanese prisoners were held in Israel for years before HA kidnapped the two Israeli soldiers. It was HA WHO WAS WARNING Israel to release Lebanese prisoners .All you do is distort facts, and spread misinformation to defend Israel. Some of these Lebanese prisoners were held for ten years. Israel never listed to the warning .You’re such pathetic liar. You think you can fool people. Tell your officer that everyone here a t this website knows by now that you are an Israeli hired by the foreign mystery. You game is over. Stop insulting the Armenian community by claiming you are a Lebanese from an Armenian decent.

    2. prophet cathy leb-syrian and walid and others regardless of the rocks thrown at us we shold keep telling the truth cos tarie is a definite pro-israeli maggot.

  26. prophet Avatar

    I agree with you tony. I gave him the benefit of the doubt last night, and exchanged with him. He never responds to your points, but rather comes back with more distortions. He is on mission, with preset ideas and information to spread out in defense of Israel. Notice how much time he spends here, and how well organized his lies are. He’s well trained, but his game is over.

    1. it never is for these slaves. they keep coming like bacteria.

      he said he will not post anymore. if you believe that then you must be a virgin.

      he will go and wait a couple of days and come back as mahmood or darwish or who knows maybe even a cool name like jean jacques francois.

      yo JJF i’m just razzing ya bro. take a chill pill man.

      none of us here are running for office so lets be civilised to each other and realise that israel is the enemy and not us.

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