LF MP Geagea urges calm in Bcharre after Marada gunfire


Lebanese Forces bloc MP Strida Geagea called security officials on Sunday after cars drove through the Baazekta area of Bcharre and “fired approximately 250 shots in the air” to frighten residents, according to a statement issued by Geagea’s office.

Cars carrying Marada Movement flags had driven through Bcharre 45 minutes prior to the gunfire incident, the statement said, adding that Geagea had talked to various officials to calm local residents and ensure the situation did not escalate.

In a statement issued Sunday, El Marada Political Bureau Member Youssef Saadeh expressed “surprise and disapproval” regarding Geagea’s statement calling it “distortion of facts”.

Marada is headed by MP Suleiman Franjieh a staunch ally of Syria and Hezbollah.

This development comes after the clash that took place last Tuesday night in the Beirut neighborhood of Borj Abi Haidar between supporters of the pro-Syrian Association of Islamic Charitable Projects—also known as Al-Ahbash—and the Iranian backed Hezbollah militants , leading to the death of three people, including Hezbollah official Mohammad Fawwaz, his body guard and an Al-Ahbash member who is the son of a Beirut Mukhtar.



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  1. Just the name of the party is enough for one to decide that they are a gang of mischiefs… In arabic “tamarrada el-marada” means that just like a gang they’re willing to destroy whatever comes their way if they don’t agree with it. Just like Wahab, nothing new… The actors are intimidating the public… But the public is smarter than that, and knows that you’re on the Syrian payroll… And so people with a decent brain and belief integrity would not listen to your cowardly threats!

    1. Dandan,

      The Marada name comes from Aramaic Mardo, a name given to the Maronites living in Mount Lebanon and the surrounding highlands following the conquest of Syria and Lebanon by the Arabs (630 AD) and because of their freedom seeking self-determination they managed to obtain a relative autonomy in the rugged lands of the mountains. As a matter of fact they were so shrewd that the caliph paid them off regularly to keep them off his back.

      Get more history facts @


      1. walid did you get my email dude?? check your mailbox for payment.

  2. A prelude to another brotherly conflict!!!!

  3. PROPHET Avatar

    If this was in a Muslim or Arabic country, it would have been a front page.

    ‘Sinner’ singer given 39 lashes by rabbis

    http://www.jpost.com/Israel/Article.aspx?id=186154story in US newspapers .

    1. there should,nt be any violence act by a lebaneese against his other lebaneese brother

      if they have any disagreement issue they should always use discussion to resolve it

    2. Prophet, I have no idea why you got -4 on your comment, even if it wasnt related to this post.

      Good article. and you are totally right. we would have never heard the end of it if it was in a muslim country. not that I condone it in israel or in saudi arabia. its an archaic interpration of religion.

      1. cathy habeebti israel pays slaves to sit there and blog daily. what we’re seeing here is exactly that. anything we’re posting anti-israeli, we’re getting (-) points and anything that causes strife like anti-HA comments or druze or whatever gets plusses.

        have a good day and i thumbed him back up to -3.

        any comments i make now i get minuses but i dont care cos nothing will deter me from speaking my mind.

        i’m sure you will do the same.

      2. PROPHET Avatar

        Thanks Cathy.

        It’s business as usual at this site. You get thumbed down, middle-fingered for no reason. I noticed you get plenty of that as well. I guess my views are not that popular here. I realize that the more arguments and debates you win, the fewer friends you will have. Watch how many thumbs down I’ll get for this one, lol

      3. Cathy

        where do you live?

      4. Canada 🙂

      5. cathy i live in vancouver. where do you live?

      6. LOL why did I get a -1 on living in canada? wtf??

        anyway tony I live in quebec, the french nation 🙂

      7. cathy prophet walid elias and others, i’m ignoring the plus and minus signs cos theres some people out there feeding off our omments and think they’re teachers or something grading papers.

        they probably sit in their underwear and eat popcorn and grade our posts all day long.

        who cares? i read all my friends’ comments and i quietly give you guys thumbs up so just a thought.

        cathy if you’re ever in vancouver lemme no. i’ll take you out vancouver style with my wife stephanie and show you our beautiful town.

    3. prophet the more reasonable and logic and mediation you bring to the table you’re not popular here bro.

      theres a lot of bitter people here blaming outer forces for lebanons problems instead of our own leaders who sold out years ago but are finally realising their mistakes and are trying to correct them.

      you will see me post less and less as i’m coming home in 6 days for a whole month.

      i honestly cant wait to smell the life that is called lebanon.

      1. PROPHET Avatar


        It is a rare thing to win an argument, and the other fellow’s respect at the same time.

        Ignorance, bitterness, hatred, and closed minds are good receipts for interesting arguments. Watch how fast I’ll get thumbs down,

      2. prophet in order for us to be as popular as tari fan-airie we have to keep repeating the same historical events about HA and we have to keep saying how much we hate them and they’re not lebanese and we hate iran and we hate syria and we even hate each other.

        like that we get thumbs up but god forbid we offer all parties to sit at the table and debate and come to terms with each others’ points or the fact that we celebrate a good step by gaegae to invite HA to sit and talk about absorbing into the LAF.

        what do i know man, i’ve been given the post of minister of serving tea and coffee cos i advocate peace and undrstanding.

        go figure.

      3. PROPHET Avatar


        Good for all the people that get all the thumbs up. I’m not jealous of them.

        If a negative rating is what I’ll get for telling the truth, then be it. At Least I know they read the tuth, maybe one day they’ll believe in it.

      4. prophet as long as you believe in what you’re doing or saying and not compromise your dignity and honor for it, many riches await you in the after life bro.

        i’m not worried about simpletons rating me bro, i care about the after life cos all this crap is very short man.

        all the virgins these idiots in the west including tarie fan-airie who laugh at it are asexual bro. these virgins are the symbol of purity and have no organs bro.

        the soul has no sex which is why it can take on a male or female body.

        of course, the extremists distort the word of god into killings and airplane bombings which give people an opportunity to poke at the religion.

        all good prophet, the most enlightened people on this planet have been killed – gandhi, jamal abdul nasser, JFK, MLK jr so i dont mind being laughed at or even ridiculed cos at the end when they’re all burning who will get the last laugh??

        6 more days to go for me to come home and smell the life called LEBANON.


  4. Constantin Avatar

    Another reason to collect the arms from ALL the PEOPLE, wherever and from who ever. But it is difficult to ask the people to hand in their M-16 and Klachinkoves when others have long-range missiles and artillery that matches the arms of a regular army.

    Inchallah nothing serious happens..

  5. The problem in Lebanon is not difficult. Everybody wants to be boss. So people impose onto each other their convictions thinking they are the sole holder of the truth. 30 years later and no one has learned a single lesson, so let’s repeat history. The government is weak and is powerless to disarm the outlaws. Please people lets make a collective effort and learn compromise and dialogue with actual WORDS. The more you act like wild monkeys the more you are proving to the world that Lebanon cannot be governed by a central government. What’s more important, dying for ideals or trying to work things together to provide security for our children and future generations? Common it’s 2010 for God’s sake…

  6. Shedhy Maksoud Avatar
    Shedhy Maksoud

    “Zou3ama” lezim yi fellou men Lebnan

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