Hezbollah criticizes Lebanon PM


Hezbollah’s decision to launch a counter attack against Prime Minister Saad Hariri was not spontaneous and the party’s officials will continue to criticize the Mustaqbal movement leader in the next few days, As Safir newspaper said Monday.

On Sunday, Hezbollah MP Mohammad Raad slammed those who he said are exploiting the Borj Abi Haidar incident to promote sectarian strife in Beirut.

“Some people are insisting on making statements with slogans and incitement that only serve to fuel the fire of division and strife. These voices are not keen to protect society, the people or the state, irrespective of (the call to) protect society and build the state,” Raad said about Hariri without naming him.

“Tours of the areas where the clashes took place in Borj Abi Haidar aim to deepen division,” Raad added, in reference to visits by Hariri and Grand Mufti Sheikh Mohammad Qabbani to Borj Abi Haidar.

As Safir quoted Hezbollah leadership sources as saying that in the first days of the clashes, the party tried to contain the negative stances against it.

However, it realized that there was an organized campaign against it through the speeches and statements of March 14 officials, the sources said.

They told As Safir that Hariri did not deal with the incidents as a statesman rather than as the Mustaqbal movement leader and the chief of a certain faction.

The speeches that Hariri made during Iftar banquets in the past few days contradict with his own calls for calm, the sources said.

4 arrested for burning mosque

An-Nahar newspaper reported on Saturday that army intelligence forces arrested four people for partially burning the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects’ – also known as Al-Ahbash – mosque in the al-Basta region in Beirut during Tuesday’s Bourj Abi Haidar clashes.

According to the daily, two of the suspects are Lebanese citizens named Mohammad Ahmad Nasrallah and Ali Mounir Shaheen. The other two are Kurds called Fadi Sheikh Moussa Amirat and Ali Khaled Amirat.

According to preliminary investigations, the suspects burned the mosque intentionally using combustible material, An-Nahar added.

Lebanon Prime Minister Saad Hariri said during an Iftar in Qoreitem on Friday: “It is unacceptable for the state to watch weapons proliferate throughout Lebanon, ” according to a statement from his office.

He said the cabinet will act decisively in dealing with the issue.

Last Wednesday the cabinet decided to form a commission to deal with arms proliferation, following the clashes in the Beirut neighborhood of Borj Abi Haidar on Tuesday night between supporters of the the pro-Syrian Association of Islamic Charitable Projects—also known as Al-Ahbash—and the Iranian backed Hezbollah militants , leading to the death of three people, including Hezbollah official Mohammad Fawwaz.



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  1. Saad may thanks his sister May who saves him from a lot of critics.

  2. VOICE OF TRUTH Avatar

    “…tours of the areas where the clashes took place in borj abi haidar aim to deepen division…”

    ( mp mohammad raad )

    you are absolutely right mr. raad the tour itself was unnecessary and endangers the peaceful coexistence in lebanon and besides, the bad boys in the media were playing a major part in the conspiracy against hezballah, showing these ugly pictures of fire ravaged buildings and destruction in the streets.

    yeap, the visit was too soon and uncalled for, the sunni mufti and pm hariri could have smiled more at the cameras or better they could have postponed their visit for few more days so that the “concerned brothers” who want to “protect society and build the state” could at least send a bulldozer to demolish the mosque and clean up the crime areas!!!

  3. Tarie AL Fanarie Avatar
    Tarie AL Fanarie

    Sorry Mr. Raad he’s the MP of Lebanon not you. So you don’t decide for him what’s best for the country. Yes of Course every MP in hezbollah land is the PM of Lebanon. they decide which one can arm and disarm? which area to visit and not visit..They have shutdown all the voices of Moderation within the shiites communities in lebanon. Oh let me see if Iran intelligence officers and their milatary personals get to visit and tour the south without any gov’t official accompanying them. That’s okay i guess? they will be our generals and will decide when we attack israel at their own convenience.

    Mr. Raad you and Ali fayad just shut up please. and please shut wahab too. We have had enough of these monsters trying to run and ruin our lives. The attack aginst hariri is definitely planned and fear of him getting close to Damascus is making HA jealous and envy. Anyone now says HA is not behind Hariri assasination is nothing by hypocryte and deceitful and a criminal in my opinion.

  4. I think he forgot the the cow tongue and the monkey lips of wahab and his comments last week.

  5. Who is inciting ,attacking,warning and making statements with slogans??!!You are always talking about conspiracies!You criticize and never accept criticism!You do not accept the views of others and expect others to accept yours!Life is give and take!In a pluralistic society no group can impose their ideology on another by force!Listen ,talk and open a dialogue instead of rejecting This will build mutual understanding and will gradually build trust and confidence!Don t you ever make mistakes ?All make mistakes and to admit it is a sign of strength not weakness!Don t you think that people have the right to live in security ?Don t they have a right to be concerned about the spread of weapons in the hands of irresponsible groups?!!

  6. Tarie AL Fanarie Avatar
    Tarie AL Fanarie

    Fausia i agree with you. they want to rule us and we should never say a word about or rebel. After all these are God’s mighty soldiers and we cannot critcize them. I guess as the saying goes “in order to avoid criticizm, be nothing, do nothing and be nothing.” so they want us not to be anything and they not only criticize us. they feel the right to kill people in order to submit others to their will. And people say you’re being pro-israelis.. Well you act like that damn and i have no choice i guess. Act like lebanese and behave like you’re lebanese not iranians then we can see about joining the fights with you. Otherwise the next round of fighting will not be so easy for you lala..

    1. taire you’re always so dramtaic. they dont want anything from the regular joh and jane doe. all these talks are political. when you say us, you might as well say what party you’re with and who you belong to.

      US is a very personal word so please dont speak on my behalf.

      though HA is a pain, i still see benefit to their existence as i dont see israel anywhere near lebanon since 2006, do you?

      of course i see many faults in their organisation but dude they’re only 20 years old unlike the druze, maronites and orhodox and sunni who are 100s of years old.

      this party is young and full of anger and insecurities. give it time man as it matures and changes image, it will be a thing of the past soon.

      1. Tarie AL Fanarie Avatar
        Tarie AL Fanarie

        Yes the iranians gave their mullah time and look what happened to their country? Is there democracy there? give ha time? they been in creation for a long time and they should improve instead of regress? they kill people and you want me to give them time? They keep coming for more execuses to control lebanon and you want me to give them time? Sorry i should speak on your behalf and I will address us as the good people of lebanon and the rest frankly are not lebanese even though their id says so. This is how I feel about it. Give time to these thugs who burned the mosque in the name of who? Does allah approved this from his party lol? give them time to finish the good people of lebanon? wake up Tony from this naive thinking and these people will take you to hell before you enjoy your lebanon ever..

  7. Ino sa7 ma3on 7a2 shou khaso el hariri bel ossa? ino el mashkal ben khay wo khayo bitsir ya3neh haydeh mish awal mara aslan. Shou khaso el hariri? Ibn 3amo wala khalto illeh meit? Aslan el masareen bi batna btitkhana2 shou ya3neh iza khay wo khayo 3amalo mashkal ya3neh?

    Hayda el Hariri bado yfout bi 2ossa ma khaso fiha!

    (Sorry I had to write it in Arabic because it sounded funnier that way, because when I wrote it in english I couldn’t find the sarcasim in it).

    1. It is hell to decipher this …

  8. tim you had me at hello 🙂

  9. Iran in Iraq and Lebanon making the people life hell just like they did to their people, these guys must be stopped and defeated.

    The Lebanese people are much smarter and can stop this tragedy to be…..

  10. PROPHET Avatar

    Never seen the name Amin spelled with an e at the end. This Amine can’t be arabic.

    1. Yes, I am originally from Beirut, in my old Lebanese passport the man spelled it the french way, he must have too much Arak

      1. Tarie AL Fanarie Avatar
        Tarie AL Fanarie

        Amine do not let them get to you. If he has a real name, then let him show it here. Who made you God and called you Prophet?

  11. Shut up Raad, maybe you should have visited the area and the mosque at the same time Hariri did, or you think you are better or more decent the Saad is.

    I understand that Lebanon is a democracy and there is freedom of speech and all, but let me ask everyone this question are we qualified to be a democracy, in my opinion NO, are we responsible and mature enough as a society to handle and deal with Freedom of Speech, Absolutley not.

    Do you want proof?

    All major political decisions in Lebanon has been made or imposed by neighbouring countries ever since Lebanon took its independence, now that Lebanon is less than HALF INDEPENDENTcompared to 5 years back, Lebanon is enjoying some practice of what is called democracy….What is i know is that either you do have a Democracy or you Don’t there is no such thing as half Democracy.

    So long as we are giverned by a Nizam Ta2ifi then we shouldn’t have freedom of speech? WEIRED ISN’T IT??? Well so long as we have barkers life Wahab, Raad, 3oun, and some others speaking openly without anyone putting a limit to them and tll end up their lies we will end up having a Sha7in Ta2ifi based on lies and speechs based on whims and political agendas of Iran and Syria on the tongues of ignorat people. Better to Limit or stop freedom of speech to protect the country from its own people

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