Hezbollah, Al Ahbash chiefs meet over Borj Abi Haidar incident


Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and al-Ahbash leader Sheikh Hussam Qaraqira stressed they would make efforts to help the investigation that is being carried out by the Lebanese army into the Borj Abi Haidar clashes, according to a statement by Hezbollah ‘s media office.

The statement also said that the two leaders also stressed during their meeting the importance of the army’s role in safeguarding security.

They rejected verbal attacks against it.

The statement said that Nasrallah and Qaraqira confirmed the clashes last week between Hezbollah and al-Ahbash gunmen in Borj Abi Haidar “had no political background and were not sectarian in nature .”

The two sides agreed to take all measures necessary to prevent the recurrence of similar deadly incidents and decided to form a joint committee to compensate for those who sustained damages during the clashes.

This comes after the clash that took place last Tuesday night in the Beirut neighborhood of Borj Abi Haidar between supporters of the pro-Syrian Association of Islamic Charitable Projects—also known as Al-Ahbash—and the Iranian backed Hezbollah militants , leading to the death of three people, including Hezbollah official Mohammad Fawwaz, his body guard and an Al-Ahbash member who is the son of a Beirut Mukhtar.

Kahwaji defends LAF role

In a related development Army chief Gen. Jean Kahwaji rejected accusations of slackness by the military in dealing with the Borj Abi Haidar clashes between Hezbollah and al-Ahbash gunmen saying the army doused the fire of strife during the incidents.

The army “carried out all its responsibilities and intervened in the first minutes of the clashes,” Kahwaji told As Safir daily in remarks published Monday.

“My instructions to officers were clear that any gunman who does not comply should be shot at,” the army chief said.

He told As Safir that the military was able to prevent the flow of gunmen to Borj Abi Haidar and “contain the tension scene.” The army and not meetings among politicians ended the battles, Kahwaji stressed.

He urged all sides not to ignite the fire and then in turn ask the army to douse it. “The army through its measures and confrontation of the gunmen was able to douse strife.”

Kahwaji also said the military was still pursuing those involved in the clashes, adding that the number of people arrested has so far reached 10.

Hundreds of gunmen were involved in the fighting



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  1. HZ and Al Ahbash chiehs meet over incident.Where’s Lebanon PM?.Is anyone in Lebanon government in office?.

  2. In order to easing matters maybe it would be less complicated to punish only the factions not armed.

  3. Michael Avatar

    Imagine lebanon ruled by these religious medieval men Nasrallah Underground and Qaraqira or Qaraqoura..Imagine the disaster, the blood, the killing, the fanatism and the oppression of women. Imagine taliban style public executions in down town beirut. My message to these creatures is: OUT OF LEBANON… OUT OF LEBANON…OUT OF LEBANON 100 times. Lebanon is free, civilized and multi-cultural. Lebanon will remain like this and sooner or later will get rid of cancers like you!

  4. clash of the titans. great movie for sure.

    i watched the expendables last night and it was awesome.

    then i read this, oh yeah i keep forgetting, lebanon sucks right now but inshallah moew and more tightenings of laws and more laws and more talks and more debates will rid us of extremists

    extremists really are a pain.

  5. Constantin Avatar

    While I am against any arms with Hizbullah or any other faction in Lebanon, the question that naturally imposes itself:

    How come a “charitable organization” like Al-AHBASH has weapons and at the tip of their fingers to use immediately????

    These too should be stripped from their weapons.

    However, all this is HA fault. They started with the weapons “rights” and they expect others not to have any….well they are wrong! HA, with their behavior, is encouraging all the other factions in Lebanon to amass arms and be armed.

    Why HA should have this privilege alone? Shouldn’t we have all the right to resist the ennemy?

  6. They quarreled! They were armed!They attacked ,killed and destroyed!then they meet to talk about the ¨incidents¨!Why don t you control your armed men who endanger people s lives and property!Why don t you agree to find a solution to these arms that cause instability ?!!

  7. Tarie AL Fanarie Avatar
    Tarie AL Fanarie

    Shiiiiiiiiish you can’t ask Hezbollah to disarm. You will be accused of being an israeli agent.. Do not ask and do not tell. this is like the gay policy in the US Marines..

  8. PROPHET Avatar

    Tarie, Just in case you didn’t read my response to charges of racism, here it is again:

    Victor Hugo once said: Strong and bitter words indicate a weak cause.

    You can criticize HA as much as you want. You can disagree with their policies and ideology as much as you want. But to make unsubstantiated charges such as racism is really a sign of desperation.

    It’s very clear and obvious that you don’t know the definition of racism.

    Racism is defined as follow:

    – A belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

    -The belief that each race has distinct and intrinsic attributes; The belief that one race is superior to all others; Prejudice or discrimination based upon race.

    -discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race.

    -The prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races.

    -An ideology based on the idea that humans can be separated into distinct racial groups and that these groups can be ranked on a hierarchy of intelligence, ability, morality etc

    None of the reasons you indicated in your comment amount to racism. Your political views are yours and you are entitled to have any political view you wish. But you sound so desperate when you throw charges such as racism when you disagree with a political view or action.

    The sunni/ shiia differences have been around for 1400 years. As bad they are, there is no racism in that conflict. Shiia and Sunnis are not two different races.

    If you want to have a discussion about Politics, fine with me. But if you want to show ignorance by mixing political conflicts and religious differences with racism, you are just making your arguments look stupid.

    1. Tarie AL Fanarie Avatar
      Tarie AL Fanarie

      In that case you’re talking about hezbollah indeed. thank you for the quotes..

  9. did nasrallah come out of his underground den or the meeting took place in the den i wonder there what they meet

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