Hezbollah will cooperate only with the Lebanese judiciary, not STL


Hezbollah has said it would cooperate only with the Lebanese judiciary if it requests information unveiled by Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah about former PM Rafik Hariri’s assassination.

“Our stance from the court is known. We don’t recognize it and we don’t cooperate with it,” Hezbollah sources told An Nahar daily in remarks published Thursday.

“However, if the Lebanese judiciary asks for (the information), then we will cooperate with it and study the requests,” the sources added.

Their comment came after General Prosecutor Said Mirza informed Hezbollah official Wafiq Safa on Wednesday about Special Tribunal for Lebanon Prosecutor Daniel Bellemare’s request to provide the remaining material to which the Hezbollah chief referred to in his press conference on August 9.

“Hezbollah officials hand-delivered to the Prosecutor General of Lebanon an envelope containing six DVDs,” Bellemare’s office said in a press release.

“The preliminary assessment of the DVDs has determined that the response is incomplete since the material that was handed over is limited to the material shown during the 9 August 2010 press conference and does not contain “the rest of the evidence” that Mr. Hassan Nasrallah referred to in his press conference,” it added. Naharnet



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  1. yeah yeah same song and dance. go ahead lebanese judiciary, ask HA to hand over more evidence so that you can go ahead and hand it over to the STL who is requesting it.

    like babies man.

  2. That is a positive step toward resolving the issue…

    Only Lebanon will lose if HA start a civil war and Israel will win

  3. Tarie AL Fanarie Avatar
    Tarie AL Fanarie

    Sounds to me HA is playing games right now. If you feel you’re going to be convicted why not try to clear yourself? HA is dancing around the issue again. First they send their monkies to attack the STL then they say we don’t recognize it. Now we don’t to give them information that might relieve us from guilt. Anyway out there still saying israel is guilty? If you having nothing to hide and you’re not guilty then turn over all the evidence and wait for the STL rulings. If you found guilty, then fight the charges. If not, then you’re home free plain and simple. But HA will complicat things since they’re guilty as hell. Syria getting away with it for sure. So Syria is trying to get concessions from HA regarding posts and influence back in Lebanon. I hear HA do not even want Syria in lebanon anymore. So Mr. Wahab you can be killed next if you keep asking for Syria to come to Lebanon. You have played your double cards well all those years. But now those two cards are splitting and you’re going to find it hard to play both in the near future. Saudia Arabia is slowly succeeding to bring Syria to its fold. Not just yet but it will. Otherwise syria will face a very destructive war with israel which might weaken the regime and that’s not something they want for sure..

  4. Lebster Avatar

    Let me guess, stall tactics will not make you look suspicious or arouse suspicion. 3ayb ba2a.

  5. The audacity of this gang! Who died and made them God? Well to answer myself and no disrespect to God….Lebanon died once Iran/Syria made them God. Yesterday Shamoun made this point clear to everyone with respect to HA’s true nature and goals….

    Chamoun criticized Hizbullah for causing the July 2006 war and blaming others for problems that the party itself had created.

    Had it not been for the war, several developmental projects in the electrical and water sectors could have been accomplished “before even reaching discussion on nuclear energy,” he continued.

    The MP asked Nasrallah: “Is it acceptable that the loyalty of a large number of the Shiite population and its leaders be to countries, policies, and goals that have nothing to do with Lebanon? Is it acceptable that Iranian flags and posters of its leaders be posted in Dahiyeh and other areas?”

    “Is it acceptable that Iran’s interest be a priority for Hizbullah above those of its fellow citizens in Lebanon?” Chamoun asked.

  6. prophet Avatar

    I’ll let my desperate optimism take me to my safe and wishful thinking fantasy. lol

    For anyone who had listened to HA leaders’ press conference, this would make a lots of sense .Nassrallah hinted to his willingness to cooperate only with the Lebanese judiciary at this stage, not STL.

    In his last press conference, Nassralla was clear that He didn’t trust the STL. But He didn’t close the door on future cooperation either. He indirectly hinted that his information should be presented, by the Lebanese authorities, to the STL if and when requested.

    Bellmere demanded HA information from the Lebanese authorities, and not from HA directly.

    HA, knowing that the information is requested by the STL, didn’t hesitate to deliver the envelope to Lebanese authority. So HA’s cooperation is indirectly taking place. Basically, HA is putting the STL to a test before it cooperates further or directly. HA is testing Bellmmare seriousness in his examination of the evidence presented by HA, and whether he is willing to go further in examining the possibility of Israel’s involvement in Hariri’s murder. If and when the STL requests more evidence, or when HA decides to present more evidence, HA will cooperate with the STL, INDRECTLY, and delivers whatever they might have to the Lebanese authorities.

    HA feels that they don’t have to admit to cooperation with the STL(as long as the Lebanese authorities are in the middle), nor do they have to recognize the STL, until they have tested Bellmare’s seriousness. They can always claim that they are only cooperating with the Lebanese Judiciary authorities, not the STL, but in reality they are using the Judiciary authorities as a face saving tool. It also gives them the option to stop the indirect cooperation if they felt they needed to, since in the mind of HA supporters, they never did cooperate with the STL.

    HA had also asked the Lebanese judiciary, and government to look into the false witness’s issue. The government , in its first meeting after the press conference, discussed the issue of False Witnesses, and asked that the justice department look into it and report back to the cabinet on its finding. Notice that HA cabinet members and their allies didn’t objet to a minster from the LF to look into an issue so important to them. If that means anything, it indicates that HA is testing the judiciary system and the government’s seriousness.

    Some media reports are predicting the expected indictment to be just another routine report, instead of an actual indictment. If these reports are true, it would mean that the STL indictment will be delayed until further notice. This whole scenario could be a translation of the Syrian/Saudi summit, and of Sarkozy’s insistence on doing what he could to spare Lebanon any civil disturbance.

  7. prophet Avatar


    I thought it could shed some lights on many of the questions everyone has been asking. I hope you will find it useful.


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