Hariri: widespread use of weapons not acceptable anymore


During an an iftar banquet he hosted in honor of families from across the South, Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Wednesday stressed that “it is about time we learn that no matter what happens, no group will be able to defeat the other.”

He added: “Everyone is to be blamed – politicians, journalists and TV networks – because the escalation in political rhetoric in the country and the behaviors of some” lead to incidents such as the fierce Hezbollah-Ahbash street battles that took place on Tuesday in the Beirut area of Burj Abi Haidar.

“I ….as Saad Hariri, and as the son of Sidon, Beirut and the South, and the son of whole Lebanon and Rafik Hariri, and as Beirut’s representative in Parliament and as a prime minister — stress to you that the widespread of weapons in every street and neighborhood is not acceptable anymore,” Hariri added.

There are many conflicting reports about who started the fighting and why . One theory that has been circulating in Beirut during the last 24 hours describes the incident as a proxy fight between Iran and Syria . Michael Young , opinion editor of The Daily Star newspaper says The Burj Abi Haidar battle “was, perhaps, the first armed confrontation between Iran and Syria in Lebanon, through proxies”



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  1. i love you hariri. you know what to do sir. now ge out your pen and rewrite some laws.

    its time to take lebanon back from militias and give it back to the people.

    one law that will show unity is for mixed married couples dont need to go to cyprus to get married anymore. that will be a sign that lebanons moving away from sectarianism.

    i can see hariri starting to act like a leader as he’s getting comfortable with his position.

    well done mr. hariri

    1. Hey Tony fill me in here mate… what are you trying to say with regards to mixed marriages? Allow them to get married after divorce. So that it becomes easier to get divorce then remarry. Cause i beleive that would be the only reason people get married in cyprus. You seem to keep bringing this subject up regularly is there an agenda. I think there are a lot of other laws in Lebanon that needs to be looked at and changes to bring harmony and peace not something to do with marriages. What next allow gay marriages also so they can become a voice like they have here in Australia

      1. chaz bro, in lebanon no one will marry you if let’s say you’re christian and you fall in love with a muslim. you have to go to cyprus or any other country to do so.

        my muslim friend fell in love with a durzi and they had to exactly that cos the clergy at one point got together and agreed not to facilitate such ceremonies.

        i’m not understanding your marriage after divorce? i’m only talking about marriages bro.

        i see nothing with gay marriages though not related to my post or my vision for lebanon. my wife’s aunt is gay and she’s married to her partner and they’re both nice ladies.

        if you wanna put a spin on things, god said to love thy neighbor bro. he never put any conditions on that love did she? love thy neighbor is exactly that with no pre-conditions – it’s the act to love unconditionally.

        please dont think that there are no gays in lebanon. i’m sure they’re there just like everywhere else but then i’m getting off topic here cos my dream is for lebanon to look past labels and marry whoever wants to get married.

      2. prophet Avatar

        Tony, I blame the heads of the religion institutions in Lebanon. They lie to us that they want democracy and freedom of expression, yet they are afraid of a voluntary civil marriage bill. They are hypocrites. They scare us of each other to keep a good grib on their people. I hate organized religion altogether.

      3. ummmmm prophet you forgot to thumb me lol 🙂

        i will thumb you anyway lol 🙂

      4. chaz when i said no one will marry you i meant that no clergy, priest or sheikh will marry you……..

  2. it should of never been acceptable at the end of the civil war , its to late no group will disarm aslong as the shia hezbollah wont disarm espicially the sunni groups and i in a way supports hezbollah but its the truth , lebanon has been going round in a daze on this subject for years and years but never get nowhere, It’s pretty much the same shit in lebanon ,every group is armed the palstinians groups are killing each other in the refugee camps and have been for years and years how in the hell do they get arms in the poorest community in lebanon.

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    1. Prophet and Tony what’s with all the Thumbs up and down. There is too much sex talk here.. just kidding!

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    BTW, ELIAS, MARIA swears that Tony likes to be thumbed up aalnashif. Don’t take my words for it, I’m just repeating what I heard .LOL

    1. prophet tell maria i’m flexible.

      1. Tony with all your flexiblity, yalibnan will have to upgrade from thumbs to fist 🙂 with or without glove ya Tony?

        BTW kazarmabal nezil feek nassif ya aflatone, to be honest its quite funny

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    as for your fists, bring em on honey, i’m warm and ready and when you’re done with me, you’re next baby.

    1. Tony

      What did he say to you? send me an email… I know where he lives…

    2. Tony, dont waste your time with these losers.

      when someone resorts to personal insults and attacks your family for commenting on a stupid website, it tells you who’s the one who really needs to get a life.

      it also speaks highly of their IQ and their limited ability to bring any smart arguments to an intelligent debate.

      he’s a moron, khalli ye7ki tay sir azra2.

      1. cathy bless your heart and great energy. i can tell from your writing on this site that you truly believe in spreading awareness and equality to all of whom you come across.

        you are truly an enlightened person like many here.

        god bless you all who are trying to make a difference on this mother earth of ours.

      2. There was a story about a chinese Monk who handled any insult you level against him. So someone asked him why do you let people insult you and you don’t say anything back. He responded “well if i don’t insult them back, then the insult remains with them”. basically Tony he’s trying to rile you feathers. Right now you have enough on your plate with Maria and lots of others. Just kidding Maria.. Have a great day ya all.

      3. elias habeebi he did for a second rile my feathers but from the other posts i stopped responding as i can see that he saw a weakness in me and that was my family so by ignoring him, the weakness remains with him cos he wasnt getting the reaction he was looking for.

        peole are hungry and starving and i hate all this attention.

        lets get back to chanting unity and love for lebanon.

    3. Tony what i found funny was when they said that youre the first to comment of topics and that your comments come up before topics do. Also the get a life one was funny, but i believe i already told you that bringing family into discussions was wrong and i did not agree with that.

      1. i know what you meant maria. i just wanted your attention lol 🙂

  7. find below his comments ya brother walid.

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    Posted by kazarambal

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    i dont agree with such approach.

    1. OK dude I just changed his name to KHARAZAMBAL.

      Moving forward all posters refer to him as such. LOL

      Speaking about someone’s loved ones is totally unacceptable!

      1. lol@ walid

      2. Cathy,

        Where do you live? and where are you from originally?



      3. walid is this your site? i email you and you dont respond. i write you here and you respond.

        get a life man lol 🙂

      4. yes it is…

        It will cover linguistics, history, and cooking (yummmmm)


        The history of the old world from a Lebanon perspective.

        It is my life … A man for all seasons! 😛


      5. i look forward to browsing it for sure. good work man.

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    I Suspect that Tony himself hired KHARAZAMBAL. Since He started showing up and trashing Tony, Tony’s rating is going up the sky, lol jk Tony

    1. prophet yeah right i’m that insecure. lol 🙂

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