UNIFIL finalizes its report on Lebanese-Israeli clash


UNIFIL issued a statement on Wednesday announcing the finalization of its report regarding the border clashes that that took place on August 3 between Lebanese and Israeli troops, the National News Agency (NNA) reported.

Lebanese and Israeli troops exchanged fire near the southern village of Adaisseh earlier this month in the fiercest clashes since the 2006 July War. Two Lebanese soldiers, a Lebanese journalist and a senior Israeli officer were killed in the violence.

The statement said that the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and Israel Defense Forces (IDF) fully cooperated with UNIFIL during its investigation in the Aadaiseh clashes.

The report will be sent to relevant parties on Wednesday, the statement added.

UNIFIL Commander Major-General Alberto Asarta Cuevas said: “UNIFIL’s investigation report is a result of a professional and impartial work.”

“It is based on the facts and all the evidence available to UNIFIL at this stage. We hope this report will assist the parties to prevent the recurrence of such serious and tragic incidents,” he added.

“I emphasized to both sides that the incident must remain an isolated event,” he stated

The contents of the report were not revealed.

Donation of 39 vehicles

The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) today handed 39 vehicles to the Lebanese armed forces in an effort to boost their capacity to improve security in the south of the country.

Today’s delivery of the vehicles to the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) at a ceremony at UNIFIL’s headquarters in Naqoura follows the donation of 24 cars in April.

Asarta highlighted that the conditions on the ground have significantly improved and the cooperation between UNIFIL and the army has become a “central cornerstone in the implementation of our mandated tasks”.

“Our activities could not be implemented without the cooperation of the Lebanese army, which has demonstrated – time and again – its professionalism and commitment to U.N. Security Council resolution 1701 working in close partnership with UNIFIL troops,” he said at the ceremony that was attended by Brigadier-General Louis Hanna and Brigadier-General Khalil Msan, the Lebanese army commander in the area south of the Litani.

The UNIFIL Commander added: “Ultimately, UNIFIL’s exit strategy is linked to the ability of the Lebanese army to sustainably ensure stability in southern Lebanon”.

Brig-Gen Hanna relayed LAF Commander General Jean Kahwaji’s “deepest feelings of gratitude and appreciation” to the UNIFIL command donation, which he said is “a clear expression of the ties of cooperation and coordination” between UNIFIL and LAF.



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  1. i look forward to learning what the contents of the report is.

    UNIFIL should stick around for many years until the absorption of HA is complete and the LAF is fully capable of becoming the sole enforcer of any conflict whether internal or external.

    1. “Donation of 39 vehicles”

      Prostitution is the older job on earth, did you know ?

  2. Well Tony I am going to tell you right now they will point fingers at the Prophet for shooting at the israel general Lol. I certainly hope we don’t have any clashes for israel is ready again to demolish the whole country infastructure..

    1. prophet where are you? leeloo is pointing fingers at you ya zalami

    2. prophet Avatar

      Prophets Always get blamed.lol

  3. elias dont panic. israel will never step into lebanon again.

    i guarantee it. it has missiles pointing at it and tunnels into the heart of it. they have a lot to lose habeebi and i’m not even talking as an HA suppoerter.

    my talking is based on an educated read from all the articles that have been published.

    both sides like i have said a year ago will not strike first. israel has tried to egg HA into a war so it can go after iran but luckily for us, HA knows when to use its brain and when to act childish over a parking spot.

    now if we can only convince all parties to take anger management courses……..

    1. You lost me a bit.

      Can you give an example where Israel has egged on HA to start a war? I can’t recall any off hand.

      1. Rob, ummmmmmm the tree incident? kidnapping shepherds? flying over lebanon 7,000 times? doing training maneuvres near the border? firing missiles at lebanons waters?

        any of those ring a bell?

    2. prophet Avatar


      The fear of a war breaking out between Israel and Lebanon is very remote, as long as, peace talks between Israel and The Palestinians are still going on. The usa can’t allow or run a war while sponsoring peace talks.

      If this process is halted because of failure, then possibility of war becomes almost inevitable. It becomes a question of a war against Lebanon or Ghazza or a regional war.

      The likely hood of any success in this negotiation process is very slim. Netanyahu wants a submissive peace agreement that gives nothing to Abbas. He is offering nothing substantial for ending the conflict. Abbasid has no mandate to give or take.

      My guess is that Israel doesn’t want 2 state solutions, where Palestinians establish a viable state. It doesn’t want a one solution fearing the ever changing demographic in favor of Arabs. My Guess is that the peace talks will last, on and off, until end of next winter.

      Natnyahu can always run away from peace talk obligations by creating an excuse to attack Ghazza at anytime.

      Comes next spring, all possibilities are open.

      1. prophet i hate abbas. he needs to step down at once.

  4. prophet Avatar

    Was anyone calling for the prophet?

  5. prophet Avatar

    Elias, Tony. Be assured my children, As long as the Prophet is patrolling your borders. I Israel won’t dare cross the border, lol

    1. I am so glad Prophet you will be guarding the borders. But who’s going to protect me from my wife?

  6. prophet Avatar


    1. I see you have a good point there. Yes not only that I can accuse her of cheating on me. So you know what will happen to cheating wives lol.

      1. They get bashed 10 times on the tush with a bamboo stick 🙂

  7. prophet Avatar


    1. Just kidding Prophet. I love my wife and children. Yes she’s strong headed but i love her and my family means the world to me. take care and have a great day Bro.

  8. prophet Avatar

    I would not expect you to say anything other than that. God bless you and your family.

    1. Thanks Prophet and same to you and many blessings and best wishes to you and your family. May God protect Lebanon and especially the South. It had suffered so much and its time for a long term break from war. Its hard to imagine peace now but we can only hope and pray no war will break out. have a great day Bro.

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