Suleiman calls for arrest of perpetrators of clashes


Lebanese President Michel Suleiman called on the security forces to arrest the perpetrators of the overnight bloody clashes in Beirut’s Borj Abi Haidar neighborhood.

Suleiman also warned of the consequences of any new fighting “under any circumstances.”

He called on the Lebanese army and Internal Security Forces to “respond immediately” to any attempt to stir tension.

The street clashes last night between Hezbollah and the radical Syrian-backed Al-Ahbash shook the Lebanese capital.

There were conflicting reports on how many were killed . Some reports said four people were killed and some said 2 , but several were wounded .

Among the fatalities were Mohammed Fawaz, a senior Hezbollah official in the area, and Al Ahbash official Ahmad Fawaz Omeirat, the son of a Beirut Mukhtar.

Other reports also said that Fawaz’s bodyguard Ali Jawad was also killed.

Defense Minister Elias Murr suspended permits for carrying firearms across all Lebanese areas to make sure the fighting does not spread to the rest of the country.


UNIFIL delivered to the Lebanese army 39 military vehicles. Maj. Gen. Alberto Asarta said that UNIFIL looks forward to working side by side with the army.

Following a call for Tehran’s help from Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Iranian Defense Minister Ahmed Vahidi said Iran is ready to offer military aid to Lebanon.

A man checks damages to a building belonging Al-Ahbash group, a day after street gun battles between Al-Ahbash and Hezbollah, in Beirut's residential area of Borj Abu Haidar, Lebanon, Wednesday, Aug. 25, 2010


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  1. The fighting erupted over a parking space between a Hizbullah official, and supporters Al-Ahbash near a mosque frequented by the Sunni group.

    It was the worst clash since May 2008, when Hizbullah gunmen swept through Sunni neighborhoods of Beirut after a government crack down on the group’s telecommunications network.

    HA….once again showing it’s brute (ugly) face further dictating at it’s own will anything it likes…supersedes all other Lebanese force including the LAF.

    1. how do u know h/a started?

  2. Lebster Avatar

    We’re in the 21st century, people are making preparations to land on Mars and we’re still in the stone age behaving like apes, squabbling over pissing rights.

    Good call on Suleiman, hopefully he has the power to arrest the real perpetrators. BTW how come the other militia has arms? I guess everyone has their small arms still.

    1. VOICE OF TRUTH Avatar

      well they got weapons to protect themselves, just like everybody else would unfortunately think of doing under the current circumstances, knowing the laf is paralysed and underarmed and unable or unwillig to do the job it was supposed to do in the first place.

      they probably got weapons also because they are scared of hezballah’s weapons and they do not buy what hezballah folks have been saying all along that these weapons are to fight the israeli ennemy and that they will never use them against anybody internally.

      needless to say and here i might sound like a broken record,the only solution i see it for lebanon to get out of this deadly tunnel is to start implementing the taef accord, the un resolutions 1559 and 1701 specially the clauses regarding all the illegal armed groups in the country.

      as far as president sleiman call i consider it with all due repect as water under the bridge, too little too late!!!!!!

  3. about time that lebanon develops a zero tolerance attitude towards these primitive ways to settle disputes.

    i dream of seeing a wapons free lebanon.

    if you are right sami and this was over a parking spot, then this is absolutely ridiculous and childish.

    weapons are only as dangerous as the person holding them.

    easy on the cocaine guys

  4. VOICE OF TRUTH bro its all small arms as you can see tha mark on the wall its a B7 so the army have them to and its not underarms but they get to use to be lazy and let people die for nothing just because they are worried they may up set some if they keep doing these we will never have a peace in our country make beirut a free of arms is a good ideas but it have to be done by force they have to confuscate all weapons from all militias and fast

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