MP: Jumblatt’s stances are embarrassing, worrying & confusing


An MP from the Democratic Gathering bloc who wanted to remain anonymous told Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Anbaa in an interview published on Monday that the Druze community and the supporters of the Progressive Socialist Party are still rejecting PSP leader MP Walid Jumblatt’s current political positions.

Jumblatt split from the March 14 alliance last year, after which he reconciled with past political rivals, including Hezbollah and Syria. His move was heavily criticized by his PSP supporters and members of the Druze community and many started to compare him to MP Michel Aoun

“Jumblatt’s stances have become embarrassing, worrying and confusing,” the MP said, adding that “even Jumblatt’s MPs told him that the Lebanese Forces still make positive statements about him despite his criticism of the LF.”

The MP also said that Jumblatt will reevaluate his current political positions. Now Lebanon



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  1. I love the facts that our politicians can “re-evaluate” their political positions as they please and their followers are like herds to the butcher house.

    When will we start acting like civil democratic countries when we evaluate the politicians and their positions and make our judgement whom do we want to support? Not just following them blindly whereever they take us because they know “best”.

    1. I couldnt have said it any better Tim. This fool is a disgrace and this is exactly what I have been telling people here that his people are sick of him, he started the whole May 08 incident and didnt even arm is his people, they had to fight with what little weapons they had while he was cutting deals with HA for his political survival. Im surprised he has not been assassinated yet.

      Tony will comment soon on this by saying he totally agrees with his stance and that he is a moral man lol Beik, you have a supporter!

      1. You know what amazes me the most? Some people on this site with their comment or name calling! And calling one politician better than the other, to me this is mind boggling!! People the same players from the war times (Our dark ages) are still here!! So I ask you, who didn’t disgrace us at some point???

        We need the new generation to rid us of all the people of the civil war!! We need better thinking, more loyalty to Lebanon and Lebanon alone and until then, please enough with name calling as to say that some politicians are better than others while they are all no good for us and no good for Lebanon.

      2. A very accurate comment Ziad, all politicians are guilty of the same crimes and none are better than this guy.

        Ive been saying this forever, all these scum politicians from the dark ages are still running the show and thats why libon will never progress

    2. Prophet Avatar

      I agree tim. when I said something to this effect last week, I was thumbed down and given the middle

    3. In light of what happened yesterday between the armed militias of march8 movement, it makes more convinced that only the official Lebanese security Forces should be the only armed ones in Lebanon. We cannot advance as a nation if that does not happen. This was the position Mr. Jumblatt was taking last year, and that’s the truth we all seek. The Lebanese Army is a fabric of our society and includes every one, so does the rest of government forces. Let March 8 give their weopons to the army and the army will protect all of us. I love you Lebanon

  2. Yes,the comparison with Aoun is very right.Is a discredit for the druze having him as a representative.At least,Arslan have always stood in the same side.

  3. The money makes waleed jumblatt round and round. What a disgrace, I’d love to see him spend one night without electricity. Then you’ll him protest… Tffff 3ala Hal politicians.

  4. Lebster Avatar

    Most Lebanese politicians are ball less stooges. They wither in whatever a strong wind pushes them. Most of then keep changing sides like musical chairs. No one goes down with their ship. On the contrary they sacrifice their followers first.

  5. Tarie AL Fanarie Avatar
    Tarie AL Fanarie

    No not Jumblatt! What make you think he confuses us? just because he dances to different music he’s no different than the others. You see all these ministers especially those are siding with hezbollah, syria and iran are getting filthy rich. I hear Aoun has 400 Mil in the OTV bank. How did he build his TV station? from his severance pay in the army for God’s sake? why does want to shut everyone up everytimes someone critcizes hezbollah or syrian leaders? Walid Beik was scared since George Bush left him with no strong support. He knew the tide was shifting and he could be killed comes STL rulings. he know he had to make change and his dynasty and his sons and grandsons could be the end of them. He switched faster then the speed of light. You can’t blame him after all. He had to do in order to survive. But also that’s the history of lebanon and lebanese all they been doing is trying to survive instead of advancing into the next century.

  6. he’s getting senile. time for a change and maria with all due respect, blow me respectfuly. i guess i have to hit you on the head with a mallet before you understand that i hate all parties and now i’m begining to hate you.

    1. Tony, I thumbed you, al nashiff…. hope it felt good 🙂

      1. maria lol you’re messed up woman. i know you and i can have good laughs. we got the same foul mouth and the same foul minds.

        have a good day you devil you 🙂

      2. Prophet Avatar

        THUMBED YOU UP TOO MARIE. HOPE HE LIKEs IT al nashif,lol

      3. dony worry prophet. from her post, i know she likes it rough and i’m very confident that i got a couple of tricks up my sleeve for her. 🙂

  7. Prophet Avatar

    Tony, I see thumbs,and fingers flying everywhere. I’M TAKING COVER,LOL

  8. well we are all blaming our politician guys we are the one who keep electing them scum bags so why do we blame theem we do know them very well and we know they are there only to make money and serve themself and not lebanon and the lebanese people so why on earth do we elect them?

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