Iran backed sleeping terror cells in the Arabian Gulf?


Bahrain’s security service has reportedly notified its counterparts in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Gulf states about some armed terrorist groups’ plans to launch sabotage operations in these countries in case Iran is attacked due to its nuclear file, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Informed sources said the Bahraini intelligence report was prepared on the basis of confessions of a terrorist network of some 250 people arrested in Bahrain a few days ago and they reportedly admitted to belonging to a military body of a state in the region ( read Iran) and that there is coordination between them and the sleeping cells in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Sources said security authorities in Kuwait took this information seriously and are taking necessary security measures and precautions.

According to sources, these terrorist groups are trained to clash with special forces and riot police, and 40-50 groups trained to launch violent and sabotage operations are in Kuwait. “The plan of these sabotage groups is to begin with a peaceful demonstration denouncing the military aggression against Iran in the event of a strike and then start acts of violence and set fire to institutions and enterprises; bomb electrical transformers, other infrastructure and raid malls in order to create public disorder,” said the sources.

Sources added that these terrorist groups spread in Gulf states and one of these groups had recently been seized in Bahrain. The members of the group admitted to receiving small and medium firearms from one of the countries that has an interest in destabilizing the region ( read Iran) , and these terrorist elements are fully aware of vital and sensitive sites, and have knowledge of the whereabouts of foreign communities in Kuwait and other Gulf countries.

Moreover, sources said, Bahrain’s intelligence report states that terrorist groups in Kuwait and other Gulf countries include nationals and expatriates, and there is direct coordination between them and a military body of a state in the region ( read Iran) and there is a liaison officer for each group to exchange information and carry out instructions. Sources revealed that there is coordination between the security authorities of Kuwait and Bahrain to exchange information and take necessary precautions.

The sources also pointed out that Kuwait’s Interior Ministry cannot arrest any terrorist group unless it has complete information and evidence. The situation is being monitored and security authorities are closely following the results of investigations being conducted with members of the network in Bahrain, they said, adding some of the members were ready to strike tourist sites, resorts and hotels in case Iran was attacked. Arab Times