Lebanon’s Gaza bound aid ship is now scheduled to depart on Aug 29


Samar al-Hajj, coordinator of the Gaza bound Mariam aid ship said on Saturday that the ship is now scheduled to depart Tripoli port on August 29, instead of Aug 22

Samar al-Hajj, one of the organisers of the Gaza-bound ship Mariam, speaks to reporters outside the port city of Tripoli in north Lebanon August 19, 2010.

since Cyprus has refused to allow the ship to dock at its ports ., adding that contacts are ongoing with countries near Gaza in order to acquire permission for the ship to dock at one of their ports.

She told LBC: “It seems as if there is universal war against us … We will not allow anyone to cancel the ship’s trip.”

Hajj added that the ship will not head to Gaza directly from Tripoli, stressing: “The ship cannot be the reason for the start of a war.”

Meanwhile, a source from the Cypriot foreign ministry told Ad Diyar Saturday: “Since Cyprus is a member of the European Union and maintains its policies, it will not allow the Mariam to sail to its ports and later head to Gaza in order to avert any problems.”

Cyprus’ foreign minister had recently toured a number of Arab states explaining his country’s position from the ships docking at its ports.

Earlier reports indicated that the ship may sail first to Greece instead of Cyprus and contacts are ongoing to get Greece’s approval for docking the ship at one of its ports .

Israel has warned that it will not allow ships to reach Gaza, controlled by the militant Palestinian group Hamas since 2007. Nine pro-Palestinian Turks died on May 31 when Israeli commandos boarded a flotilla of aid vessels heading for Gaza.



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  1. May God destroy Israel.

    1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      Sorry he tried very hard by burning and dispersing them and drowing them and they’re still standing over your head like it or not..

  2. Ain’t going to happen.

  3. samar i love you for your efforts and we need many like you who are helping selflessly.

    good job and may god be with you.

  4. oh, August 29th now, what a joke! just gooooooooooo, nothing will change it is wast of time jjjjjjjjjjjuuuuuuuuuuuuuussssssssssssttttttttttttt ggggggggggggoooooooooooooooooo.

  5. still waiting on irans aid ship with military escort to set sail too.

    I really dont get this BS floatzilla, cyprus has denied the ship entry and now theyre waiting for an ok from greece…what is the point to all this? this incindent is so passe….the libon mission is going to be total humiliation. If this was a real and genuine mission, they would have left when the incident first happened and sailed directly from libon to show the world , not this zigzag way via another country crap.

    Take libya for example which i regard as a cowardly nation, they managed to sail and dock in egypt and pulled off a swap to get some prisoners out……smart and effective for a stupid a nation.

    1. This BS floatzilla, as you named it, will never sail further then the news feeds they provide.

      It’s an obvious PR act that lost it’s momentum, and the organizers are more busy saving face

      then admitting it. In any case they would have never anchored in gaza everyone knows that.

    2. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      Maria Libya was not truly organized by Ghaddafi but rather by his son Seif Al Islam. Ghaddafi is trying to have his younger son take over instead of Seif. So the latter been trying very hard to impress everyone in Libya and also cut deals with the west. this has nothing to do with Libya being sympathsizers with the palestinians cause. After all who of all these countries out there do really sympathsize with them. Turkey? where were they for the last 50 yrs? Syria? uses them on daily basis and do not give a damn about them? hezbollah? never cared and never will and just shout from far to show how brotherly they are? the arabs? most of the spit in palestinians faces according some palestinians friends i went to college with. And the latest ship of lebanese sorry but we have many palestinians in lebanon who are also very needed. Send them the food there to the camps which is one hour drive from any city lol. Suddenly everybody now embrassing the palestinians cause. That’s all baloney..

      1. George youre absolutely right, I just hope this doesnt end up as a tragic incident.

  6. Lebster Avatar

    Lebanon should solve it’s own problems first before exporting solutions for others.

  7. It’s interesting that they renamed the ship Mariam. Mariam for the Muslims, Miriam for the Jews, and the Virgin Mary for Christians was first of all a good Jewish Woman. The Jews brought a lot more good to humanity than what their small numbers would indicate.

    1. Walid Khouri Avatar
      Walid Khouri

      Obviously you do not know their history nor their religion or would you like me to quote for you the atrocities… Their “invented” God ordered the destruction of 60 cities so that the Israelites can live there. He ordered the killing of all the men, women, and children of each city, and the looting of all of value (Deuteronomy 3) and it goes like that (and that is ONLY ONE VERSE): “Next we headed for the land of Bashan, where King Og and his army attacked us at Edrei. But the LORD told me, ‘Do not be afraid of him, for I have given you victory over Og and his army, giving you his entire land. Treat him just as you treated King Sihon of the Amorites, who ruled in Heshbon.’ So the LORD our God handed King Og and all his people over to us, and we killed them all. We conquered all sixty of his towns, the entire Argob region in his kingdom of Bashan. These were all fortified cities with high walls and barred gates. We also took many unwalled villages at the same time. We completely destroyed the kingdom of Bashan, just as we had destroyed King Sihon of Heshbon. We destroyed all the people in every town we conquered – men, women, and children alike. But we kept all the livestock for ourselves and took plunder from all the towns.” (Deuteronomy 3:1-7 NLT)”


      Their so called holly books are filled with atrocities.

      Here is another (and I can go on and on): ” So Joshua and his warriors traveled to the water near Merom and attacked suddenly. And the LORD gave them victory over their enemies. The Israelites chased them as far as Great Sidon and Misrephoth-maim, and eastward into the valley of Mizpah, until not one enemy warrior was left alive. Then Joshua crippled the horses and burned all the chariots, as the LORD had instructed. Joshua then turned back and captured Hazor and killed its king. (Hazor had at one time been the capital of the federation of all these kingdoms.) The Israelites completely destroyed every living thing in the city. Not a single person was spared. And then Joshua burned the city. Joshua slaughtered all the other kings and their people, completely destroying them, just as Moses, the servant of the LORD, had commanded. However, Joshua did not burn any of the cities built on mounds except Hazor. And the Israelites took all the captured goods and cattle of the ravaged cities for themselves, but they killed all the people. As the LORD had commanded his servant Moses, so Moses commanded Joshua. And Joshua did as he was told, carefully obeying all of the LORD’s instructions to Moses. (Joshua 11:7-15 NLT)”

      How after you read all of this you still believe in the goodness brought to humanity?

      1. Nicely recited WALID but a bad interpretation that contradicts nothing, in fact most atrocities in our region

        for the past 100 years where committed by muslims or christians not by the jews, despite the false accusations

        spread by those “well wishers”, with a clear purpose to flame, incite and raise hatred.

        It’s not what’s written in the koran or the old testament that makes people commit those atrocities,

        but the distorted interpretation and the implementation of evil goals.

        We can recite all we want from one book or the other but, what we say and do today and tomorrow is what counts.

      2. Walid Khouri Avatar
        Walid Khouri

        I totally agree with you, but the fact remains that the historical records do not jibe with a spiritual, loving God and therefore that puts those books into the realm of mythology or distorted history at best.

        Just think what we teach our kids when we expose them to those books. It is time we retire them and teach them spirituality instead of hatred and racisms which those books portray.

        I am well aware of what Christians and Moslems have done over the centuries in the name of their God. I am not singling out the Jews but do not forget that Islam and Christianity evolved from those wicked Jewish scripts and carried a lot of mistakes and caused a lot of sufferings in the process.

        Now if you argue that those atrocities are from men and not God, then the books are not from God and should be discarded.

      3. walid i’m with you man. spirituality is the way to go. even philosophy is a good tool to allow for ones independence in thinking to flourish.

      4. WALID, i’m definitely not going to get into any religious mambojambo, because i’m not a bible expert and an atheist in nature,

        the kind of talk: who hit who first, or getting into an elaborated historical accounts, make no practical sense to conflict solving.

        I’m not apologizing or justifying for the jews and i’m certainly not in a position to apologize for the muslims or christians,

        or even the japanese, to make it even more cosmo. What i mean by that is that i expect no one to apologize, and rather

        concentrate on getting on with my life, good advice not only for the individual but also on national and international level.

        Unfortunately the human nature is fool of flaws and weaknesses (not a big new revelation), and we will have to work it out

        without having to resolve to extremes.

        I just want to add, that i am a non believer in multi cultural society, that have proven to be a source for many conflicts, all

        over the globe. You should read some studies written on the subject, quite interesting.

  8. walid i love you man. many on this site are distorted man. i got minus 4 dude for wishing them well and asking god to be with the flotilla.

    you got idiots who are saying this is old news now.

    so let me gt this straight. stuff that happened 40 years ago is still affecting your lives but stuff that happpened 3 months ago is old news. stuff that happened in 06 is still fresh in your minds but this is now old news.

    tooz bi tafkeerkoon.

    maybe this commentary will please the masses.

    oh my god are these people crazy? what are they thinking? this is all old news now forget it and move on. the flotilla fad is over.

    why dont you women waste your time on something else.

    morons on this site.

    1. Tony, I cant believe you have resorted to name calling (I know you meant me)

      I think you are too sensitive about this minus and plus thing and the funny part is I dont even bother rating comments but I saw you guys talking about thumbing each other on a different subject yesterday and lets just say that if there were any homos reading your posts, there would be a tremendous amount of orgasms.

      Nobody is dwelling on the past, and bringing up old times with war crimes, the past is something that happened and has passed. Syrian involvement in libon is NOT passe because its current and future, HA attacking in 08 is passe but their threats of an encore presentation are current and future, IS destruction is past and a repeat is possibly coming soon. Which brings me to the floatilla, what would be the point of it when the initial massacre happened 3 months ago and there was no call to go ahead and send more aid there to honor the dead? Atleast those heroes of the intitial floatilla sailed from their own country (not even arabic)on their own accord, not this BS ship which was organized a little too late. Just because its sailing via another country carrying only women and 3 months later is a loop hole for it to not got sunk or assaulted, dont you think it is being awaited and is probably going to end in disaster? What happened to iran? its aid and military escort? why the cowards didnt go ahead? wheres syrias aid? where KSA? NOTHING, theyre using dumb lebanese as bait. All of a sudden the libonais are sending aid and medical equipment and yet most their people are in poverty? I got an idea, why dont they treat the palestinians in libon like human beings and send them the aid? I love how this aid ship has taken 3 months to organize so that it can sail 50km and yet its going to end up sailing the whole world and not even reaching its destination lol…..Turkey, Ireland and even libya announced its sail and went ahead with it but the libonais are smarter right? boat full of hoes is the answer. My argument is that NO arabs other than libya has sent any ships and libon is the saviour? No gulf countries and the nations with fighting words hid under a rock. Im so sick of people who support something just to be on the bandwagon. Tony you strike me as someone who is seeking acceptance from others so that you feel you belong to something and so therefor you cast stones without any regard. Badak hadan yee halmislak a da7rak bas lezimlak sa7sou7 mratab! I wont go into name calling because youre a friend but man grow up!

      Walid you always got the right answer and know when to use them! bravo friend

      1. maria calm down habeebti. we all look for accpetance and i’d be stupid to deny such a thing but, i never insulted you and i dunno why you are taking it personally.

        i’m very sure you’ve read many times how many history professors we have on the site.

        i’m sure you’ve also read from Ali, prophet, leb-syiran and others how we get rated and no one bothers commenting.

        i dont think i give a rat’s a55 if i get rated. it just gets annoying when i get rated without a commentary. thats just plain cowardice.

        i love you maria and i’m sorry you felt attacked. maybe its your conscience thats getting to you.

        it bothers me that people have no support to these women. i highly admire women who have the courage to face the demons of our planet.

        anyway habeebti, my comment was a broad one and i’m sorry if i offended you cos i just realised that one of your posts above for this article you said its the past. i’m sorry maria had i known that i would have directed it some of my post to you.

        and yes, i aint never gonna deny that i look for acceptance and if you want to t7alimseeni i am alll for it for sure. what human is not looking for acceptance.

        i get angry maria when i’m posting something humane and i ger -4 from wierdos and animals that wish these women harm. in that case, i will be just as callous and cold as these people to give them a taste of their evil thoughts.

        we can all be evil and murderers and thieves and embezzlers but some of us choose a path that honors the god vision.

        even the christ and muhammad and god himself have killed in order to get rid of old schools of though so that new ones can evolve.

        this is exactly whats going on in our age of awareness but very slowly. people are coming to terms with what they envision our planet to be and its happening very slowly.

        even right wing idiots in israel are talking about coexistence. this is all god at work killing the old school trains of thougt to bring about new ones. gaegae and HA are talking a little, so, thats why i get angry when i see blind demons thumbing me down for something as beautiful as a flotilla going to save prisoners suffering daily under a brutal regime.

        nothing will come of this for sure, but these brave women will be shown on news all over the world and its the message it will send to many spiritualists like myself that look at what we can do peacefully.

        thats the beauty of this voyage but, like i said, the blind among us cant see this so i get angry.

        and yes, now i need a hug. sorry if i’m a romantic but is doesnt mean that i wont pick up a gun and shoot you right in the head if you try to take my rights my life my land and my people lol

        i love you maria and sorry i seemed to have directed my post to you as i didnt realise you had written your post the way you did.

        maybe you can also think about the way you talk as well as i do. we can all be hurtful and insulting but i choose to remain a gentleman.

      2. VOICE OF TRUTH Avatar

        i agree with you maria some folks cannot stand a thumb down for their posts even though they go around this site giving thumb downs right and left as they please.

        well all i can say to those people with all due respect: this is democracy at its best, some people like your ideas and some dont.

        stop whining about getting thumbs down and try to understand why you are getting these negative feeedbacks.

        there is a reason for everything.

      3. There is plenty of aid and supplies going to gaza via egypt and israel without any flag raising,

        no shortage of medical supplies, food and other material, it’s all an obvious PR campaign

        which unfortunately for both sides, succeeded with the marmara.

      4. TONY A

        “i highly admire women who have the courage to face the demons of our planet”

        “flotilla going to save prisoners suffering daily under a brutal regime”

        I’m not even going to try to contradict you, Your agenda is clear.

        “i get angry maria when i’m posting something humane and i ger -4 from wierdos and animals that wish these women harm”

        Where have you seen anyone here wishing those women harm?

        My conclusion is that you should get yourself together and stop winning like a child over getting thumbs up or down,

        or being misunderstood, just make your point without being apologetic about it.

        Sometimes people don’t understand you, no matter what you write, or. . . you just didn’t make yourself clear enough.

        “we can all be evil and murderers and thieves and embezzlers”, NOT TRUE, most of us are not.

        I’ve noticed you are trying hard to get acceptance by portraying yourself as an outgoing, open minded, peace loving, person,

        something you are definitely not, my opinion after reading your posts that often contradict, even in their own individual context.

      5. VOT and Tiger look who’s making a big deal now? wah wah wah to the both of you.

        think whatever you want. i support the flotilla and i would like 100 more to go to israel cos symbolically they will bring attention to israel and if you think israel will have the guts to do another turkish disaster well think again.

        all eyes are on israel and cos of the turkish flotilla israel has received boycotts from elvis costello, dock workers in san francisco, harvard university sold $41.5 million in holdings in a number of well known israeli companies and more.

        i get thumbs down many times over political and i dont care but to me, this was something very special coming from lebanon. it was bringing attention to israel in a very peaceful way.

        so if you guys dont understand my passion behind this move i dont care.

        maria habeebti i have nothing against you and i already said it. i aint gonna harp about it.

        again tiger with your accrptance crap. you tell me who around you doesnt want acceptance mister genius.

        look at the muslims with their 5 times a day prayer and the catholics with their masses and the jews with their synagogues and football teams and running teams and kids pleasing their parents.

        your comments are so stupid that i cant even deny them. of ocurse i wanna be accepted but definitely not by VOT, tiger or Maria.

        i wanna be accepted from myself for not standing to the things i believe in and from god. i could care less what you think about me.

        so go cry me a river and think again why i got mad. i got -4 for wishing these women well you morons which from any sensible and civilised person would wonder which disgusting person wouldnt wanna wish these women well and for me to get -4.

        you think i care if i said long live gaegae and i get -10?

        oo bass khalass. now go spread your intelligence elsewhere.

  9. PROPHET Avatar


    1. akhh ya nabbi lol……youre not gonna get a middle finger from me but please look at this story and tell me if it makes any sense to do this.

    2. prophet after you read my post to maria feel free to let her know how this story makes a lot of sense ONLY if you think it does.

      i love you all

      1. VOICE OF TRUTH Avatar

        tony ali

        look man i did not mention your name first but since you started targetting me personally i have to start using the big guns with you. that is the only way for you to understand.

        why dont you get it????? you are not mr. popularity and your opinions i and a lot of people could care less.

        i could refer you and few others who are trying relentlessly to impose your opinions without any success to hezballah’s site

        or the aounists’site where you could find more sympathetic ears.

        one day you are stoned and one day you want to spread your love and spirituality balooney and that is fine may be with you and few of your sympathizers, i understand exactly where you come from , you are not as neutral as you pretend to be and deep down you dont tolerate other povs specially if they dont agree with your weird philosophy.

        sorry i tried to refrain not being so belligerant with you but you forced me to adopt this attitude towards you. you are spreading wind all over and you wonder why you gather storms.

      2. LOL VOT what a hypocrite. look at your original post to maria man. you attacked me so you targeted me. go play with your children man.

        first you make fuyn of my name and now you wanna pretend you’re the victim.

        if i wanted to be popular i’d agree with all you shallow mothers trying to think you’re actually solving lebanons problems by creating strife.

        i already told you man i havent been stoned for over 10 years and even if i was i’d spit out more intelligent crap than you can imagine.

        funny you mention stoned. i graduated atoned with my degree and picked up my degree wasted out of my mind so for me to think i can talk logic to you and others is ludicrous.

        theres a big difference between drawing sympathy to HA versus trying to understand why they existed in the first place thus coming to terms with where the problem originated. but thats too deep for you shleps thinking one sided all the time.

        you slap someone for 2 weeks then he comes back with a gang and you sit there wondering whats his problem.

        i told all of you Ha will be absorbed into the LAF and you laughed. i told you all that it cant possibly be HA that killed hariri on their own and you laughed.

        well lets see who will be laughing at the end of the day. you or me.

        love and unity will prevail and the winds are changing in lebanon and if you mooks cant see that then no wonder lebanons a mess.

        but dont worry theres people like me moustapha prophet walid khouri leborigine jean haddad rabih hmaydani sebouh leb-syrian cathy lebster and god i cant even remember how many that are gonna unite lebanon cos all the names i mentioned above are from different religions and they’re all for a united lebanon.

      3. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        cos all the names i mentioned above are from different religions and they’re all for a united lebanon.

        The world, (not just lebanon)would be a better place if everyone put their religious differences and personal agendas aside. Being that I live in America, most of my friends are not even arab or muslim, and I like it that way, people learn from each other, and it throws stereotypes away. Knowledge beyond your own backyard is key to everything.

      4. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        btw Im only 24 and I think this way, its a shame that there are people double my age, dont share this common sense. I dont laugh at ignorant people, I just pity them.

      5. Tony can I get you some cheese to go with that whine?

        Khallas I will start thumbing you up every chance i get (sounds quite disgusting) but if it makes you happy, IM all for it! All the names you have mentioned with the exeption of maybe 1 share your view. I never care about who is going to be upset with my comments because theyre not directed at any person, unless they attack me ofcourse. I will also have to agree with VOT that you are not someone who is impartial, you have a side that you favor and thats your right but I would love to see you rationalize with them in time of conflict but thats your choice, me I hate all equally and chose no side because all are traitors and youre reply is Im dwelling on the past lol. I have caught many hypocritical statements from you but I never said anything, because its your opinion and like i told you before, you try to sugar coat everything to sway peoples thinking, you come off as this “pacifist” by masking your 1 sided opinion.

      6. VOICE OF TRUTH Avatar

        toni ali,

        you are the ultimate hypocrite and a liar too.

        who mentioned your name first you jerk go back to my post to maria and you will see you are the one who started the name calling, wa l badiou azlam!!!!!!

        “…told all of you Ha will be absorbed into the LAF and you laughed. i told you all that it cant possibly be HA that killed hariri on their own and you laughed…”

        who told you i laughed you idiot!!!! you are imagining fantasies in your sick brain!!!!!!!!

        all i am saying is i dont agree with a lot of what you say and THIS IS MY RIGHT!!! and the same goes for you.

        you keep bagging you live in canada, a western country, didnt you learn there to respect dissenting povs??????

        you are still behaving like most dictators in the middle east THAT TRY TO SUPPRESS ANY IDEAS THAT DO NOT JIVE WITH THEIR WAY OF THINKING , FOR THEM, IT IS EITHER THEIR WAY OR THE HIGHWAY!!!!!!

        so my question to you now is this: i can go on forever with you reciprocating and exchanging personal attacks and insults just like that.

        or we can instead express our own separate ideas the way we individually choose in a civilized manner, regardless if we synchronize or not, no matter how conflicting these ideas might be without name calling and trading personal attacks.

        sorry about some of my vocabulary, you got me going for a moment there, but that was in response to your words: hypocrite, shleps and mooks….

  10. Leborigine Avatar

    Why don’t we fill the ship with TNT (ACME)and set sail to Gaza, if the stinky breath israeli soldiers jump on it, then blow it up. As a contingency plan, if the israeli’s fire at it, fill the hull with crude oil and pollute their sea shore. In both situations they will be screwed. Now isn’t that a good plan!

    1. Walid Khouri Avatar
      Walid Khouri


      LOL you are too much… Good thinking. Now HA is gonna recruit you. LOL again…

      1. Leborigine Avatar

        Thank you Walid, I enjoy your posts. It was a bit silly, but we can’t always be serious either. Long live Lebanon and its courageous people.

      2. WALID, Give HA The credit for not recruiting such a genius,

        because with such a “brilliant” mind i would say: never mind.

    2. Your plan requires correct implementation. Make sure you are going with the ship to assure that your plan is done. Lol. Enjoy heaven.

  11. Nonreligious Avatar

    To Walid Khouri: After ‘George’ made a general comment about Jews bringing good to the world, you cited specific verses from their Torah (the Christian Old Testament) written three thousand years ago, to show how bloodthirsty the Jewish god is, or was. Aren’t you forgetting all the bloodthirsty actions of Arab Muslims only fifteen hundred years ago? How about when Mohammed had every man of an entire Jewish tribe in Medina murdered – they were already captives – and then took the children and women as slaves? Mohammed claimed he was following the will of his god. Is his god any better, then, than the Jewish god?

    1. Walid Khouri Avatar
      Walid Khouri

      My answer is above…

  12. walid be patient. some people read words but the words never reach the brain to get processed.

    nice answer bro. yo NR keep reading walid’s response till you get it.

  13. Prophet Avatar


    The rating issue wouldn’t change any of my views since I’m not running for popularity contest. I still find it amusing, and sometimes entertaining that some would rate you either way based on their opinion of you personally or because of your name, but never because of what you say. It’s like the Bush doctrine; “You’re either with us or with them”. The entire world couldn’t change Bush’s mind. If He did change his mind, He wouldn’t admit it either. So I decided to put my humble opinions (when I have any) out and hope someone finds it valuable. Do we want to be accepted? Sure, but not at the expense of my principles and views. Principles are carved in my mind and heart. Views are open for change.

    I know you’re trying to get me in trouble with Maria.lol

    I have to be carful with the ladies. One of my weaknesses is ladies. I’m blessed with a wonderful wife and three beautiful young girls. You can imagine a man living in house full of ladies, it’s similar to Los Vegas, where the game is always against you. lol.

    Maria and I had our dance last week, and I we recently signed a peace agreement with . I’ll wait until the ink dries before I get her pissed again.

    However, that won’t stop me from disagreeing with her when I think she’s wrong.

    I also think you’re right about the brave ladies that are trying to make a statement with their trip to break the Ghaza siege.

    It isn’t about how much supplies they are taking to Ghaza.

    It’s about reminding the world everyday that there are 1.5 million people under siege, in a large open prison.

    The fact that it is in the News, it’s already doing what it is intended to. We hear that Barak called Clinton, The French calling The Lebanese, and other countries are whispering to each other trying to stop these ladies from sailing to Ghaza. That tells you the power of the action. It is working whether they sail or not.

    It isn’t about what the other Arab countries did or didn’t do to help people of Ghaza. I find it really surprising how Many of us Lebanese do the singing and dancing on how different we Lebanese are from other Arab countries, and NOW when it’s convenient we start comparing our actions with theirs. We are told the Arabs are doing nothing to break the Ghaza siege, why should we.

    I Tell those who think the MARAIM project is old or useless; If it is scaring the Israelis to the point of having to call Clinton for help, If it’s making Europeans and others worry, then it is working.

    I can imagine what Barak is thinking now, He’s probably remembering what Golda Meir said once: I won’t forgive Palestinians for forcing us to kill them.

    1. Ya Nabbi….I like your sense of humor! I would have agreed with this voyage when the heat was on 3 months ago (drob il 7adeed oo hoo hemmi) and would have made a trmendous statement but not now, especially when egypt has opened its crossing indefinately. How would you feel if this ship gets fired on or the women on board get assaulted? Also why has iran backed off and the rest of the arab cowards? To me it would have been great if the whole world started to send ships at the same time, now thats a statement, not this.

      I also look at this way, and you might dislike this but im going to say it….the people of gaza elected this government and now theyre paying the price of their actions. The palestinians will never accomplish anything in our lifetime because theyre all divided by different factions so theres really no point for action because some will agree and others disagree. abbass is a saudi tool and haniya is the iranian one oo batikh ye kasser ba3doo, until they become 1 people, peace isnt gonna happen.

      1. maria habeebti the gazans were encouraged to vote so the US and israel should have acted maturely instead of like thugs and dealt with hammas until the next elections but a criminal is a criminal regardless of what he pretends to be.

        i like the fact that these flotillas are coming out every 3 months or every 6 months or every year cos if they all came out at once, the world would have risen, then they forget very quickly.

        this way ya habeebti the world stays reminded. do you think that egypts opening of the crossing solved everyting overnight?

        israel is still prohibiting building supplies these dogs.

        if these womed die on this voyage so be it. thats their calling and thats what they’re doing this for. they understand that there might be consequences which is why i tip my hat off to them. this flotilla voyage is no joke.

        they are travelling to hell where the demons are snarling and breathing fire yet these demons have to plot and plan how to trick the world tht they play fair even though it hurts them as they do it.

        thats why my heart skips a beat for them.

      2. maria quit while you’re ahead habeebti. you’ve seen me attack HA many times habeebti. i’m not gonna please you.

        you’re obviously pissed off cos you were probably the one that gave me thumbs down cos your post is giving it away so you’re mad at me for my post so you’re lashing at me.

        if i knew it was you i would have laughed cos you’re a bitter woman. everything that comes out of your mouth is foul and you never offer any solutions.

        if you wanna sit there trying to insult me lets going at it missy. this is a sign of us becoming great friends cos we need a good fight.

        okay khaleeni assammir la7za.

        okay here goes.

        joanna even wrote you thta you’re always spewing out the sane crap and you never offer anything.

        i want all the leaders taken outside and hung or i want them all killed and executed. 99% of your posts are the same.

        easy on the scotch there cougar girl cos you’re unninf around in circles in your head and you’re making yourself dizzy.

        you have not once offered a single viable solution to any of our debates whereas i offer understanding to all sides. lets understand that we’re allimperfect and crooks and we are a dysfunctional family.

        lets celebrate our peace with syria but with caution. lets sit and talk with HA sothey feel lebanes instead of outcasts.

        i can go on and on habeebti but you and what a hypocrite i must say, you curse everyone with underwear comments and ssnp pigs and whatever if you dont like their commnets. you’re very rude to cathy who is actually very smart and has solutions and many reasonable issues to offer.

        you say i whine. really? i whine? who is still living in the 60s and back in 2006.

        its 2010 and everyday brimgs a new energy to our lives.

        i keep telling you to not worry when HA yells and screams. its not for you and me. they’re talking to each other so ignore it. i only take one sentence out of all their speeches and thats the one o focis on.

        wiam? kill him. will that be done? i doubt it. so whats the solution? you bring guielines to the parliament that will shut idiots like that up and bring laws that will hold people accountable to their threats. that will make him think twice before opening his trap.

        will it get done? well certain articls have alluded to that from MPs that will bring it up in their meetings.

        i love you maria but please dont think that you can ever out foul mouth me. i’m so vile that i honestly dont wanna hurt you habeebti.

        i’m a redneck at heart baby 15 years in south carolina. when we used to go out to bars we slapped girls on their butts and they came home with us honey.

        just cos i’m a spiritualist doesnt mean i’m a nerd.

    2. thank you prophet elak yislamooli baydettak ya habeebi.

      you got it on the nose man. i got pissed off cos of the fact that this voyage is very sumbolic and i’m wishing these women well and some monkeys give me minus 4.

      but i’m glad i got angry cos theres angels out there who brought my rating back to 0.

      i dont care about being popular like you said but when people dont see the magnificence of this voyage and hopefully 100 more, it just baffles my mind.

      if i wanted to be popular on this site i would agree with 99% of the posts and be everybodys little puppy but fasharoo if they think i will give up my honor and my principles.

      much love bro and maria is a great lady. she has a biting tongue but her heart is nice and warm.

      i really have nothing against her at all. i bet if we meet in person we would laugh so hard cos with her foul mouth and mine, we’d get along just fine.

      1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        t0ny, look at the bright side, its turned into a hot debate! haaa

  14. leb-syrian i know habeebi so my anger actually worked for the better cos i’m only spreading love and if people dont get it i will pound them on the head with my love cos they all still come out unharmed and unbruised but maybe a little enlightened.

    thus is the power of love my man. no one can argue with love and unity.

  15. Prophet Avatar


    Life is too short. A little laugh never hurts anyone.

    Egypt didn’t open its crossing indefinitely. All supplies transported through Egypt are restricted to a list of Items that Israel allows. Egypt is playing the role of Prison guard.

    If Arab countries and the so called civilized world have any conscious, this siege would have never been allowed to be put in place.

    In spite of our own problems, we, in Lebanon have always lead the Arabs when it came to freedom, freedom of speech, and speaking out against injustice. We lecture each other, here at this forum, and every where else about freedom and justice. So YES we are better than the rest of the Arabs when it comes to freedom and civil liberty.

    I’m Glad Iran backed off. They shouldn’t be more Arabic than the Arabs. Had Iran sent a ship, a War might have started. Then , Iran would be blamed by you and others for using the Palestinian suffering as an excuse to start war.

    I wouldn’t like to see any of those ladies harmed or shot at. I hope you’re not agreeing with Golda Meir’s statement when she said: “I won’t forgive Palestinians for forcing us to kill them”. This whole equation of “I KILL YOU IF YOU SAIL” should not be accepted or tolerated.

    Instead of raising your voice against the threat by Israel to shoot these civilian ladies for sailing on a humanitarian mission to Ghazza, I find you blaming them . I would expect outrage than submission to the threat.

    Your right that Palestinians in Ghaza elected Hamas.

    – Was Ghaza a wonderful peaceful, free place where Palestinians lived freely before the election of Hamas?

    -Since when the collective punishments of a whole society is legal or ethical?

    -Since when Democracies are punished because of the powerful countries don’t like the winners?

    What is the world telling us about the type democracy they are promoting? Either you elect people we like or you’re starved, and anyone who wants to rescue you, is dead.

    If you believe that Palestinians aren’t going to accomplish anything because of their differences, wouldn’t you at least agree that ,UNTIL SOMEONE CAN DO SOMETHING, these people have the right to receive food, medication, basic supplies, educate their kids, build their homes without having to get permission ? I don’t think I’m asking for the moon.

  16. kiss kiss hug hug shake hand tequila shot shoot pool celebrate life wonderful thinking prophet.

  17. Prophet Avatar


    1. you know sharing is caring…send us this link and let’s jerk off on somethng other than politics for a change lol

    2. prophet and jadm my place 8pm.

      1. Prophet Avatar


  18. I hope no body will got shot this time too… I salut every brave Lebanese… We have been shot down, bombed, executed without trials and mass killed, our homes were put to the ground so many times, I have slept more times in the shelter than in my own bed by the time I was 5 years….an still we ask for more….bring it on Isreal…the Lebanese will not brake…as much as we are scattered at this point, but two words always unite us which are Lebanon and Freedom

  19. beth miller Avatar
    beth miller

    Why does this ship have to stop at Cyprus??????????? Lebanon (port of Beruit) is right beside Palestine (“israel”), and there is also Mersin, Turkey to consider. Why even pander to these Zionist syncophants in Cyprus? The whole world knows they are as bought as the US gov………….

  20. God Bless the prophet

  21. 2lst August, 2010

    Open Letter to the Panorama BBC Team

    Dear BBC Panorama Team

    I write to you regarding your programme of 16th August, 2010, about

    The Freedom Flotilla and particularly the killings of unarmed civilians by Israeli Navy Seals on the ship MV “Mavi Marmara’, on 3lst May, 2010.

    I have been campaigning for the rights of Palestinians for over ten years. I have visited Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories many times. I was part of the Freedom Flotilla in May on the MV ‘Rachel Corrie’, my third journey on a Free Gaza boat. I am deeply disappointed at the misrepresentation, lack of truth, and bias displayed by your programme.

    This programme had an opportunity to inform and educate the public about the background to the flotilla, the motives of the passengers and crew on board the MV ‘Mavi Marmara’, who (like all of us on the boats trying to get to Gaza) were concerned for the suffering of the people of Gaza. Over 650 people – from all faiths and none, – from over 40 countries, representing the human family and uniting in nonviolent resistance to break a cruel siege (collective punishment is illegal under International Law) to bring hope and support to the people of Gaza. Before leaving their various ports, as part of the undertaking, all passengers made pledges of nonviolence, all people, and cargoes were searched, and all undertook to go in a spirit of peace to resist (as is our moral right and duty) the breaking of Human Rights and International Law by Israel through its siege of Gaza and occupation of Palestine.

    This journey of courage and call for justice by people on board the MV ‘Mavi Marmara’ and the flotilla represented the conscience of the world. The boats carried no arms, and were no threat to Israel, but what they did carry were voices of dissent from every corner of the world, (including Jews) saying to Israel ‘no more sieges, occupations, wars and threats of violence’, we refuse to be silent in the face of your ethnic cleansing and persecution of the Palestinian people.

    Our motives were honourable, we did it for the children of Gaza, knowing that in the end, truth and justice will prevail.

    Sadly, the Panorama programme did not see the true significance of this historic journey and missed an opportunity for the media to fulfil its responsibility to ‘tell the truth and nothing but the truth’. They choose instead to try to demonize the passengers on the from the word go MV ‘Mavi Marmara’ by trying to make them out as violent terrorists. They choose to collude with the Israeli propaganda of lies and manipulation of facts thus trying to turn the victims into aggressors.

    The fact that Israeli commandoes started shooting from the zodiac assault boats and the helicopters from the word go was not stated. The audio and video footage used (provided by Israeli military intelligence) was proven to be doctored, and the IDF have admitted this.

    Your programme showed audio containing what was purported to be anti-semitic remarks issued over the radio by members on the flotilla, and you showed a clip of a percussion grenade exploding in one of the Israeli zodiac assault boats. These things never happened. There is so much commentary in this documentary that is inaccurate that it does a grave disservice to investigative journalism and the BBC.

    But the real people hurt by this programme, are the families of the 9 unarmed passengers who were assassinated in this unprovoked, illegal, massacre by the Israeli navy seals. So too the more than 40 unarmed people who were injured on the illegal military assault in International waters, whose only crime was to care about Gaza and its people.

    The programme failed totally to cover the real suffering of the Palestinian people, it failed totally to cover the fact that the mass kidnapping of 650 unarmed world citizens and the high-jacking of 7 boats, was in International waters and it failed totally to ask the real questions of Israel ‘why is this Port of Gaza – the only port in the Middle East to be a closed military zone (42 years) – not open for the people of Gaza and Palestine to travel and trade with the world as is their human right?

    Perhaps, the BBC Panorama will stop taking the propaganda of the Israeli Government (Jane Corbin travelling on Israeli Zodiacs embedded with Israeli military, hardly leads to objective report of facts). These same zodiacs which boarded all the flotilla ships (including the one I travelled on) kidnapped unarmed citizens, hijacked boats (an act of piracy), confiscated all possessions (which Israel still hold onto), forced all under military arms to go to Israel, detained all, violently assaulted many, imprisoned and repatriated foreigners – all an abuse of our human rights and most of which was not reported by BBC Panorama.

    The role of the BBC is not to give credibility to the Israeli military but to report facts and allow the public to make up their own minds. By planting doubt in the minds of the public about the events on board the MV ‘Mavi Marmara’. It has done a grave injustice and further injury to the families of all those who were assassinated by Israeli Navy seals, on that terrible morning of 3lst May, 2010.

    I would like to ask the BBC Panorama Team, ‘what do you intend to do to redress the injustice you have done to the good names of all those who were killed, and injured, and their families on board the MV ‘Mavi Marmara’ on 3lst May, 2010?

    I await your response.


    Mairead Maguire

    Nobel Peace Laureate (www.peacepeople.com)

    Tel: 0773 614 7713

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