Siddiq calls Hezbollah evidence fabrications


During a phone interview with Kuwaiti al-Seyassah newspaper , Mohammed Zuhair Siddiq who was branded in 2005 as the “King Witness” described Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s information on former PM Rafik Hariri’s murder as fabricated and accused Hezbollah and the Syrian intelligence of fabricating false witnesses.

The evidence that allegedly accuses Israel of involvement in Hariri’s assassination is “unconvincing,” Siddiq told the al-Seyassah newspaper in remarks published Friday.

He described Nasrallah’s latest press conference as a “stupid play that Hezbollah itself is not convinced of.”

Siddiq accused Nasrallah, former head of General Security Jamil Sayyed and the Syrian intelligence of fabricating false witnesses such as Houssam Houssam.

“If Nasrallah and his aides consider Houssam Houssam one of the false witnesses, then why do they allow him to make comments to Hezbollah’s al-Manar TV?” the former member of Syria’s intelligence services wondered.

In initial reports of the U.N. investigation commission Siddiq was described as a key witness. He claimed that Lebanon’s former President Emile Lahoud and Syrian President Bashar Assad gave the order to kill Hariri.

Siddiq also described Tawhid movement leader as a “rat,” saying Lebanese authorities should put an end to his threats.

He told al-Seyassah the indictment that would be issued by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon “would be similar to an earthquake.”


Siddiq told the newspaper that he met with people close to MP Walid Jumblatt in New Zealand. Al-Seyassah did not reveal any details on this matter.

During an interview with al-Akhbar newspaper , the Progressive Socialist Party leader hailed the cabinet’s decision to deal with false witnesses and stressed he had no link to the issue.

The decision of the cabinet to task Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar with studying their case was “wise,” Jumblatt told al-Akhbar

“False witnesses have become part of the political bickering,” he said.

According to Jumblatt, the international tribunal is politically linked to U.N. Security Council resolution 1559. “Some believe that it (the court) is one of the ways to implement the resolution.”

Part of the campaign to implement 1559, which among other things calls for the disarming of all militias, began by hitting at the credibility of Hizbullah and igniting strife in the country, the PSP leader said.



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  1. We all know it’s all fabrication. Clearly anyone with average IQ can figure this out. Better yet, ask yourself a very simple question: “Who would benefit from the killing of Rafik (and all those other slain MP’s)?”

    Rafik = Free Democratic Lebanon

    HA/Syria/Iran = Autocratic Totalitarian Lebanon

    1. The way I see it, only Israel is the only one benefiting from the late Rafiq Hariris death. Everyone with “average IQ” can figure this out ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Kill Hariri

      2. Blame it on Syria and get them out of Lebanon

      3. Start a war to try and get rid of HA once and for all

      From Syrian point of view

      1. Kill Hariri

      2. Let the world blame you and pressure you to get out of Lebanon


      1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
        George Haddad N.J

        LESTA – Syria did not care about world opinion when it killed many leaders and civilians in the past. Nobody after all went after it. They were accused of Killing Bashir Gemyal did anyone go after them? they were accused of Killing Kamal Jumblatt and many more and did anyone go after them. Hariri was never liked by Syria and Lahoud gov’t. Hariri even though he seemed on the surface supporting hezbollah. They knew that was all not true support. Hariri was working on a resolution to get Syria out of lebanon. Why would he go to Jumblatt and tell him that Syria threatened him and vowed it will burn Beirut? I know Jumblatt switches side but he has not been known so publicly accusing Syria of saying so? And tell me what israel accomplished lets say after Syria withdrawn to kill Gibran, Pierre Gemyal and many others after Syria was totally out of lebanon? your theory do not make sense and killing only March 14th leaders do not cause civil strife. You have to mix it up from both sides in order to keep the flames going. If after hariri and several others were killed and no civil strife happened? Why would israel continue to kill?

      2. Thats great lesta your really good at making silly sence. Now go and read a comic or cartoon book and perhaps the ending might be a little easier to understand for you.

      3. VOICE OF TRUTH Avatar

        dear lebsta,

        “…from syrian point of view

        1. kill hariri

        2. let the world blame you and pressure you to get out of lebanon?

        1- the un resolution 1559 was passed in summer 2004 BEFORE hariri was killed, needless to remind that was the resolution that demanded the immediate withdrawal of syrian military and intelligence from lebanon as well dismantling the military ha and the palestinian armed groups in lebanon.

        2- 2 persons were mainly involved in this very important resolution that a lot of lebanese unfortunately seemed to have forgotten: michel aoun and late pm hariri. hariri, fed up with the syrian presence and wanting to play the role of a national hero was working to pass this resolution with the ex french president chirac in secret.

        3- the syrians back then considered lebanon as al quatr al chaqiq the brotherly state that supposedly returned to its big sister syria.

        so the news of the un resolution 1559 was a big set back and a slap in the face to the syrian regime coming from some brotherly country leaders.they even considered those who stood behind 1559 resolution as traitors, and you know what happens in syria to those they consider as traitors right??????

  2. of course it dosn;t make sense to you man wa are talking about syria in here and not about you they do kill anyone that stand up for them dosen;t matter what thay are scared of the light and prefer tha darkness they are thiefs and crimials thats why it dosen;t make sense but there day is coming soon long life lebanon

  3. christian martyr Avatar
    christian martyr

    khayeh george i sometimes wish you were a mp representing us god bless you, you spot on but most of these guys that comment on this blog think syria is there friend and are too thick to understand this..

    1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      Thanks Christian Martyr and Syrian gov’t is as friendly to lebanon as much as Israel.

      1. PROPHET Avatar

        I can’t believe you say that George

        If what you say were true, Iโ€™d have believe that My family members and my friends who were killed by Israel , they were killed in a friendly fire

      2. Leborigine Avatar

        Please give me a break prophet, so my family members and friends that were killed by the syrians should be forgotten about. They are both worse than each other, until your side admits to that, then we will always be at war!!

  4. Leb-Syrian Avatar

    Well you both can keep living in the past. Id like if my two sides made up, and too late, its already happened. ๐Ÿ™‚ I dont want one half of my body fighting the other half of my body for the rest of my life…haaa get it? gosh im too funny.

  5. leb-syrian i’m with you man. lifes too short we’re ll gonna ie anyway. smell the roses and leave the politics to the politcians.

    we the normal people need to always spread love and unity.

    george haddad i love you man but you need to relax dude. your hates gonna give you a heart attack man.

    theres nothing you can do about anything unless you join the party and become an MP. if not, just live your life one day at a time as if that day is your last and believe me, you’ll enjoy your life better.

  6. George,

    Back then no one went after Syria because probably no foreign power had anything to gain from getting Syria out of Lebanon.

    HA is a big threat to Israel and Israel would do whatever they can to get rid of them. The way I see it, they killed Hariri and then started a war to get rid of HA.

    Why would Israel continue to kill? For me this is an easy questions. They failed to get rid of HA so they continue to kill because they want us to hate each other and hopefully (for them) this would result in us killing each other. Haven’t civil strife already started in Lebanon? I was in Lebanon this summer and I could sense the hate. Sunnies, Shiaates, Druz and Christians all liver in their “own” communities.

    Hence, the killings is a success for Israel, should they be behind them.

    Why would Syria continue to kill when the entire world is blaming them for the assassinations? Does that make any sense?

    Just to confirm, I am not pro-Syrian. I am glad the Syrians left Lebanon.

    I know what they did to our people.

    1. good rationale lebsta

  7. George Haddad N.J Avatar
    George Haddad N.J

    Prophet I only thanked Christian Mayrter for complimenting me. I do not support viloance of any kind. I know israel is our number one enemy even if hezbollah and syria and iran do not leave us alone. I never downplay the israeli threats whether in peace or wartime. And I am sorry for your loss in the South and for many others. take care!

    1. wow george i gave you a thumbs up bro. i guess the prozac is finally kicking in lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. the syrian been forced by internationals power to leave lebanon they didn;t leave by themself they get out like dogs and i;ll tell you again they continu to kill because thats all what they know the are so thick HA is no treat to israel as in the last war they didn;t do much damage to israel HA is a treat for lebanon and its people the only attack the street of beirut lining people against the wall and shooting them they thought they are in tel aviv no one told them the street where in beirut

    1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      every single comment you make mentions syria, your obsessed.

  9. i thing you will be talking to me no iam not obsessed but iam telling you exactly what the syrian did to our beautiful country and they thing it will be forgotten en nansa lan nansa we will never forget them ass and they will never be able to do it again and i will love it if israel will invaide the syrian boarder they wan;t even last few hours as we saw them how they fight what a shame they brought shame on the arab nation

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