19 Lebanese ISF officers completed US Supervision & Management Course


The United embassy in Beirut issued the following press release regarding the nineteen Internal Security Forces officers that graduated after completing the 9th U.S.- Lebanese Supervision and Management Course.

“The United States Government continues training Internal Security Forces (ISF) personnel as part of an on-going $116 million law enforcement assistance program. Ted Kontek, the Director of the US Embassy’s International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Programs, congratulated the 19 officer graduates, who completed the 9thth U.S.- Lebanese Supervision and Management Course and among those the 10 who also completed the Instructors Course, at the Internal Security Forces (ISF) Academy in Warwar.”

“The U.S. and Lebanese instruction team has trained over 4,700 ISF members in basic and advanced police skills and leadership courses since January 2008. The Supervisor and Management Course is an eight-week, state-of-the-art training program, taught by U.S. instructors with the assistance of Lebanese police and legal professionals. Officers learn the latest technical and leadership skills and how to apply these to on-the-job situations. ”

“With these professional courses, the ISF is building its capacity and proficiency. The current $116 million U.S. assistance program to the ISF strengthens the ISF and is part of the overall U.S. security assistance program to Lebanon. The law enforcement assistance program strengthens the ISF ability to enforce the rule of law and protect the Lebanese people. The professional development of the ISF is critical for Lebanon’s sovereignty, independence and security.” US embassy



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  1. are those the same ones who cant even control cars at traffic lights and everyone runs red lights?

  2. Jean Haddad Avatar
    Jean Haddad

    Tony, That’s a good one

  3. jean i gave you a thumbs up though you and i both got -4 for that one.

    wow 8 week course……i’m so sorry for you people giving me minuses, i didnt notice it was an 8 week very long course.

    a supervisor in 8 weeks bravo.

    i’m so sorry i absolutely missed that lol

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