Geagea proposed placing Hezbollah units under LAF command


According to a statement issued by the Lebanese Forces’ media office, LF leader Samir Geagea proposed during Thursday’s national dialogue session reinforcing the Lebanese Armed Forces’ (LAF) deployment in the South by placing Hezbollah units under the command of the Lebanese army ,

The LAF should construct a system of fortifications to defend against Israeli attacks in the South, and LAF special forces should be deployed “within the cities, towns and villages of the South wearing civilian clothing” so that they could “fight as small units in a decentralized fashion” if necessary, Geagea added.

According to Geagea, the LAF demonstrated during the August 3 Adaisseh border skirmish with the Israeli army that it can confront the Jewish State with the support of the Lebanese people, state, and Arab allies.

“The essential condition for the success of this plan is that the operational command for the defense of Lebanon be completely in the hand of the Lebanese army, with Hezbollah being asked to put its units and weapons under the Lebanese army’s command,” Geagea said.

He added that “this is a transitional plan giving Lebanon the best possible opportunity to defend its borders at the present time”

The national dialogue should continue to seek a “final solution to Hezbollah’s weapons,” he added

After the session, Hezbollah MP Mohammad Raad described Geagea’s proposal as “not positive and not encouraging”.

“The aim of Geagea’s proposal is not to defend Lebanon, but rather to get rid of Hezbollah and its arms,” added Raad.

“If you are thinking of raising the weapons issue, this thinking has become outdated. Sometimes you describe us as partners in this country and other times you describe us as Iranians,” Raad told Geagea.

At this point, MPs Talal Arslan and Suleiman Franjieh intervened to back Raad’s point of view.

“Haven’t we learned from the past: we have to preserve the strength of our Resistance,” said Franjieh.

Speaker Nabih Berri stressed that he was “pleased” with Geagea’s proposal “because for the first time he has acknowledged the ‘army-people-resistance’ formula and the rest is small details.”

“The Resistance needs us all to embrace it,” added Berri.

Geagea responded by saying: “We’d protect the Resistance with our eyelashes provided that it becomes our collective resistance and in the form we see fit for all of us. Let’s imagine (PM Saad) Hariri, ( former PM Fouad) Siniora, (MP Jean) Oghassabian and (MP Michel) Pharaon deciding to establish a resistance movement, would we back their step?”

The LF leader went on with clarifying his stance to Berri. “I don’t believe in the ‘army-people-resistance’ formula, but rather in the theory of the people and the State, with all its institutions, including the army. But given the current circumstances, and because we haven’t yet found a solution to the arms dilemma, I’ve submitted this paper in order to benefit from these arms at their place of deployment, under the stipulations of this paper.”

Geagea’s proposal was supported by MPs Pharaon, Oghassabian and Deputy Speaker Farid Makari who described the paper as balanced, calling for integrating it within the national defense strategy.

Former PM Fouad Siniora warned against “repeating what happened in the summer of 2006,” stressing “the need that war and peace decisions be in the State’s hand.”

Arslan responded to Siniora by saying: “Does anyone have doubts about Israel’s hostile intentions? It wants to destroy Lebanon with or without an alibi.”

PM Hariri intervened by saying “everyone is entitled to his opinion and we must respect each other ‘s opinions.” He called for “stopping the approach of treason accusations and charges.”

Before the end of the session, Geagea snapped back at Arslan’s remarks saying: “If Hezbollah didn’t abduct the two Israeli soldiers, the war wouldn’t have happened, and (Hezbollah chief) Sayyed Nasrallah himself said ‘if I only knew.’”

“After the 2006 war, the Israeli government formed the Winograd Commission to assess accountability regarding that war. What have we done in Lebanon? Have we formed a commission to distinguish the costs and the gains of the war?” Geagea added.

Right after the session, Berri described the dialogue as “70 percent calm.”



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  1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

    as long as we are working together and not against each other!

  2. yallah my pedictions have come true. i knew that gaegae was gonna come around. anyone not believing me can go back to my posts and read that maybe gaegae at that time ws appeasing certain outside forces with his attacks but underneath hes in line with president suleimans vision which is why i always wondered why he never attended the meeting to talk about HA arms.

    yay i love it when my assumptions come true.

    well done gaegae and like i’ve been saying and receiving minuses, why else would lebanon allow for all these weapons to come to HA, cos eventually they will belong to lebanon when HA dismantles.

    so to all of you lovers who love to press the thumbs down, i have a thumb for you and it aint the middle finger, its my actual thumb for way to go lebanon and your conning abilities to fool the west.

    bravo gaegae and bravo tony a for believing in your country.

    how do you all negative fingers down feel now.

    i come to lebanon in 3 weeks and i cant wait to eat shawarma, el maza beer, kefraya wine, baklawa and much much more.

    who is laughing at who now.

    1. Prophet Avatar

      You are the prophet now, tony,lol

      1. prophet i’m so freaking happy right now but i cant scream cos my 10 month old is sleeping.

        omg this is gonna catapult lebanon into world greatness. am i getting too ahead of myself? i dont care i’m so excited for my country.

        i kept telling people HA will be dismantled it just takes time.

        i love the power of god as he breathes gentle breezes of light into our leaders thta allow them to see the beauty of unity.

      2. Prophet Avatar

        . I heard the Geaga story this morning, I wasn’t sure what to make of it .I’m waiting to learn more about it before I can judge it. It can only be good though. As for HA , I agree that one day they’ll give up the arms. Certain conditions have to be in place first. NOT by force, for sure. Congratulation on the new born.

    2. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      Tony, dont forget to order the baraze2 from Syria. LOL

      1. Tony I share your joy Brother!!

    3. Tony my friend, I will and see to hear more about this and what he is proposing but hopefully this brings upon lebanon a new light of hope and unity.

      1. cathy marc leb-syrian and prophet i am very aware tht thee are atill bumpy roads ahead but this paves the way for major discussions doesnt it cos it will only lead them closer the HAs absorption.

        leb-syrian i did pomise you that i will ask about barazi and try them cos my lebanese friend wants me to also try krikri. i was like what?

        he showed me the pic online and they’re like peanuts coated in something.

  3. Berytus Avatar

    I wish Gaegae said this straight after Nasrallah’s speech, when Nasrallah praised the LAF and said that “the resistance is ready to stand with and behind the army when fighting Israel.” Then, I would like to hear how Raad would respond to that!

    1. Better late than never. This is at least a good sign that there is a slim hope for unity. Keep Praying my friends, it might just happen for the sake of our beloved Lebanon!!!

  4. Prophet Avatar

    Do all of you live in the states?

  5. vancouver canada my brothers and sisters

    1. I live in Windsor Ontario and last month I was in Vancouver visiting 🙂

      1. aloush next time you come back lemme know dude. i’ll take you out here west coast style.

        where did you go when you came here?

  6. Prophet Avatar


    1. well brother prophet whoever came onto the site and gave you thumbs down brought my excitement from +3 to +2.

      what can i say bro, an idiots an idiot so we rejoice and they wonder why?

      airi bil 7amrani. its more dangerous than israel lol 🙂

  7. Prophet Avatar

    New york, here

  8. Berytus Avatar

    London 🙂

  9. Prophet Avatar

    Berytus, I thought I heard british accent ,jk

  10. Leb-Syrian Avatar


  11. Prophet Avatar

    Waving across the Hudson to LEB-SYRIA.LOL

    1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      lmao. I am going to NYC tonight, I’ll ask around for prophet!

  12. Prophet Avatar

    I get thumbed down even when I DON’T give political opinion.Try to figure that out,lol

    1. Berytus Avatar

      haha thumbed u back up 😛 and for a sec i thought u could actually sense the british accent!

      1. moustapha Avatar

        I thumbed all you guys UP coz after along day at work.. its a breath of fresh air to see my brothers and sisters who are expats bonding. Wallah ma ilna ila ba3id hehehe…

        Tony im glad your going in 3 weeks.. inshallah by then the August heat wave will be a nice summer breeze 😀 obviously you can bring the nice whether with you with such an attitude hahaha..!

        If you travel to the south and stop by in SAIDA you must MUST eat FOOOL EM DAMASSSS.. There is much to see in Saida. I will be more then happy to point out to you the things that are a must see.

        DUDE IM EXCITED FOR YOU!! lol!

      2. moustapha and anybody else please recommend anything you want. foul em damasss is a given brother. i think i went to saida in 2008. i forgot but we went for a little boat ride and there was a castle there and of coure we stopped in and ate shawaaaaaaaaaaarma.

      3. moustapha Avatar

        LOL!! 7ilo!.. If you end up going there again and want to do something different there is this place that not alot of people know about called “Eshmun Temple” its a phoenecian temple built in 7th century BC and it will give you incite on the origin of where all most of the worlds pharmacies use the staff and snake as there sign. I guess its not hard to believe that yet another thing originates from our beloved lebanon.

        Also the old soap museum in Old downtown Saida very nice.

        And food on the go! well i would say a “Sanasil Sandwich” from amir rachid hahahahaha… just ask any cab driver he’ll take you there hahaha..

        trou7 ou tirja3 bi salameh bro.

  13. George Haddad N.J Avatar
    George Haddad N.J

    What difference does it make what Geagea think or feel. Raad already shot that idea down. Hezbollah would be smart to integrate into the army. they will have full control of it. However they’re afraid being part of the institutions they will have abide to some extents by certain rules. Having the LAF and hezbollah separated it gives more free hands this way. But i am sure Most March 14th figure and even lots of their supporters would love HA integrated. But with hezbollah hidden intentions they will not do it as of yet. Its going to basically have israel dismantle the whole organization or basically weaken it in order for HA to be convinvced that they don’t have to do this on their own and joining the army is the best thing for them and lebanon. But then who can trust them if they’re all in the army and no one would dare say anything otherwise they will be considered israeli spies. this seems to be the norm of weakening your enemies.

    1. Prophet Avatar


      I thought you’re leaving the prophecies for me. lol

      1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
        George Haddad N.J

        Prophet i can never take your place. As far as Geagea he’s no way near Bashir Gemyal and he’s just like a parrot. But at least he’s not out there advocating violance and you have to like him for him approving the palestinians rights. But Mike Hayek predicted on New Years eve that geagea will be visiting Syria. so the year is not over yet. Whether he does or doesn’t it don’t make a difference to me. As long as its okay with Sit Streida the boss then I am ok with it lol.

  14. Prophet Avatar

    True though, GEAGA’S opinions don’t really count much in Lebanon.

    1. Prophet Avatar

      Mustapah, where in the south do you come from?

      1. moustapha Avatar

        Im from Saida bro =) Don’t know what you know about it, or what your impression is. Hope atleast the word is Good people are the makers of that city.. and if not hope i can change your views =D

    2. Prophet Avatar

      George, YA Habibi, I like to have some fun sometimes. I’ll let you play PROPHET least My name didn’t offend you like it offended some people here,lol I share your view there. YES Strida is hot. lol. Now you know what I use Prophet instead of my real name. I’m too young to die, and too old to be interrogated or tortured. I do plan on visiting next

      I hope we can live in better Lebanon one day

      1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
        George Haddad N.J

        No I agree with you but in my early 40’s and i don’t care about using my name. I was never afraid of anything lol. No its okay to use Prophet its a lot better than being called Wahab or Bolton lol.

        anyway take care and have a great evening.

      2. prophet if theres something you’re saying thats offensive they can get you from your email and get all your info that way.

        i dont worry about these things cos if i getinterrgoated for spreading unity and love and lets all get along posts, i will laugh in their face as i’m very sure i can afford the $66 bail and hire the best lawyer that will get me an apology.

        i love lebanon and i love my flag and i love it when people get along. if they wanna question me for that well, i guess none of us will be immune then.

    3. Walid Khouri Avatar
      Walid Khouri

      I have to disagree about Geagea. The polls say otherwise as during the elections he even foreshadowed the Kataeb party. In Christian towns and villages he has more support than you think. It is Aoun who is losing little by little as he bleeds support for his continuous “kharaf”.

      Do not take my comment as if I support any. I have been out of the country for more than quarter of a century and honestly from where I stand I see Lebanon exactly as the state department labels it, “a failed state”. All this talk about unity is fake and coerced under the guns. Admit it folks, like Bashar Assad said, Lebanon civil war can flare up in a jiffy. That is why Jumblatt chose the middle, trying to avoid and save the Druze from aligning themselves with anyone lest the war comes knocking at his door.

      Anyone who believes that the weapons are solely in the hands of HA is delusional. Arms are coming in from all over to all factions and we have a generation who was born AFTER the civil war itching to see action. I just wish they listen to us who lived it that it was no picnic.

      1. dont worry walid i will be there in 3 weeks and i will let the youngsters know.

        i do disagree with you about the youngsters cos when we go out to gimayze, all the youngsters are out having fun. i dont think theres many itching. maybe their pants are itching but its the old folks that have scores to settle and they’re idiots to think that a war will settle anyting cos everyones a failure in war.

        i mean theres no way a civil war will happen. the signs i’m seeing are all about unity and calm.

        the only idiots i see fighting are those families at weddings and arguments and silly things. that was pathetic.

        anyway, like i said if anything happens, i will post my blogs directly from there for you to know whats going on in the streets and not just form the newspapers.

        i dont see a civil war at all. lebanon is scarred and i disagree that its a failed state. maybe in the wests eyes its a failed state cos they failed to convert it to israels pushover neighbor.

        it has rebuilt itself 7 times. which analyst would say that its a failed state considering what its been through.

        walid, you havent been there in 25 years. bro i was away for 30 years until 2006, 2008 and in 3 weeks my 3rd time there. you should go visit habeebi and see the life in beirut hustling and bustling and the theatres are packed and the malls are alive and the restaurants are still so crowded at 2AM man. the electronics store are so busy and when you walk at night near el rouche and you see the nawar there mixed with the people, its amazing the life thats on the streets.

        every friday or sunday i forgot theres a wedding cos of the fireworks you hear and in alley we go there everyday to the market its packed and at night, the people are all with their argheelis and the tables are just enjoying food and drinks.

        come walid cos many of you who havent been for a long time rmember it forwhat it was. our house in alley 30 years ago had nothing around it. when i went in 2006, our butthead neoghbor illegally built a carshop in the basement of his house and lengthened the hell out of it that he blocked our view up the mountain. that doesnt matter cos our view to beirut is untouched as we bought that whole land to the road so nobodys in front of us.

        anyway, i’m blabbing but i just cant wait to go and enjoy some 2atayif bi ashta and some wonderful knefeh.

      2. he built it illegally during the war i wanted to say so nobody can touch him……….

      3. Walid Khouri Avatar
        Walid Khouri


        I visit Lebanon every year. This is my first year I stay put.

      4. is it cos i’m going lol

      5. Walid Khouri Avatar
        Walid Khouri


        Can you imagine a Durzi in Gemayze? LOL What a sight… 😛

        When you get back we should get together… and fill in the blanks.

  15. I guess that’s why Hezbollah is called Resistance.

    Feedback : What about UNIFIL ? Did not get out yet ?

  16. Prophet Avatar

    I’ll break the news for you when I hear something,lol

    1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      Prophet you’re loosing your touch. You have not predicted much lately. I tell you Israel is itching to get it out with hezbollah. So if STL verdicts comes soon my guess HA will instigate something at the border and this time israel will not be quiet about it. Reason I say that because israel has a lot at stake with Iran. So they need to make sure their borders are silent before going into the big battle with Iran. that’s even more complex war then. Not only you have Iran, now you have Turkey who may not allow israel flying over it. You have Russia protecting the Nuclear sites. So it could get real ugly. so israel needs to eliminates the threats of HA and Hamas before going all out war. However withdrawing the US Army from Iraq could give provide a rest for them and time to prepare for Iran. If Obama hit iran with israel and succeeds. Then the right wing in the US and republican in general will get off his back. Leaders uses war to sidetrack from real issues. We will know if Obama has the balls to go at with israel at Iran and many countries perhaps. You have to come up with predictions soon. Otherwise people might give you thumgs down for good lol.

      1. Prophet Avatar


        I have to disagree with you George. I see no war in sight this year. HA does not want it, Israel does not want it. HA can’t afford to be blamed for another war now. They’d fight one, only if it was imposed on them and I self defense. .I can almost assure you that even the HA supporters in the south, or Aldahia are not ready for another war, and HA knows that.

        Israel, with the current Government, isn’t capable of conducting a major war. Not with Iran, and not with HA. They would love to have a short battle with HA , just to get freed from the pressure exerted by the Obama administration to start negotiations with Palestinians, and to lift up the spirit of their military. But even such a small war, is not easy to control, s o they won’t do it.

        As for Iran. Israel isn’t capable of waging a war against Iran without the support of America. Sure they’d love to do it, but I can’t see it happening. Another thing is the Netanyahu Government is so preoccupied with making the west bank more Jewish ,and building Jewish settlements. To the Likud party, that is the most important issue on its agenda.

        The USA is too busy to conduct wars. I even suspect that the usa is about to get used to a nuke Iran. They know that No country will use Nuks. Only the USA can, and has used Nukes.

        I hope you trust my prophecy this time. Save this post ,and we’re remind each other one day.

      2. Prophet Avatar

        Mid 40’s myself. 3 young girls to

      3. Walid Khouri Avatar
        Walid Khouri

        I agree with George. Comes October the U.S. senate will be in the hands of right wing Republicans. That is not a prophesy 😛 That is fact. Obama won’t make another term unless he shows he has the guts to do something radical after that. The U.S. is spread thin Militarily so that leaves the Israelis. Now comes the acid test. Before going at Tehran they will test the waters with HA. This time around they are ready, as they have been training in simulated environments exactly for that purpose. We all know their intentions and for you out there believing that they won’t dare because of 2006 think again. They are, as George puts it, itching for it. However, this time around they will invade with shock and awe, a strategy that has not been tested.

        That being said, I pity the nation, because neither Iran, nor Syria (the cowardly sister) will come to our rescue.

        Let’s see who’s the prophet now, prophet… lol

        I guess, only time will tell.

      4. Prophet Avatar

        I have to disagree with you Walid as well.

        First: Even though the Israeli army is itching to regain its shattered image, and to reinstate the deterrence Israel had maintained, Army leadership as well as political leadership in Israel can not guarantee a definite and clear results this time around either. They understand that another military set back in another round with HA would be devastating to the image and the future of Israel.

        Second: Every war Israel launched against any Arab country had to be approved by America. This administration, will not give approval to Israel, and especially to a Netanyahu government , to start a war. A war against Lebanon or Ghaza will eliminate any chance for peace negotiations between the Palestinians and the Israelis. Obama is desperate to bring back both parties to the table ,and the last thing He needs is a war. As for Republicans winning the mid term election, They’re likely to win, but the last thing they need is another Bush doctrine. They paid a heavy price for that. Unless they win the white house don’t count much on them.

        Third, If Iran is to be attacked, it would have to be done by America or a joint NATO/US operation. That would need a process that goes through the UN. There is no process for that scenario, at least in the near future. Iranians may sound reckless, but they are not crazy.

        I’m Starting to believe that The US is preparing itself to accept and try to contain a nuclear Iran, than attacking it. Bolton’s public call for Israel to attack this week end is a good indication of preparing the public for Nuclear Iran.

      5. yo walid and prophet good evening i just got home from work. i dont see a republican majority cos the american people need to rely on hope still and i dont think they trust the republicans right now as they can see obama bringing troops from iraq back.

        if it happens, i will be very surprised.

        i guess i’m just talking out of hope cos i honestly hate republicans and the democrats are the lesser of the 2 evils.

        walid i was there in 2006 habeebi and if you think israel wasnt offering shock and awe please think again. elak kool id2ee2a and we were in shock and awe with the bombs you can see from alley at the airport and in parts of beirut.

        all these exercises they’re doing are nonsense cos they practice amongst themselves and you have no idea how many tunnels HA has built cos at one point, israel believes that HA has tunnels all the way to inside israel. is that true? i dunno.

        but my point is, its different when you practice with your home team and then you come across fearless fighters who you didnt ready yourself for.

        i was proud of HA in 2006 cos like i said it was lebanon against israel and for HA to take out 150 soldiers, you can admire the accuracy of their kill as opposed to coward israel with all its technology, it killed 1200 civilians.

        i honestly dont see a war on the horizon. i believe that US ship is there to make sure nothing happens.

        the US doesnt need a massive lashout from fanatic iran and israel will definitely feel the recourse if anything happens to its facilities.

        anyway, just a thought so peace to the both of you.

  17. Prophet Avatar

    Mustapha, I know enough. Been there, driven through it many times. I came from the south as well. Bint Jbeil. Left Lebanon 28 years ago

    1. prophet allah yikhaleelak banaatek. i’m sure you got your shot gun by your side especially prom night time.

      1. Prophet Avatar

        Thank you Tony, Best to you and yours too.


      2. Tony, if I may recommend, try “Helwayat El Baba” when you visit Saida, they are so good – they even have Sugar Free Baclava for those who are watching their waist line.

        I had great time in Lebanon last month; I hope you do the same with your wife and baby.

      3. joanna thank you so much. i’m actually writing a list here. i got baraze2, foul emdasss in saida and helwayat el baba in saida.

        i’m very sure my family will say wallow, we have the best foul emdass in this place or that place or baklawa here and there but, in the event i’m there, i will make a special trip to these places for sure.

        thank you again joanna and i’ve had a great time even in 2006 during the war i was enjoying the resilience of our people helping each other in a time of war. it was absolutely honorable to see christian muslim durzi people helping each other.

        the problem in lebanon is not the people, its the government so hopefully these talks are gonna brig lebanon to a new horizon and a bright light.

      4. I am sure that you will have a blast this year too, Tony.

        I am learning a lot from this website about politics my country. As I mentioned before, I left Lebanon I was 6 years old. Lived my life between Dubai and the US. I am 39 now; this year was my first trip back to Lebanon with my husband and my boys – even though we were a total stranger, we still had lots of fun.

        I can’t take sides when it comes to politics, because my family has been burnt by all parties. Syrians kidnapped my 2nd cousin; The Lebanese forces killed my uncle because he was a priest who served in a Christian Palestinian Camp in the mid 70s, they did not care that he was Lebanese, they still killed him. and HA took over my grandfather land/house in Marj Eyoun because it was vacant; now my uncles are paying thousands of dollars in lawyers and court fees to claim their own property back.

        As you said, the government is corrupted. I do not side with anyone, I just hope that one day we, Educated Lebanese, can stop the bleeding and spread love and peace in our land.

        BTW, I finally convinced my husband that we should own a home in Lebanon. Now we are looking to get an apartment in Zouk Meckail, where my brothers and sisters have homes.

      5. joanna i am soooooooo happy for you and it takes courage for all of us to follow gods wise words cos he told us in all books that if you forigve i will forgive you.

        many of us back then were close minded even all the way to america with slavery and wars etc.

        the old school train of thought seems to be lingering as it teaches new generation that bids of a feather flock together but, many of us like you and i have ventured off course though at times to severe family repercussions and or community rejections but, we have found out that they were wrong.

        lebanon seems to be going in that direction very slowly we are seeing a mixing and opening of people to each other. its gonna take a while.

        i am so happy for you that you won your small victory with your family in getting your apartment.

        like i said my wife is canadian and she loves lebanon. she is so looking forward to knefeh bi ka3ik and the burgers at hawa chicken cos they’re french style with cole slaw on them. we dont have those in vancouver.

        theres no sides in politics, only favors and benefits. i may shoot at you one day and the next we’re out to lunch. like i keep saying nothings personal in politics and many ordinary lebanese make it personal.

        much love and peace to all and my son will understand the difference between narrow minded people and people who understand the power of love as he will be durzi christian mix. cos my wife is from newfoundland, we tell people he’s a newfyterranean kid or simply a mediflander.

        peace to all and a new lebanon with one army one people and one vision

  18. Prophet Avatar

    Thumb up for

    1. moustapha Avatar

      Ya hala!wil sharaf bi ma3riftak my bro from Bint il Jbeil!

      1. Prophet Avatar

        lol Mustapha. good meeting you too. peace.

  19. moustapha Avatar

    You know i think there should be a Ya libnan gathering in Lebanon for all the people commenting.. lets say.. hmmm.. next summer! Oh and it would be great if Ya Libnan can sponsor it thus giving us free tickets to Lebanon LOL!!

    Prophet you think its among one of your prophecies! hahaha…

    1. oh that would actually be a good idea. Except that if Maria and I are in the same room, things might turn physical and ugly! lol

      JUST KIDDING Maria! even though we had a rough start, you’re a lebanese and I love all my lebanese paysans.

  20. Prophet Avatar


  21. George Haddad N.J Avatar
    George Haddad N.J

    Why not everybody in Lebanon considers themselves prophets. So why not we’re all so opinionated lol.

  22. Prophet Avatar

    George, My favorite book is the prophet,by Gibran.

    Did you read my post regarding war predictions? PLEASE READ IT ,AND ANSWER ME . I’ll READ YOUR ANSWERS TOMORROW, GOOD NIGHT

  23. Prophet Avatar


  24. Leborigine Avatar

    That is a good sign. Inshallah.

    No more swearing, I was told to calm down and behave.

  25. Abou Daoud Avatar
    Abou Daoud

    “within the cities, towns and villages of the South wearing civilian clothing” so that they could “fight as small units in a decentralized fashion”

    This is planning a war crime with a lot of civilian casualties …..

    and you folk LOL all the time … don’t cry if your children get bombed

    1. Walid Khouri Avatar
      Walid Khouri

      If our children are bombed we will bomb your children, if our elderlies are bombed we will bomb your elderlies, if our airport is bombed we will bomb your airport, if our factories are bombed we will bomb your factories. if we burn, you will burn.

      AND HERE IS THE BIG SURPRISE, WE like the Phoenix will resurrect and rebuild, we are used to the exercise since the beginning of time, but you will remain under the rubbles.

    2. I gotta admit for geagea to reveal such a strategy comes at odds with people inside and outside lebanon accusing HA of war crimes when Geagea himself is admitting that this strategy is needed with the LAF to win against the IDF.

  26. christian martyr Avatar
    christian martyr

    LOL ay ay ay guys set rida is from the fam atleast no infront of me 😛 ALRIGHT shes hot!

  27. Wishful thinking, I don’t think Hezbollah will go for it, why should they, they got the power and can dictate on the people.


  28. George Haddad N.J Avatar
    George Haddad N.J

    Prophet sorry i could not reply directly to you in your direct post. I agree with your analysis and I am not honestly advocating war here. I just see that israel feels so much pressure to attack iranians nuclear sites that its totally on edge. Yes it cannot do it and its definitely not as simple as Iraq bombing and syria. Iran is much more sophisticated now and its has protection of russia and other countries. The US is spread thin allright but also the US is not going to let Iran bully the nations around it but i disagree with you they don’t regard the rulers of iran as out of control. I am sure there are lots of discussions in congress whether they are or not? and what steps to take to limit iran nuclear capabilities. But make no mistakes the hawks in congress and senate would push for war against it. Iran keep toying with Obama and even as of late. So Obama is exhausting all possibilities with them but there are no way they will accept his ways as we all know. Going back to israel the recent death of 6 of their pilots in romania were doing complex train in the mountains in simulating the attacks against iran nuclear sites. these training are extensive and complex and requires top notch pilots. Israel been training so much regarding HA. I read news that the US is assuring Israel that Iran is one year from now to arm its nuclear warehead so israel can ease off the pressure. However this in itself will give israel leverage to train and attack in a year time. Same with the US when they regroup after withdrawing from iraq. However iran being the smart devil they are. They can cause civil strive in Iraq between Sunnis and Shiites so in return the US cannot help Israel in attacking Iran. Nato has to be involved for sure. So chance of Israel attacking iran maybe within a year if iran is close to developing of course. recent news coming out that several drones hit the nuclear site and killed 5 to 6 employees there. Also a recent drone attack on an iranian scientist who was in process of developing sophisticated drones to counter israel drones. Which had killed him and destroyed his compound. So Israel is testing Iran readiness and pushing its buttons. Going back to war with Hezbollah. If the STL comes back with rulings soon indicting its members and Hariri insisting on going along with the rulings. This indeed will cause frictions between shiites and sunnis. So Syria would love to see a war between hezbollah rather than sunnis and shiites. the same i would believe for Nassrallah. to me shooting at israel general two weeks was planned by hezbollah and I am sorry i am being speculative but i am certain the hezbollah requested LAF to do so. Why LAF did not shoot before at israelis when the sheeps and sheppers were being kidnapped? or other people too. Suddenly a tree which was on the israel side become more valuable. The reason I say war because its easier to see war between lebanon and israel rather than internal wars. This is what i am getting at and Nassrallah will do whatever it takes to sidetrack from the STL rulings and get people to sympathsize with him and his group. after all when civilians getting killed, running away for their lives. Who cares anymore about the tribunal correct?

    1. PROPHET Avatar


      Thank you for the replay.

      I didn’t imply that you are advocating war, my friend. If I sounded so, I didn’t mean to.

      We aren’t far apart in our analyses on this subject. How ever I read certain events slightly different than you.

      I think we agree that Israel won’t or can’t do it alone. As for the training in Romania, It is not a surprise. All professional armies have contingency plans for all possibilities, and train accordingly. I’m sure that pentagon has its own contingency plans for all different Scenarios of war with Iran and other countries. Training does not always mean that a war plan is about to be implemented.

      I don’t think the hawks in the US. Congress are about to declare a war on Iran either. It’s the Israeli lobby in congress that is pushing the Obama Administration to consider the military option against Iran, so that Israel won’t go alone and risk a major Israeli set back. It’s also part of the internal American political game. Republicans will say anything that might earn those votes in the coming election. The right wing and the Christian rights have yet to recover from the Bush policies. Every one in Washington is wary of the consequences of an attack on Iran. The US might accept a Nuclear Iran under certain conditions and arrangements.

      I agree that Iran can spoil things up in Iraq. The failure of Iraqis in forming a government is a good example. I doubt that Iran needs a Sunni/Shiia conflict in Iraq. They already control everything in Iraq anyway. They know the US would have to negotiate with them in order to form an Iraqi government. So they have enough Cards to play especially when the US is leaving 50 thousand troops in Iraq. Not to forget the Afghani Card either. Obama’s next project is Afghanistan .He is well aware of Iran influence there.

      That leaves us with the HA question. I repeat what I said in my other post. Only if the Obama administration, after consultations with the “Moderate Arabs” States, and getting their agreement, sees that it’s in the American interest, then and only then, I can see an Israeli attack on Lebanon….. I see no conditions that would prompt Obama to do it. For that to be considered, many other conditions and scenarios have to had played out first. Obama is more interested in bringing Netanyahu and Abbas to the table than allowing Israel to attack Lebanon. Any war will destroy that process. Arab states are waiting for Obama to deliver that process. For Arab States to agree to keep the Ghaza under siege, they were promised a peace process. I don’t think this process will result in anything, but that is another question.

      HA will not initiate any war with Israel regardless of what inspires in the STL Indictment. As I said before, they’ll fight one if they had to. I think they, like Israelis, are preparing for all possibilities. I totally disagree that HA would use the killing of civilians by Israel as a way to gain sympathy and use that as away of getting off the hook with the STL indictment. HA isn’t the PLO. HA is part of its culture and society. People have yet to recover from 2006, and HA knows that very well.

      I Share your opinion and your fears in regard to the possible STL indictment of HA, and the internal effect it would have on Lebanon. I do not think for a second that HA will start a war with Israel to run away from the STL Indictment. The whole STL Saga might just become a bargaining tool among the regional players of the region. I know you’ll disagree, but we can discuss this in another exchange

      1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
        George Haddad N.J

        Prophet you didn’t accuse me of advocating wars. I just said it upfront because some people here accused me of doing so. However I am not going to address all your points and they’re logical do not get me wrong. The first war it will be local and not israel vs iran unless of course it gets expanded. The reason again I bring it because hezbollah want to distract the rulings of the STL. They seem to be so concerned with it otherwise why send someone and lots others everyday to attack it and discredit it with false witnesses and spies. Israel want to eliminate hezbollah threat before it wages war with Iran. I just read today about someone asking Abbas when they will have peace talks again with israel. He said its been shelved due to israel preparing for war. Not these words exactly and if interested i would be happy to find where i read it and send it to you. Also israel may not have all the defense system in place. And i know what you mean that both sides do not want war but if need to then so be it. Need to meaning HA wants to create total support from lebanese by fighting israel and sympathy too. And who dares talks again about the STL when the resistance are fighting israel. You will be accused of treason and spy if needed be. I am just talking in general here of course. But israel again has to clear the way a war with Iran. Israel do not care what the US assure it or not that iran is far away from nuclear arms. In fact I read iran and syria are readying all resources to be war ready. You don’t hear it all over the news but they have according to my secret resourses lol. Maybe Obama do not wish for war with hezbollah but Israel do not respect him or listen to him. Did they listen to him when he asked them to stop the expansions of settlements? do they listen to him when he requested on several occassions to make concessions to Abbas? In the end israel will do what it wants to do. Let me again go back here to STL. If the STL comes in Sept and start handing out verdicts for hezbollah members. And if HA start acting irrationally by taking over the streets of Beirut or be seen causing problems. The west and the US will not like it and they might give green light to israel to attack at any slight attack from Lebanon border. thanks for your great analysis and thanks for taking the time to respond.

      2. PROPHET Avatar

        George, One other thing I forgot to address: Behavior of Iranian leadership. Since the Iranian revolution, Iran’s behavior has been consistent regardless of what you and I think of it. States and state leaders don’t always make policy decisions based on personal behavior. And personal behavior does not always reflect true intentions or state policy. It’s always the behind the seen communications that determine State policy. I have to admit though, the only time this country used personal behavior as an excuse or pretext to conduct war, is with Saddam. They knew how to provoke him into saying stupid things, and used it to justify the war against him. With Iran, it’s different. They know that Ahmedinajad does not call the shots. and that Iran has a lots to defend itself with than what they wanted people to believe about Saddam.

  29. George Haddad N.J Avatar
    George Haddad N.J

    Prophet sorry for the long post. let me know what you think.

    1. PROPHET Avatar

      George, Israel may not respect Obama, but they know they need his support whether in the UN security council or when the supply warehouses start running out of ammunition.

      If any of the war scenarios we’re talking about become reality, it’s possible that it becomes a regional war. So Israel would have to coordinate with the US. Again, state leaders make decisions based on interests. Personal chemistry is always a plus, but not a necessity.

      Again,, I’ll insist that HA will not start a war on its own iwth Israel. Being from the south, I may understand the relationship between HA and its supporters. HA can’t and won’t take its constituency for granted. I know you may not believe this. HA can’t go to war if it knew its constituency isn’t behind it all the way. HA supporters will only support a defensive war. Remember HA success has always been interconnected with the supporters behind it. So HA survival is very well dependant on the followers.

      1. George Haddad N.J. Avatar
        George Haddad N.J.

        Prophet i respect your opinion and you make lots of good points. But the latest incident where a LAF sniper shot at israel general that was definitely well planned and not happened during the heat of the battles. Since when a sniper in the midst of the bomb shells falling on the them and israel would not risk its own soldiers while shelling the LAF. Israel knows the the officer who shot at the general. They know he spends lots of time with Hezbollah. I know you’re going to say “so What”. well I say again this was organized to do so. If its true that you’re wrong about hezbollah having defensive war. One more incident like this and we will have a war believe or not? Obama or not israel has more support in congress from both parties that could easily overthrow obama for God’s sake. Obama is preceived as weak so far when it comes head to head. Time will tell to see what he will do anyway. But hope for peace but with all the pressure with israel and iran. And the STL and hezbollah something to going to happen in the near future. Its like having your blood pressure going up and up and up. Then i see nothing but explosions..

      2. PROPHET Avatar


        I think the border incident was just an isolated incident. The STL had standard orders, and things just got out of hands. I read something the other day that you might find interesting: The Solider who shot the two Israeli officer is a the brother of someone who was killed by Israelis during the 2006 war. Personal feelings may have cost us a war.. BTW, the commanding Lebanese officer isn’t a shiia as it was circulated. He’S Muslim Sunni from the north. Hopefully that explains all the misinformation that we read so far.

        As for Obama. As weak as he may seem to be, I would not underestimate him at all. I thought he was very weak myself, but I examine what He has done so far, and I conclude the following:- He promised to deliver a health care plan and He did. That was as Biden put it (BIG FXXXXX DEAL)

        – He said He’d take US Troops out of Iraq. When everyone doubted his ability to do it including myself, now He’s doing it.

        – No one thought He could bring Netanyahu to the table, He’s doing it.

        As you know the US isn’t a Banana State. So don’t really expect anyone overthrowing Obama. Yes He might pay in the coming election. But He feels that every thing he’s done so far will help his party

      3. moustapha Avatar

        To be fair also i would like to add onto those list of things for Obama(even though he isnt the ideal president for the lebanese or arabs)

        -He has done what you are talking about while stabelizing the economy and bringing it back from the brink of another great depression.

        -Dealing with Afghanistan

        -Dealing with the Iranian Issue

        -And he has taken stances not anti Isreli and far from pro arab but more you can say America First. Which is admirable.

        He is alos been tackling all the issue that come across with full transperancy and completely putting aside his emotions and feelings and just strictly as the presidents of all Americans.

        Example being: Heard of the mosque that is being sponsored to be built close to ground zero. I was shocked when he stood by the constitution for freedom of practicing your religon. The property is owned and so it gives them legitemate right to build the mosque or whatever its supposed to be. He knew that most of the Americans are against it and he knows that he wiil lose votes.. YET HE STILL stuck up for being tru to his conviction. IF anything it should be those doush bags who are trying to build an islamic center right next to ground Zero that should stop the building of that center and build it somewhere else. Allah yihdeena jami3an.

      4. PROPHET Avatar

        GEORGE, please realx a

        You sound like you’re having a nightmare. Stop reading NEWS FOR FEW DAYS. take a break. GO HAVE A DRINK AND ENJOY THE WEEKEND. I ,THE PROPHET, ASSURE YOU THAT THERE IS NO WAR THIS YEAR,LOL

  30. Jean Haddad Avatar
    Jean Haddad

    Guys and gals

    Two words, Geagea is talking indirectly on behalf of Hariri as Aoun does on behalf HA. This is going to be Geagea and Nasrallah. The 2 most popular men in Lebanon. let’s see where is going to lead. The LF still have an influential role in Lebanon and HA must count till 10 before any bad movement against LF. So I hope the 2 mAitain their fight through dialog which can lead to some win win situation.

    Let’s hope. Keep in mind all Christians followers of Aoun will turn against Aoun if HA approach the Christian and they will never will. We got a case with some long term hope.

  31. jean i’m very sure that they will come to terms. its just gonna be all about the division of powers and the coordination between LF and HA plus the percentage of generals that are HA and LF and whtaever to make sure that the army will eventually be a neutral one that will abide by the code of lebanon only.

    at least thats what i hope.

  32. moustapha Avatar

    Brother T.. I think its much more complicated then just that. LF nor Hizzy trust each other.. and each parties support definately dont trust each other. So it will be hard convincing them to put there lives in the other persons hands.

    The LF though has nothing to lose since they on the receiving side of the guns barrel like the rest of us.. Where as it is the Hizzy who will have the issues becuase they are enjoying their masscarades and flashing their weapons like prostitutes falsh thier.. Sorry got carried away im supposed to be fasting 😛


    I have just realised an important factor into what you both are talking about with regards to the wars/Iran/Israel/Hizzy/Palestinians. Reading the news today two big significant dates have been put in motion to occur hand in hand:

    #1)They have announced Direct negtiations between the palastenians and the Zionists (Allah lay wafi2kon) and there will be a 1 year deadline starting from beginning of september for the DIRECT PEACE NEGOTIATIONS to bare its fruits.

    #2)USA has marked for the Israelis “also” a 1 year mark for our beloved Iran(Allah yi7meena min Kaydon) to have their home made nuke.

    Do you see any connection between the two deadlines? And does this have an affect on bot of your analysis? How?

    Peace my brothers.

    1. PROPHET Avatar

      Mustapha, My dear southerner, lol

      You’re absolutely correct. That just reinforces the point I was trying to make that Peace negotiations and war can not take place at the same time. Obama has promised Arab leaders that He’ll get something done on the Palestinian front. I’m not sure He can deliver, but He has been trying to get both sides to the table. He knows that Abbas is loosing support. Ghaza is under siege with the approval of the Arabs who are supporting Abbas and with the approval of Abbas himself.. Both Obama and the Arab states feel they need to deliver something to Abbas so they wouldn’t Give Hamas any more credibility among Palestinians.

      Natanyahu would love to have Hamas start a war with Israel so he’ll be free of any obligations with Abbas.Hamas won’t give it to him because they know Natanyahu won’t give Abbas any thing. They’ll wait it out.

      HA won’t start a war for the reasons I Stated in my earlier post. They can wait until negotiations fails.

      1. moustapha Avatar

        lol with pride my southern brother.

        What you are saying makes complete sense.

        Prophet have you noticed how Israelis come on this website and post short paragraphs that are soo freaking slyish and full of plans to divide and get people head butting. Its a phenomenon ino that onseide of their brain is constantly working and trying to plan thier next evil doing. Its ridiculous. Yalatif..

    2. moustapha habeebi for sure their will be complications but when normal people have been brainwashed that the other side is a monster and then they finally interact, they will hear each others’ stories and realise that they have been both people form both sides taken for a ride.

      thats when they will become comrades and fight as a unit bro.

      it will happen bro cos the god energy always wins. it always bears fruit cos the truth shall set you free and when both sides discover each other, they’ll see that they have a lot in common in terms of life, family, foods, music, women, beaches etc.

      i will continue to pray for that anyway.

      love to all

  33. moustapha Avatar

    *and each parties SUPPORTERS definately dont trust each other*

    1. PROPHET Avatar

      Yes Mustapha, especially when they use a clear Muslim or Christian name .they play on our sectarian differences in Lebanon. I hate that, and hate when I See people falling for it. PEACE

    2. PROPHET Avatar

      Mustapha, look at this link, it explains how the Israeli foreign ministry is paying people to come on the net and counter Lebanese bloogers. Good Night bro.


      1. prophet thats been going on for many many years bro which is why as a pacifist, i feel its my duty to blog just to keep the truth alive and take away the spotlight from them.

        good on ya for the article but you should ALL read the protocols of the higher elders of zion. you can just type it in your browser and read it.

        everything outlined in their protocols is happening to this day.

  34. moustapha Avatar

    HABIBI!! Peace out! Thanks for the amazing link.. yaaaaaa waylehhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    La3eeeeeb ya Prophet… hahaha.. Malaka.

  35. PROPHET Avatar


  36. ABOU DAOUD Avatar

    Tony IF the protocols of zion are true THE the earth is flat

    You will find the second on google and HA holy book 🙂

    A little joke about what you believe:

    Joseph Goebbels the the Nazi Propagandaminster is on Judgment day.

    The panel does not know wether Goebbels should go to hell or to heaven so they let goebels choose.

    Goebbels says: i want to have a look first!

    He visits heaven and finds praying and devout people, Then he visits Hell and finds beautifull women rivers of wine and all he desires.

    Back in front of the last judgment panel he esclaims his choice: it will be hell.

    Gobbels is catched by a divine hand that throws him straight to hell where he suffers endless punishment. Goebbels then complains to the shaitan: this is not what has been shown to me in the first place.

    The shaitan answers with a smile: Waht you saw was Prooaganda!

  37. yo AD the protocols were siezed on rice papers in siberia and a copy of the protocols are in the british museum.

    go get educated before you begin to debate with me. i can go chapter by chapter with you and show you how everything your forefathers have planned has been implemented.

    go play in the yard and leave these debates to the intelligent.

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