Hariri: I will decide when to speak


Prime Minister Saad Hariri reiterated during an Iftar on Sunday that he will decide when to speak.

“Many people expect me to come out with a stance, but I said yesterday, I will choose when to speak,” Hariri told a dinner banquet attended by the ambassadors of the Netherlands, Oman, Romania and a number of children of the Islamic Orphanage.

“But I would like to say that political rhetoric should not remain at this level. Whatever the differences between political parties, we should not be using foul language and all kinds of insults,” Hariri stressed.

“Good word is my message to the Lebanese during this holy month (of Ramadan) and with a good word anything becomes possible,” he added.

The pro-Syrian and Hezbollah media have been urging Hariri to take a stance following the speech last Monday of Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in which he attempted to provide evidence that Israel was behind the murder of Lebanon’s former PM .

“We should calmly and responsibly address one another,” Hariri said.

“All we want is the truth behind the 2005 assassination of former PM Rafik Hariri,” the PM added.



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  1. Hariri: I will decide when to speak……………when syria allows me to, for now I will make my daily trip there and keep my mouth shut.

    latest phone call

    hariri: shoo beik? yalla t’akharna a3 seedna

    beik: ra7 ousal ablak?, ajilak shway

    1. Jean Haddad Avatar
      Jean Haddad


      I am not a big fan of any politician in Lebanon but let me correct you, Hariri silent is requested by the Saudi as there are so much talk between Saudi arabia and syria along with france and the US. My comment based on latest news from Saudi newspapers.

      But one thing I am gald and excited to see through, there are 2 topics which Hariri will discuss on his next trip to Syria, the Lebanese detainees in Syrian jails and the boarders. Which is great news especially for us to free all lebAnese period. I agree with you about Syrian games and behavior but freeing our people is a gift we should dance to celebrate.

      1. Jean I would agree with you if his stance did not change, but because he pushed so hard for STL and gained world support for it, he provoked Mizzbel’ah and caused the may 08 events which resulted in many casualties being his followers and now you see him sleeping with the enemy. Him and beik caused all this and people died for it so that they can turn around and save their own political status via syria …….who killed both their fathers.

        respect comes to those who take a stance and believe in it. These guys dont care about anyone, they care about themselves and their status.

    2. Hariri, is acting like a truth wise politician, we need calm and a civilise rhetoric. HZ wants and its allies;( man like Wahad )want Syrian military hegemony in Lebanon.

      They are hoping secretly for a confrontation to justify Syria return trough a strong military intervention.

  2. In his case,there’s no need of speaking.His acts speak for himself.

  3. you know what? regardless what you guys think it wasnt your dad killed and i commend hariri for his cool demeanor. he doesnt have to sit there yelling and screaing like the other monkeys with their threats and their barbaric behaviours.

    i like his stance. why should he say how high when they say jump.

    if the guys wants peace in lebanon, he’s gonna have to act the way he’s acting.

    cool heads solve problems.

    i’m with hariri on this one and maria i still like your post but i kindly disagree.

    for a man to sign agreements after his father was killed might tell me that he knows that politics is nothing personal and he’s playing the game right.

    1. He don’t deserve running this country.After murders of Hariri father,Tueni,Gemayel and more,there’s no need for more cool heads for solving problems if dignity and will for facing them.

    2. Tony, he didnt sign agreements for the sake of libon, he signed them for his sake to remain in power. Just like beik went to syria to secure his sons position.

      1. maria he’s in power anyway. he wanted to quit and they insisted he stay. your argument has holes habeebti and not hard evidence.

        if he wanted to remain in power he wouldnt have quit. he has money and he seems content. what he’s doing he’s doing out of duty i would believe.

        sorry that i disagree cos theres no hard evidence that jumblatt is savig his family or hariri was losing power. he can go make busienss deals and remian wealthy, he doesnt need lebanon for that.

      2. Jean Haddad Avatar
        Jean Haddad

        Maria, I am with you and more frustrated than you do. But sometimes we need put ourselves in his shoe. It’s not that easy as we think. His silence symbolizes the disagreement with HA. If he gets a strong voice rejecting HA publicly this will revolt all the sinus in Lebanon and no one would be able to control the situation except getting syria back to Lebanon. Trust me it’s better for all non HA fans to keep him silent and to act wisely leaving the influential countries such Saudi, france and syria helps us from the other end. I told Lebanon crisis is very delicate to deal with, the less they talk the more aggressive HA becomes. Just give it a time and we have waited so many years and I believe we are capable of waiting few months. I am very confident as Lebanese to get through this victorious. I read lately an article from the US saying that Israel does not have any time left not weeks to attack Iran they are talking about days to react the nukes. Just to say the issue is much bigger than Hariri speech. They are in deep troubles to keep Lebanon safe and no one can control HA as we speak. HA is threating the entire country for a coup d’état but of course they can’t publicize it. Let us pray to come out of this crisis alive. I hate HA and every politician as they keep changing opinions and directions but honestly I don’t think because they are Bad but the country conditions and for the sake of the Lebanese they have no hoer choice . Pls maria keep your trust and confidence high but never trust HA. Don’t worry about Aoun he is just a picture can be painted at anytime

        We are strong as Lebanese with solid faith none of HA ideas can break us. We will bring peace forever to Lebanon .

      3. Jean Haddad Avatar
        Jean Haddad


        The last thing Hariri worries about is to be in power. He is already rich and strong internationally. If I were him I will leave and live a king life. But he is staying to accomplish what his father starts and beside this his father was the only suni leader he can’t dumb them and leave. I feel sorry for him as he got stuck with no way out. I am not Hariri follower am from keserwan but I try to understand situations and conditions. You know that Rafik Hariri was trying to get Lebanon in the EU, turning the capital of beirut into financial district for the middle east which bring Dubai down cause with all the troubles in lebanon people they love it more than any country in the ME. We are live people full of joy and pleasant. This is who we are.

      4. yislamli timmik/timmak jean. sorry jean is an asexual name. it could be male or female.

        i love you regrdless.

  4. Saad Hariri is a son of a great man whose reputation surpassed his own country at some point in terms of success. I know late Rafic Hariri used to say that ‘No one is Bigger than his country’ … but he was bigger than the Prime Minister chair he sat on..he actually gave it power instead of having it the other way around.

    You see Saad has a big shoe to fill after his father… try imagining you were son of Rafic Hariri…it ain’t easy.

    Bottom line give Saad a chance to be at least part of the great man his father was.

    And Saad i hope you with the Shiaa, Sunni, Druz and Chirstians of this country will lead us just as your father did…. WITH DIGNITY

    1. nice post jad.

    2. Saad is placing lebanon first, Saad is placing lebanese first, Saad wants to pratice real justice, not justice base on questionable circunstancial evidence, to curd an investigation. Saad wants respect among all sect wants to build Lebanon so Lebanese can for once enjoy their country. A contry that say to the world look at us Isreal & the world we can live together in Harmony even if we desagree and don’t pratice the same religion.

      God bless you Saad!!

  5. M. Boutros Avatar
    M. Boutros

    Shut up camp! Its idiots like you that ruin Lebanon.

  6. Walid Khouri Avatar
    Walid Khouri

    lol Sebouh

  7. m. boutros no idea why you would get -4. i gave you thumbs up bro so you’re -3.

    no idea why moderate thinking and unity and love talking always seems to lose on this site.

    lebanon and all lebanese need a big enima to flush out old habits and flush out all the weapons.

    the only group allowed to have weapons is the LAF oo bas khalass.

  8. I agree with you Tony.It s only moderation and a calm dialogue that is needed!Accusations ,incitements and age old slogans should stop!To accuse,insult and use inappropriate language does not help and neither is it accepted!All parties should work together for the good of their country first !And wise men as they say ,say nothing in dangerous times!

  9. well said fauzia.

  10. Jean Haddad Avatar
    Jean Haddad

    Ya Tony, I am Jean not Jeanne. Jeanne is a female name

    The English version of Jean is John

    However compliments are accepted.


    1. jean in defense of my friend Tony, I think he was reading it “a la americaine” where women are called Jean (pronounced jeen)

      1. Jean Haddad Avatar
        Jean Haddad

        Cathy, Well usally people call me John not Jean but in Lebanon is well known as Jean French version of John lets say in Arabic Hanna.

  11. In USA i have seen lots of women called Jean, but not in Europe or Lebanon ,you are right Jean should be only for males.

    1. Jean Haddad Avatar
      Jean Haddad

      Cathy and Rafik, Sorry because of my name you are getting thumbs down. I gave both of you a plus.

      1. jean and cathy you’re both right, i was reading it both english and french style but didnt know to which one i should lean toward.

        nonetheless my brother jean, much love and peace to you cathy and all.

        my family are telling me not to worry and come. they’re all waiting with open arms.

        i honestly cant wait and i’m only 3 weeks away.

  12. Prophet Avatar

    Help me out here. I’m new to this.

    I just wonder. what is the criteria for thumbing up or down. I see people getting thumbed down even when they say nothing, or thumbed up for saying a silly thing sometimes.

    1. Prophet,

      you have a small gang of bullies who cannot stand you if you have a different opinion, hence, whatever you say, you will get thumbs down, insults and personal attacks…

      but thankfully the majority on this site on both sides of the argument are very civil and bring a good debate to the table.

  13. Prophet Avatar

    Thank you, Cathy. You just got a thumb up from me. LOL

    Unfortunately, I ran into few of those. But you’re right; the majority is civil even when you disagree with them.

    I’m not running for popularity contest here. I just enjoy an intelligent and objective debate

    with my fellow Lebanese and others.

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