It is decision time for Hezbollah chief


Decisions …Decisions …

Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is facing tough decisions this week : Should he or shouldn’t he hand over the evidence that he claims to implicate Israel in the 2005 assassination of Lebanon’s former PM Rafik Hariri?

In his speech last week Nasrallah tried to hit 2 birds with one stone :

– Implicate Israel in the killing

– Discredit the Tribunal

His ultimate objective, according to observers is to to protect Hezbollah from any future indictments by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

Something unexpected happened :

Immediately after Nasrallah made his speech Special Tribunal for Lebanon Prosecutor Daniel Bellemare requested the Lebanese government authorities to provide any additional evidence in its possession.

According to observers Bellemare’s aim was to reinforce the credibility and independence of the Tribunal and the UN investigation commission that he heads.

Ali Hussein a Lebanese political observer told Ya Libnan: The monkey is now on Nasrallah’s back:

“If Nasrallah does not submit the evidence to the Lebanese authorities / The Tribunal , then all his attempts to tarnish the images of the Tribunal and the UN investigation commission will backfire on him.”

He added ” By the same token his charges against Israel will suffer similar consequences.”

Hussein added: “Naturally if the STL finds the evidence that Nasrallah will present is credible then both the STL and Hezbollah will look good and Lebanon will be spared a repeat of May7,2008…inshallah ( God willing) ”

On the other hand, Hussein said ” if the evidence ( and any follow up investigation ) is proven by the STL to be insufficient to change the indictments then Nasrallah will no longer be in any position to discredit the U.N. tribunal or the UN investigation team….”



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  1. I bet you nothing will come out h/a and hassoon. His excuse: wahab ate the document and I cannot reproduce it. This guy is full of crap, liar, misgiven, a puppet to syria and iran. Hiding from the truth and the public, just like a nocturnal specia of prey. I heard that they put make up on him before his makes his sleazy speech, because in actuality he became an albino. If indeed he had any evidence, why now!!!! Liar, Hypocrite, why do you want to drag the whole country into another strife. You should go away and profess your gift as a cleric not as a warlord. Shame on you , your followers, posses, syria, iran and turkey since the latter is trying to get even with israel by getting involved and meddling in our Lebanese affairs. Do you get the picture, how we are being dragged down, instead of upward.

  2. What Lebanon needs is a popular movement demanding that Mr Hassan Nasrallah step down and surrender to authorities… For that to work, the people should hold signs that read:

    “Mr. Hassan Nasrallah! A disgrace to Lebanon and Hizballah”

    1. dandan in that case all of lebanon should hold up signs that read gaegae you traitor, jumblatt you sellout, hariri you wishywashy, aoun you’re a joke, gemayel stop whining.

      nobodys immuned to any signs man.

      nasrallahs not the only disgrace.

      1. You’re correct, Tony A, but none of the others have the equivalent of a nuclear weapon in their hands with a single decision maker waiting to decide on when to push the button, which would start another disaster for our country.

    2. I think if that were to ever happen, these guys would take over the whole country and turn it upside down on everyones head. Its a sad era for libon when this fool is the major power in the country.

  3. just hand over your evidence and keep handing all your evidence until you’re satisfied that you have a strong case and fire the stupid lawyer who put your presentation together in the first place.

    1. what evidence? lol

      the guy made all this crap up, it took him 5 years to put this scrapbook together, just because he used microzift bowerboint to make his presentation seem credible doesnt mean his story holds water.

      1. One should also ask whether it was a legit or pirated copy of microzift bowerboint. 🙂

  4. dandan dont get caught up in their melodramatic soap operas. 2008 was needed cos the sunnis werent giving them the respect they deserved.

    i’m very impartial to all the political affairs.

    HA right now is not as threatening as you think. they actually wanna appease syria, iran, saudi, turkey and oh yeah i forgot, lebanon.

    they’re lebanese whether we like it or not and until we can actually stomach that, we will continue to have problems.

    cos HA didnt interfere in the tree incident, posters on this site complained and actually accused HA of wearing LAF uniforms and shooting at israel.

    because HA didnt retaliate forthe shepherd incident, posters were still making fun of HA.

    when israel fired missiles at our waters, now posters actually believe israel that HA is preparing for war.

    what do you see wrong in the picture.

    HA will dismantle eventually whether you or i like it or not and the only one opposed to that is israel cos it will be left alone in the battlefield with no one to play with.

    1. Walid Khouri Avatar
      Walid Khouri

      If you say the Sunnis were not giving HA the respect then why did they attempt to overtake the mountain, the stronghold of the Druze, and got their sorry (…) kicked? The Druze always told them that they have their back in case they needed the depth (as in a retreat against an advancing army). Nasrallah already admitted that it was the biggest mistake of his command, as it cost them the elections. It is NOT permissible for a Lebanese to spill “the juice” of another Lebanese. To me that is PURE blasphemy.

      I want to feel safe with my fellow Lebanese, weapons in hands, that they will NEVER repeat 2008 and that its memory should be stricken from the books of history on the understanding that it will never ever happen again NO MATTER the reasons. Secondly, I would like to see the command of the military wing of HA under the leadership of the LAFs and the decisions of war and peace be in the hands of the people (specially when we honestly go to the polls and elect our officials) NOT the current clowns running the show.

      1. walid i actually agree with you. when i mentioned the sunnis, i was going back 20 years till recently cos i’m pretty sure hariri sr wasnt too friendly with the shia was he?

        thumbs up though bro and i can never argue with someone older than me. your wisdom overrides me anyday brother and yes, we druze did kick butttt didnt we?

        much love man

      2. moustapha Avatar

        Tony A, that is the saddest part of this whole issue. Hariri Sr is the only one who gave respect to the Shiaa.

    2. Dude….go away! Your as irritating as Cathy!

      1. moustapha i didnt know that. thank you for you and walid to clear that. then i guess tht takes HA out as a motive doesnt it?

        it leaves syria and israel…….to be continued lol

      2. Sami I yet have to read an actual intelligent post from you that doesn’t involve insults based on irrational emotions.

      3. cathy dont you love when people spell you’re as your?

        no idea who he was talking to but i guess intelligence bugs certain people.

        i love you anyway cathy so knock em dead with your facts.

  5. i took him 5 years to come up with this rubbish god know how long more he need to escape the stl fether to your post toni and iam not trying to side with anyone at least geagea did pay for his crime he went to jail but the rest of them crapheat they didn;t plus you keep saying one day christan didn;t respect the shia then the sunni then i don;t know who in lebanon my friend there is no respect for anyone we don;t like each other thats way we have war but thats dosen;t mean a group can kill who ever they want and get away with it just because they ahven;t benn respect enought farm we need to build a country and the killer should be punished dosen;t matter who the hell are they stop maiking excuise for nasralla and HA

  6. one more thing tony i don;t see bashar respecting nasralla but i don;t see nasralla trying to kill him as he is scared of him he is scared of his shadow thats why he;s always underground

  7. Yeah, Israel would hate having a peaceful border.

    They would be forced to spend all their time creating technological innovation and Nasdaq companies…

    …Jews hate that!

    1. George Najem Avatar
      George Najem

      And what about Nassrallah, Syria and Iran? I am not defending israel but who just used an LAF to shoot at israelis? Stop the nonsense and if keeping believing hezbollah and Syria then we will never build our country and never live in peace.

  8. rob israel doesnt have a peaceful country you blind wombat. dunno why it worries about its borders when the country itself is in shambles.

  9. What is Hezballah?

    It is a militant group that was created for the below reasons:

    Fight Isreal occupation (Resistance)

    Armed wing for Shiia

    Execute foreign policy of neighbouring countries, especially the kind of policies that has to do with Isreal and having thier say over Lebanon’s goverment

    A part of me likes Hizballah, especially when they fight and engage against Isreal, no Real Arab would deny feeling proud of Hezballah purely from a RESISTANCE and the right to Defend one’s Land perspective

    Nevertheless, judging Hezballah from a political point of view and since their Agenda is made outside the Lebanese territories to serve no only Lebanon (i am optimistic here) then you need to start doubting motives…just a little bit at least.

    The children killed by Isreal were LEBANESE children, the roads destroyed by Isreal were Lebanese roads, or should we start labelling our victims and roads as Shiia, Sunni and Christian too….

    If Hesballah was a Sunni or Christian military group would you see it differently…. i think everyone should as himself this question at one point

    1. Thumbs up Jad! Great Response!

    2. wallah ya jad i can truly 3an jad? i love your logic and common sense. no emotions, just logic. perfect!!!!

  10. Abou Daoud Avatar
    Abou Daoud

    So TONY A … the Israelis respect HA …. else HA would have attacked Israeils due to lack of respect and not the sunnis .. btw there are many Druze in the IDF . . .

    TA (Tony A) sounds like Tel-Aviv 😉

  11. abu daoud i will not argue with a fellow arab about lebanon. i merely state the facts.


    hariri sr. wanted HA and syria dealt with.

    i never asked for it nor did i tell him what to do.

    the problem with you lebanese is that someone is stating a fact, you atttack the messenger instead of the message.

    elak if you muslims and christians did what we druze did in palestine ya zaki, you would have seats in the knesset and muslims in the army and you wouldnt be suffering like you are now would you genius? nor would israel be able to send its troops to lebanon would it?

    israel offered palestinians half the land and they refused it instead of being visionairies which is non-existent in the arab world, look where the palestinians would have been by now.

    making fun of my name really shows how strong a person you are in debates ya abou doodi.

    the hariris backed by saudi arent as innocent as they seem though i admire and respect hariri jr and his handling of current affairs.

    all whats happening is not my fault nor did i plan it so dont come crying to me or insult me.

    have a good day maynG.

  12. Abou Daoud Avatar
    Abou Daoud

    TA the Fact is tha 2008 HA turned his arms against sunni and druze Lebanese and merely posting this threat again cause of the STL shows that the Resistance of the iranian shia against the freedom of Lebanon.

    Note IF any footage presented by HA is a proof af anything …

    THEN it alsa blames HA as the sayed said himself: they used it against their enemies ….

    It is logic not like fundamental hatred against anything that is Israeli.

  13. abu daoud habeebi dont worry about 2008, as i’ve said many times before, we have to ask ourselves why did HA do that? they werent just bored. ya3ni i’m a durzi and i dont even like any party.

    i’m very neutral cos this is all politics and i’m not into politics. i love peace and i love life and god.

    HA in 2008 was being cornered as they wer being forced to give up too many things very quickly. if that was happening to me being a mafia blood family, i would fight too.

    these were mafias dealing with each other and civilians got caught in the middle.

    i could clearly see that when they turned their guns towards the lebanese, i immediately knew that they fell into the trap. bad move for sure.

    then look at what happened when they came to jebel druze?

    i dont blame HA if the STL only names them cos thats actually insulting to any intelligent thinker.

    but i also urge il sayyed to provide absolutely fail proof evidence cos the one he has is weak and wont hold in court.

    if you think the resistance of the iranian shia will ever win in lebanon, you are wrong because the shia themselves dont want to think iranian. just because a few HA leaders think that way doesnt mean all the shia do.

    how do you oppress a people, by fear and through god. oppression is a weapon of control and HA will never be in control of the whole lebanon and frankly, i dont honestly think they wanna be in conrtol. if they really wanted to be, dont you think they would have marched through the whole of lebanon? if you think they’re crazy to point their guns at us, why didnt they just finish the job and match into parliament and take over?

    they could have easily have done that. the answer is, cos they’re not intersted in ruling the country.

    their speeches are fear tactics to force the opponents to talk and negotiate whatevers on the table. many times when MPS or HA talk, i try to see how muvh of the speech id really for lebanon and how much is for the MP families.

    they just want their piece of the mafia money and a say in governmental affairs.

    the STL at the end of the day is going to have to offer step by step findings if they say HA otherwise it will be laughed at by the whole intelligent world. for every indictment, they will need to show exact proof, photos, testimonies, intercepted emails, phone cals, letters, documents or whatever that back their findings.

    my question is why has the STL not questioned any of the israeli spies who were caught at the time of hariri’s murder?

    doesnt that make you think tht something smells rotten?

  14. Abou Daoud Avatar
    Abou Daoud

    Show me where i insulted you. I am of roman descent (yes from those politheist haters of israel who called it palestine).

    Your words: HA are a mafia (a bunch of criminals). Go for it when a thief comes to your house robs your assets and rapes your wife – let him go – stopping hime would be taking things too fast from him – as you said.

    Making fun of your name? Tony is not your name 🙂 it is a roman (politheitst) name if your are druze and a christian one if you are …

    Your a master of syllogism if at all you know what that means. Pretending your neutral ist just a stupidity you repeat over and over again. Not to insult you but the utter contradictions your present.

    If your can count the thumbs …

    What is countless is your permanent denial of facts.

    Make the difference between action and people the you will come closer to a solution 🙂

  15. tony if you call HA a mafia its mean the are dealing in all sort from drugs to the lowess thing on earth i thought they are resistance mafia will never be able to protect a country my friend neither be able to protect our family they are just bounche of out law crimials trying to run our country

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