Defense minister establishes Army fund


Defense Minister Elias Murr announced Saturday the establishment of a fund and bank account at Lebanon’s Central Bank to support the armament of the Lebanese army. Murr and MP Michel Murr made a LBP 1 billion donation for the fund.

He made the announcement while attending a military maneuver at the army barracks at Roumieh where he also revealed that Cabinet will discuss a draft law on the army’s armament based on a three-year plan.




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  1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

    They should exile Nasrallah to Iran, and donate the soldiers and weapons from Hezbollah to the Army fund as well.

    1. Hey Syrian how about you go back to Syria.

      1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        I would LOVE to visit again, perhaps you’ll pay for my ticket John?

      2. Tarie Al Fanarie Avatar
        Tarie Al Fanarie

        Hey John how about you going to Iran and rid lebanon of people like you. At least LEB-SYRIAN cares about lebanon more than you for God’s sake. There is nothing in your blogs that defends Lebanon other than Nassrallah and hezbollah and syria and iran. Everybody else to you is pro-israel or anti-lebanon. Well we say anyone also who sides with syria and iran are also anti-lebanon and we could careless about having them as so-called lebanese.

      3. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        Thanks for tellin off the moron tartour! haha

  2. Jean Haddad Avatar
    Jean Haddad

    Great idea Leb Syr

    If our politicians contribute a bit from their own pockets we would have the most sophisticated army in Lebanon

    1. Leb-Syrian Avatar


      you are right, but unfortunately all they are doing is contributing more TO their OWN pockets. Kil wa7ed raked 3ala 7alo, wel ba2ee ma 3ala balo.

  3. 1 billion lebanese pounds is how much? 500,000 dollars? well, its a good start.

    leb-syrian where you been bro?

    i think soon enough all HA weapons will become state owned which will benefit lebanon in the end. how else will HA dismantle? they’re not gonna get rid of these weapons.

    how else will HA absorb into the army eventually which is also part of the plan? its only with patience and lots of negotiations will this happen.

    1. Anti-zio Avatar

      lol Tony, why the hell did u get thumbs down for your comment, honestly some of the people on this site have sh#t for brains, now I know for a fact that saying is universal πŸ™‚ Don’t worry cuz I gave u a thumbs up πŸ™‚

      1. ay zee you’re preaching to a bunch of bafoons that have lost sight of hope and have no idea what lebanon’s goal really is. they cant tell from HA’s actions that they’re not falling for israeli bating and the lebanese are somehow hating it. what a wierd people. lol πŸ™‚

        israel lobbed missiles at the lebanese border and HA didnt do anything, israel bated HA with the tree incident, israel bated HA with the shepherds and the lebanese cant see that HA has actually matured from 2006.

        i could care less if they threaten and yell and scream. its their actions that i watch for.

      2. Anti-zio Avatar

        I agree totaly Ton. Hey hope you enjoy Leb. I was there in june and i had an absolute ball, it was one of the holidays I had in Leb.

    2. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      Keefak brother Tony? I been around, I usually only post from work, cuz its boring here lol.

      1. leb-syrian maybe we’ll meet in leb one day. i will be there in 3 weeks. i cant wait honestly.

      2. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        Sounds like a plan, hopefully planning a visit early next summer to beirut and damas. I was just there in the spring/early summer for 4 weeks. Had a blast in BOTH countries believe it or not, lol lots of nice bars and clubs risin up im damas, and of course that is a given for Beirut.

  4. Lebanese politicians steal so much Money. This is a very small amount. Don’t be blinded by The Murr donation. His armored limousine must have cost more than the One Billion Lebanese pounds He and his father donated. Nice diversion from the Al-Akhbar story. Nice try anyway.

    1. ALL these clowns are thives and murderers. Wake up!

      We lost this country YEARS ago and we wont get it back. Not sure I want to either. Dump!

  5. Against Isr’al or Palestinians ?

    1. ole against anyone who plans on standing in the face of Lebanon πŸ™‚ & if it is palestinans to, so be it ! I dont get you people you want an army, and u critisize your army like they’re spy agents or enemy troops. Get a brain! Oh, and by the way… at least we are hosting them and giving them a place to live… I guess that is more than enough considering what the other arab countries have done on their behalf. But i guess we should have thrown them in the sea, or kicked them out like the rest of the arab nations have done.. i guess this would have made far less problems to our country (might even have not started a civil war) and far less silly comments as yours!

      1. Walid Khouri Avatar
        Walid Khouri


        Dehumanizing the Palestinian people does not serve our reputation of being, kind, gentle and hospitable people. The Palestinians were misled by the U.S.A. the Arabs themselves, who viewed wrongly and still view the lebanese Christians as a satellite to Lebanon, and schemers like Kissinger who created a diversion for 15 years (civil war) for Israel during which the latter was living in peace while we slaughtered each others, and lastly, the PLO’s leadership (in the person ingrate of Arafat) who foolishly believed that he can take over Lebanon and underestimated the lebanese Christians resolve on fighting for Lebanon.

        Blaming the people of Palestine is unfair because the civil war was bound to happen sooner or later, as in 1958 we had a Nasserite movement that started civil strive in Lebanon while the Palestinians were absent from that conflict.

        The problem resides in sectarianism as every sect in Lebanon operates as a “city state” within the state. Shed the religions and you will have a glorious country.

  6. tony A i thing you are dreaming bro HA will never give his arms to the lebanese army and will never be absorb in the LF thats a dream will never come true anyway enjoy your stay at lebanon and have fun stay away from politic while you there othere wise you;ll be in big trouble

  7. joey habeebi i’m not dreaming. if president suleiman and PM hariri himself said its not time to dismantle HA weapons YET, what does that tell you. its not time YET which means that time will come when the big boys sit and agree on a time table that will make it easy for the absorption and dismantling to happen.

    you and I are not in control habeebi. these are matters way above our heads.

    FYI when i go to lebanon the only politics i talk my brother is love and giving shops my business and enjoying my family. when i’m in lebanon habeebi politics is all around me. i just hear it and sing to it my brother.

    nobody will ever hate me for preaching unity and love cos people i talk to in lebanon all agree on one thing with me – god is with us and kiss icht israel.

    i cant possibly disagree with anyone in the whole of lebanon cos i hate all parties and all religions so if someone says to hell with HA, okay to hell with HA, if they say long live HA okay, long live HA cos either way i dont care. all i care about is lebanon so whoever wants to debate me will know that i have scars too but i want my DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY to get along.

    what i discuss here is for international readers NOT lebanese to know theres decent lebanese on mother earth who are reasonable and dont want war all the time.

    i also write on ya libnan for international readers to learn the truth about israel and its brutality against lebanon.

    i’m not political, i’m a pacifist.

    i write on ya libnan cos i want people to forgive the past and move on. we have all suffered and we have all had our houses blown up and we have all had relatives killed and we have all had to bribe a syrian soldier and we have all had to starve for days and we have all had to pick up a gun at one point. for what? for some families who dont care about lebanon. they only care about their dynasties.

    when anyone’s in lebanon, nobody talks politics on the streets.

    FYI, i went to rent a car in ALLEY and there was a notice on the wall inside the store that specifically said: rajaa2an 3adam il kalaam 3anil siyasa” (please done talk about politics) i laughed so hard as i told the owner thats the best sign i ever saw and they should have the same sign in england to not talk about soccer in public places cos so many people get into fights cos of soccer. i mean how stupid is that? you think lebanon has problems? god forbid you speak about soccer in england.

    what now? israel is trying hard to keep us divided. its not knowing how to fight iran without the LAF (undercover HA) lashing back at it.

    theres big plans here and if you think you or i are gonna change any of that think again.

    al dont talk politics when you go there. dude i’m so busy enjoying the beaches, swimming pools, beer, shawarma, humus, foul, fattouche, knefeh bi ka3ik, 2atayif, kibbeh, jej mishwi, kifraya winery, shouf national college, dmeet, kfar7eem, beirut, chemlin i wont have time for that.

    i’m there dude in the middle of it. i dont have to comment on anything, i will be living it.

    where do you live Joey?

    1. Leb-Syrian Avatar


      Joey lives in Tel Aviv!


      just bustin chops πŸ˜‰

    2. Tony you are a true Lebanese my friend, lets all work where ever we ( lebdecent) are in the world to build strong and peaceful relation with our brothers…

      We need a strong and harmonious lebanon we need to say lebanon belong to us and nobody else… We will defend it with our words of wisdom and words of tolerance and peace…

      So we can say to the world look at lebanon it is an example for us on how to live together without killing each other…

      Notre Dame du Liban protect our people from each other…

  8. sarsour you open your mouth again you are always wrong i live in a barack call romey so thing about it and you know what iam ya baghel

    1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      badee if3assak mitl il sarsour!! Ba3dain min shoof min il sarsour!

  9. tony ya know what iam just teling you from experience that HA want be joining the army they did say thats a lot of milia men will do one day non of them did bro anyway enjoy your stay at home and have nice time and drink and eat till you drop i live in romeye not far from where i work

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