Report: Arms from Turkey, Syria, Iran to Hezbollah


A secret meeting of Iranian and Turkish intelligence officials has led to a new weapons supply route for Hezbollah, a report says.

Iranian and Turkish intelligence officials recently signed an agreement that establishes territorial continuity for Turkey, Iran, Syria and Lebanon, and guarantees a constant supply of weapons to Hezbollah, a report in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera said.

Details of the agreement signed between Ankara and Tehran show a direct link between Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah, the Hebrew daily Yedioth Aharonoth quoted the Italian newspaper as saying Thursday.

Italian reporter and terror expert Guido Olimpio said the agreement was recently signed at a meeting between Hussein Saab, head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards secret service, and the recently appointed Turkish intelligence chief Hakkan Fidan, and solves Hezbollah’s ongoing search for weapons suppliers.

Yedioth Aharonoth said Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, in closed meetings, expressed concern about Fidan’s appointment, fearing the secrets shared between the two countries would be leaked to Tehran.

The new weapons route will allow the transport of sophisticated weaponry including rockets and missiles to pass through Syria to Lebanon and Hezbollah, the Italian newspaper said. The transfer would be coordinated by Turkish and Iranian agents and Hezbollah operatives, and the route secured when the truckloads of weapons pass through, the Italian paper said.

“The Iranians are interested in building a similar network to that established in Sudan and their final goal is to assist Hamas,” Olimpio said.

In Khartoum, Sudanese, Iranian, and Palestinian agents operate with the help of Egyptian collaborators he said. Iran is trying to set up a similar network for Hezbollah, he added.

Turkey denies

The Turkish Foreign Ministry denied Friday claims published in an Italian newspaper that Turkey and Iran were helping Hezbollah obtain new weapons.

“These claims are baseless and should not be taken seriously,” a senior Turkish Foreign Ministry official told the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review.




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  1. Yep, only for peaceful purposes. These arms, will be used to generate electricity, feed the children, build schools and hospitals, yep, yep, it is all good #$@%&%$.

    Why is Lebanon paying the price for the fray between turkey and israel!!! and you think turkey will be joining the EU soon?

    IRRESPONSIBLE of the iranians, turks and syrians at this juncture.

  2. George Haddad N.J Avatar
    George Haddad N.J

    Yes they can give them weapons but they don’t give them money to pay for the electricity in Dahia and other areas. They are many poor shiites and other lebanese who only drink tea and have barely some bread to eat. They need food not weapons. Next war we’ll be lucky to be alive, let alone drink tea and eat bread. I know the gov’t should be responsible for this and we’re all responsible to feed our own. But to involve us further in wars that will destibilize Lebanon for decades is not acceptable. Iran is butting in again in everywhere yet their economy in shumble. Mind your business Mullahs of Iran and let us leave in peace amongest ourselves and our neighbors.

  3. Let s hope that these ¨claims are baseless and should not be taken seriously¨.People are tired and what they want is not war!!

  4. why not give the weapons directly to the LAF?

    obviously the government is in agreement with this cos it cant be this blind as to whats going on.

    big players for sure and only time will reveal the true nature of these deals.

    i can only see that eventually these weapons will become lebanese property.

    maybe the lebanese government is doing it this way so it doesnt alienate itself from the west and become a terrorist state.

    by allowing HA to take the blame for now, lebanon can make other deals with western powers for gas and oil explorations.

  5. When arms are provided to any group, it’s only purpose is war. Why don’t they invest the money into updating/improving water and electricity infrastructure in Lebanon? While countries around them have abundant supply of electricity, the Lebanese are stuck with daily power shut off.

    If Turkey and Iran wants to be a real friend to Lebanon, then invest their money to improve Lebanon’s roads/hydro/water. Then, gratefulness will be truly offered.

    But if they only supply weapons and leads to war, only destruction will follow and lead to nothing, but suffering and hatred. What can be gain from that?

  6. wilypagan Avatar

    Time to throw Turkey out of NATO.

  7. wilypagan Avatar

    Hey Aoun-like Lebanese Christians – how’s the return to the Caliphate working out for ya?

  8. Tony Smith Avatar
    Tony Smith

    Blame our leaders that are sold out…Blame the Lebanese poeple for following such traitors.No country in the world keeps their boarders open for smuggling arms and destruction equipment but Lebanon…now you know what kind of a country you have..I say remove the UN soldiers and the Lebanese army from the southern boarders to the Syrian boarders that is where our problems came from and still coming.Our enemy is on the north and the eastern boarder.Syria does not need to send its army to destroy us…

  9. Berytus Avatar

    Maybe the LAF should consider purchasing weapons from Turkey. Isn’t Turkey the 10th strongest army in the world? I know it’s considered to be stronger than Israel.

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