Berri/ Jumblatt: Spies don’t belong to any single sect


Lebanese Speaker Nabih Berri called for punishing all Lebanese who have collaborated with the Israeli Mossad and urged the judiciary to assume its duties in this regard.

“As long as the issue of spy networks has reached the point of threatening Lebanon, all spies should be punished,” Berri told An Nahar daily in remarks published Monday.

Berri said that the spies do not belong to a single religious sect, and urged judicial authorities to carry out their role.

An Nahar said that the speaker ordered the Amal ministers to call in the next cabinet session for the implementation of all judicial rulings against spies.

Similarly MP Walid Jumblatt wrote in his weekly al Anbaa editorial:

“Agents don’t belong to any sect or religion but they are only indebted to those who recruit and use them for their own interests, which in this case is Israel.”

“Efforts to find agents and spies are a priority that should precede all security, intelligence, and military matters given the great number of infiltrations witnessed in different regions and sects,” he added.

Th Progressive Socialist party leader voiced his support for President Michel Suleiman’s campaign to strengthen the army.

As Safir reported earlier that Jumblatt stressed “the need to obtain the right weaponry from anywhere or any source in the world.”



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  1. I prefer this kind of reaction, more moderate than the one betting all the future of lebanon by investing money in guns & cie is bellicose.

  2. leyk leyk hal jawz, shi byikharri

  3. i agree with berri and jumblatt. no party or agency is immuned to persecution if spies are found.

    i am so glad that this time in our lives is dedicated to flushing out the country of venom.

    i really feel sorry for the people who have suffered or died because of the calluosness of people that dont have allegiance to their lebanon.

    how can anyone think about betraying such a beautiful and pristene country.

    when i travel to lebanon and look at its majestic beauty along with the faces of people in shopping malls and beaches, i see life.

    why would anyone ever think to choose these people’s destinies as if they are god.

    very sad indeed.

    1. peter gates Avatar
      peter gates

      Such wonderful beautiful people – that want blood!

      No, not them. The uglies do and hold all others prisoner.

  4. thats great news! does this also mean a lebanese who spies on his country for syria will recieve the same punishment? yeeeeeee if thats the case, then 75% of libon is guilty and should be executed too!

  5. maria you’re living in the past habeebti. syria and lebanon have opened embassies while you were out partying in toronto lol.

    theres no more spies for syria. it’s all in the open now ya shaatra.

    syria and lebanon are friends now lol

    1. yeeeee les amies! thats great, akhh ya tony, i know youre into turning a new page but when some pages are missing from a satanic book (libonais prisoners) its hard to overlook that!

      Enjoy your trip, as the prisoners enjoy the mazzi prison!

      1. maria habeebti i cant change anything. i’m not part of any political process.

        i will definitely enjoy my trip and ask many questions while there.

        when HA tried to confront israel re libonais prisoners, israel bombed lebanon in 2006. what was supposed to be a prisoner exchange turned to a lunatic war.

        you cant fault HA for trying can you? they werent just after one prisoner which israel made it look like they were…..

        yallah 4 weeks left and i will be there enjoying my country.

        hope to meet you one day there maria

  6. Anti Syrian Iranian Avatar
    Anti Syrian Iranian

    No Maria it applies only on certain faces and places. Syria a implémentée au Liban son espionnage dans le but d’en rendre de l’ordre dans le pays. C’est leur théorie! Ce n’est juste du tout. Trop compliqué

  7. ASI its called cooperating between the 2 governments. not that complicated at all. both govt’s will not need to spy anymore as MPs are openly syrian allies. whats to spy? aoun and berri can openly share info with syria now.

    1. Anti Syrian Iranian Avatar
      Anti Syrian Iranian

      spying against friend country is still spying not informing or discovering. If we are that much friend, first gesture would be to release our prisoners.

      1. I laughed at the nouveau riche comment, that was classic!

        As for people in love with syria, I know for a fact that 99% of drus are not, they are quite fed up with that douchebag beik. They feel betrayed because he provoked mizzbel’ah and had to fight them with no weapons as he was making deals with them from his palace.

        But I totally agree with you that the prisoners issue has been forgotten about for artificial peace. Had libon stuck to their guns and offered no diplomacy to syria until all prisoners are released and borders demarcated, things would have been easier to swallow, rather than watching these grovellers slither on their bellies to damascass like that ackho m@nuukiii beik and hariri, tfuu 3a heyk zbelli

        BTW…..Tony is a good guy, you guys should go into depth with discussions, you will see he is just out for peace…….BAS YA TONY I REMIND YOU, NOT FOR ARTIFICIAL PEACE!

  8. jumblatt is an experienced spy. One day he spies for the syrian, then March 14, March 7,murr, arslan, franjieh…Don’t you think this guy divulged every piece of information discussed with the US, France and other westerns countries while he was visiting and treated as a legitimate respectful politician with loyalty and integrity!!! He is the blabber mouth in chief.

    1. everyone seems to forget the beiks meetings in france with IS representatives lol

      does this mean the law applies to him too?

      1. Anti Syrian Iranian Avatar
        Anti Syrian Iranian

        Maria the beik was seeking for his son protection

        There’s a good article about Jumblatt fluctuation posted today on

      2. ASI i will definately read up on that article you mentioned and we will discuss……..I see youre taking quite a bit of heat on here from les amies de la syria lol

      3. maria i want full peace habeebti and you know that. i’m not for anything artificial (i have no idea what you mean hehe)

        little does ASI know that even though i preach love, like i said in my posts, in 2008 when HA came up to the mountains, i told my wife that i was willing to join to protect my home. i’m not scared to die – NEVER.

        even though i speak tolerance habeebti, i dont want anybody to bully me either and i will smash their heads if they try.

        the druze are alwats neutral in all conflicts and we act accordingly when drawn into fights.

        ASI thinks that i created HA of i can actually solve the problem. how stupid to attack me like that. but what do you expect from a snobby wanabe phoenecian.

        the son inherits his father’s sins so it aint rocket science that jumblatt maybe seeking alliances for the worng reason. who said we support him?

        all the parties are garbage but we have to live and work with what we’ve got. we have to sit them down and force them to unite.

        as for the prisoners? how is that my fault? if i like that syria and lebanon are opening embassies and i see a light at the end of the tunnel, thats one scenario, the prisoners are another thing and tht gets dealt with on a spearate issue.

        am i sad about them? sure? can i do anything about them? NO. will i lose sleep over them?

        i have to think about 6 million problems that our world suffers from ranging from starvation, pedophilia, wife abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse, child prostitution, oil spills, gaza, sudan and you think i sleep well at night?

        as a spiritualist, once one attains the knowledge, one can never ever be happy when knowing that people are suffering. one can never enjoy the fullness of ones stomach when one knows that others are starving.

        when my mother (MSRIP) used to laugh whole heartedly, she would say allh yisami7ni cos people are suffering and she felt she shouldnt be laughing this hard. what a saint she is and if i could just be half of the compassionate peson she was, then maybe god will have mercy on my soul when i kock on his gates.

        i attack israeli fan-airie cos he invite israel to wipe out HA like an idiot without regard to lebanon’s infrastructure, peoples lives, or the savagery of israel’s blind bombings.

        i know that we can solve our problems from within and that means without outside help. HA needs to be understood and welcomed as a family member like all the other idiot families.

        they fought hard to get their seats and with the recent incident from the LAF, HA will slowly be absorbed into the army and if any of you geniuses dont think that the STL is a noose hanging around their heads putting immens pressure on them to play ball or go down, then you fools are very naiive.

        the STL will not do anything except force alliances to happen.

        HA will still be here after the STL verdict is given and i give it another 5 years of hell to issue a verdict, so, while we’re all bickering over stuff thats not in our control, why not preach unity and love instead of your extremist attacks that if i preach love i’m an idiot.

        here’s a novel idea. try being flexible like pro-zion who can disagree with walid and change his mind or the fact that i’ve changed my mind many times when george haddad or ghassan karam pointed to certain POVs.

        its a brand new idea – flexible thinking. try it you might like it. it will be hard at first to say gee, i actually agree with this point but not this one.

        if you need coaching, we’re here to support you.

        much love maria habeebti. always a pleasure to take the microphone from you. i hand it back to you lol 🙂

      4. Walid Khouri Avatar
        Walid Khouri


        Tony will you stop writing a jariide?

      5. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        lol walid, i think its more like a novel! haha jk tony

  9. Nadine Foad Avatar
    Nadine Foad

    Don’t you love it how Maria and that Anti guy switch topic from the real enemy to syria?

    1. lol Nadine, totally agree…Maria seems to be living in the past, like the rest of the israeli apologists here….

      1. uh-oh cathy, ssshhh lol you dont wanna get into a cat fight with maria. she means well with lebanon at heart. you dont wanna get her foul mouth going.

        fyi maria is a good lebanese. she hates everybody equally and i’m very sure she was testing my druziness as a joke.

        cathy and maria get along now lol 🙂

      2. you seem to be living on some exstacy ya 7abli, I would suggest you get your facts straight before regurgitating your stupidity and realize that every foriegn country has participated in the blood shed in libon. Congratulations, you have now become bashars latest underwear…….sa7tein!

      3. Tarie AL Fanarie Avatar
        Tarie AL Fanarie

        Cathy we only bow down to God unlike you who bow down to Thugs and drug cartel leaders like Nassrallah.

      4. Maria, ya hable inte, I am on no exstacy, my facts are very straight, I know that every foreign country has participated in the blood shed in lebanon which exactly proves my point. Syria is not the only enemy and there are bigger fish to fry right now than Syria.

        bass ba3dik 3ayshi bil past inti ou ghayrik honeh.

        ok habibti, now go play with your dolls and let the adults talk.

      5. I dont know what debates you could have participated in but maybe you were brought in as comic relief because judging from your stupidity it is quite hard to take you seriously. What are you, like 20? So basically you comment on todays news without any regards to its history. Please 7abibti, take your community college a$$ back to syria where you can debate on behalf of SSNP. Cheerleader meetings under the bleachers dont count as debates.

        Anjad inti wi7dee smeekee

      6. Walid Khouri Avatar
        Walid Khouri

        So is it that black and white for you Cathy?

        If you have a loved one imprisoned in Syrian jails and despise the Syrian regime for shelling indiscriminately civilians and watched all what you worked for destroyed by Russian “orgues de Stalin” and hated them for doing that, will that make you a pro-Israeli?

        I was there and I was under the Syrian army many sieges and I was a kid and was terrified. What do you expect me to do? send my love?

        There is a lot of healing to do BEFORE you see mild tempered Lebanese towards the Syrian regime.

        I for one hate both Syria and Israel regimes. That does not mean that I have it against the people. So before you label anti-Syrian folks as zionists talk to them and hear their plight.

        Thank you for listening…

      7. LOL Maria, I wont even dignify your non-sense response with an answer.

        rou7i ya walad l3abi shi ma7al teneh. 20 yrs old 2al. HAHAHA

        @ Walid, no you are absolutly right, I dont expect people to just forget about the past…I know many people that have been personally affected and hurt by the syrian regime and that is why I have stated in many of my past posts that I sympathise with those people and completley understand where they are coming from, which is why I have said, Syria was and might still be an enemy but we have BIGGER FISH TO FRY at the moment.

        I have NEVER proclaimed my love for Syria or anyone else. I am just trying to debate those who REFUSE categorically to acknowledge that Syria and HA are not the only responsibles for everything that is happening in Lebanon.

        I bring arguments and so far, none of those who are on the complete other extreme want to challenge my arguments, except maybe for George Haddad…all they do is bring in stories from the past and base their argumentation on emotions rather than facts.

        Walid, we are really not that different. I think you and I want Lebanon to be the paris of the middle east, the open, liberal democracy and the connection between the east and west.

        Im just afraid that our neighbours (including and especially Israel)

        does not want that to happen for many reasons that I have stated throughout my posts.

    2. yeeeee Nadine? shlon cava wle?

      i think you have a reading disability, perhaps hooked on phonics can help?

      how is my comment switching things around? was there no such thing as moukhabarat? most of libon was spying on one another for syria and in most cases resulted in kidnapping and murder of innocent people.

      1. Anti Syrian Iranian Avatar
        Anti Syrian Iranian

        Maria, they are new kids in Town. This is what we call in Lebanon nouveaux riches. They smell couple dollars in their pockets they feel as royal.

        Don’t bring yourself to their level. Batch of palestinains and Druze totally in love with syria despite all the massacres we lived in the past and the thousands of christians still held in their jails. I challenged this bugger Tony to come in meeting me face to face in Montreal but he is a coward hidden behind the curtains like those black ninjas in Syria

      2. ASI you moron, come to vancouver and talk. you think i’m a coward dude? come and feel my wrath in one of my many home towns. you want face to face? you dont wanna mess with pacifists cos when we rage, we go all out boy.

        you classist arrogant snobby fool that cant see who created HA and the palestinian militants. its you and the israelis who created them.

        if the LAF did their job defending the country, we wouldnt be in the mess we’re in would we you snotty pig.

        al challenge me al. you dont wanna challenge a durzi boy. when HA tried to take over our mountain, we sent them packing and you can ask my wife, i was there in 06 and 08 buttmonkey, and i was willing to join my druze brethren if they goy any closer.

        i fear no one and especially not a nerd who thinks he speakes that he has become royalty.

        to hell with yout kind cos its you monkeys that destroyed lebanon and we pacifists have to come and clean your mess.


      4. wleh ASI,

        el druze naykeen emak ya 3arsa. I’m pretty sure that brother Tony A. will give you a real whipping.

      5. Walid Khouri Avatar
        Walid Khouri

        ASI you are crossing the line.


        Exactly what I have been trying to say!

        Kudos to you!

      7. Walid Khouri Avatar
        Walid Khouri


        Calm down brother…

        When will you be back?

    3. the real enemy is syria ya shliki ya khayni ya syrian spy, tfoo 3alayki inti wa hal habla trashy. bashar is a monkey. nasrala is a drug dealer and a thug.

      1. Karim didnt you learn from the first when they erased your foul mouth replies?

        sakker timmak ya bala akhle2.

      2. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        ye5reb baitak shu innak zinai5.

      3. Karim, kilmit shlike suits 7al hayawani, Im not sure why she is flooding the site with sheer stupidity, she should keep her mouth shut oo tid7ash sirmayi kamen be tima il 3awij, the last thing we need on this site is another SSNP rep. Wle ya bint il 7aram, did you forget how syria abducted people from their homes, humiliated people at checkpoints in front of their families, raped and robbed people? I pray they return while youre their because from the sounds of it, sha2fit zbeli mitlik enjoys being sodomized.

        A2belik inchala, bon appetit!

      4. karim bro take it easy on cathy man. from durzi to durzi you’re really being offensive to a lady.

        she is anti-zionist man. read her posts. dunno how you get she’s pro-syrian. all she says is that if we have to pick between israel and syria as an ally she would pick syria.

        shes not saying anything bad man.

        just send me the demo tape already bro and calm down amn. if you read her posts, shes actually quite smart and knowledgable about the zionist movement that is also wrecking lebanon.

        shway shway bro. you dont talk to women like that do you?? thats very rude man.

      5. ya habla ya trashy, they removed your foul post too ya kidwet el akhle2 inti ya lateef shu inik mhazabi. it is funny how trashy tries to manipulate the situation and plays victim, hal khaynee hal jassoossi. ba3den ya habla, you started with the name calling wel msabet, so you wanted to go down this road and now you’re crying your taztouzi because you can’t handle it.

        Tony A- brother, you fell i n trashy’s trap, she brought that to herself, so don’t lecture me on how to talk to women, she is not a normal women she is a ka7bi.

        Walid- I will return from lebanon in early september brother as long as trashy doesn’t send her hassoona after me

      6. wow kathy the kettle is calling the pot black…….you say that karim and I have fowl mouths with bad language…….look at your posts that uses the F and C words, and on several occasions……anyways I guess this is your language that you use for your “debates” but I guess in the profession that youre in, your customers like to be talked to like that. Tfe7 3a heyk zbeli mitlik.

        kathy, adey bit daf3ee al da2?

      7. Maria, I have been very patient and never even insulted you personally.

        you started it habibti. and I have had enough after you calling me a shliki and hayaweini.

        this is why I used the foul langage.

        and here you go at it again, talking about my profession and my clients. a lot of respect.

        Khalas, I think everyone sees you for what you are, especially that you attacked me for no reason.

        so I wont be responding anymore, this time for real.

      8. kathy you started with me as I have never posted anything towards you and I believe Tony had warned you against this, but you insisted and took it to the next level. I am glad that you have realized that you cannot “debate” with me and that next time watch how you address people and their thoughts. All my time on this site, I have had 3 altercations and that spanned over 6 months and at the same time have made alot of friends despite having different ideas, you on the other hand have been posting for a week and I can tell most people on here hate your guts. Anyways I am glad you came to your senses and da7ashti sirmayi be timik, atleast that saves this forum from 50% of your 7ibbil posts.

        au revoir

      9. LOL Maria, you should be working for Israel as you know how to twist truths!

        Tony warned me when I agreed with Nadine and said you are still living in the past. THATS ALL I EVER SAID ABOUT YOU.

        you’re not as important and intelligent as you think you are.

        you started calling me hableh (not 7ableh, it seems you dont know how to spell) and jahcheh and asked tony who’s this cathy and her posts are all stupid.

        ” I have had 3 altercations and that spanned over 6 months and at the same time have made alot of friends despite having different ideas, you on the other hand have been posting for a week and I can tell most people on here hate your guts. ”

        LOL ya haram you really need some real friends inteh!

        most people hate my guts?? LOL are you BLIND?

        most comments are about how good my arguments and people are debating with me.

        of course some have resorted to insults and called me a syrian agent but they have said the same about anyone who doesnt agree with them

        you’re the one that hates my guts cos I came and stole your spotlight.

        haram you must be a very lonely person in you real life if you’re trying to tell your “friends” like Tony to stop talking to me. LOL

        get a life habibti anjad.

        man everytime I say im not gonna answer you but the stupidity and LIES in your posts just are too big too ignore.

      10. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        Maria/Cathy, it must have been you two who threw the first punches at that Zein/Zein wedding altercation. haaaaaaa JK

      11. LMAO Leb-Syrian! you’re too funny!! 🙂

      12. kathy anjad you need some help, who in their right mind states on a WEBSITE that their hated for stealing someones spotlight, obviously someone lonely as you! When I read your pathetic comment and your spellcheck correction, I felt a tremendous amount of guilt for speaking to you the way i did because I realized how shallow and petty you are, I truly pity your patheticness and I hope you can take an ettiquette class on social and behaviour skills. habibtee, I hope you dont act like this in front of people because you are a true embarrassment.

        kathy the spotlight was never mine, I am a regular person who chats with people on here for the same reasons they do. I dont brag about my “debates” or credentials and when the laptop closes I have a life, family and business to run so if you feel that you stole the spotlight from me, I say dont steal, its yours, so take it along with the mic, bas ma tibla3ee!

        people like you is whats wrong with libon, everybody is a politician yet they are too stupid to look past their own shadow.

    4. Anonymous Avatar

      Hahahahahahahahahaha, you are an idiot, leave Maria alone and start concentrating on being more like her, like loving Lebanon and putting Lebanon first. Not every time someone talks about soo-airy that they are living in the past and are pro zioninst. Wake up and smell the coffee. They are both enemies and no one is lesser than the other. On the other hand, if have any compassion to soo-airy, then do not blame anyone who has compassion for israelis because you are contradicting yourselves. We do not live in the past, but I do not forgive these (unts who masacared my brothers in Damoor. Not now and not in a million years.

      1. Anonymous, obviously you haven’t read my posts or maybe you didnt understand them. I never stated I had compassion for syria…on the contrary, there were atrocious crimes committed…

        when I say stop living in the past, I mean that if we always dwell on it, we will never be able to move forward as a country.

        why do you think the public opinion is sick and tired of hearing jews bring up the holocaust anytime something happens?

        it was horrific, and shall not be forgotten but cannot be brought up everytime there is a debate.

        Besides, isnt bashar’s regime a bit milder than his father’s? isnt he supposed to be more moderate?

  10. maria if jumblatt gets implicated like the rest then he’s not immune to the law. i’m not a sheep habeebti and i’m also a realist. i hate when people like to think that their “kind” is prefect. hogwash. if jumblatt is ever found guilty, lynch him with the rest.

    i have no prejudice in my equality as i have no shares in any party.

    my only investment is lebanon and for all those who cherish it.

    1. Tony you have convinced me to turn the page and move on, I will forget about the syrian atrocities and the imprisoned but you must move on aswell and forget about hariri and who killed him, lets sweep his plaguing issue under the rug and save the country from civil strife.

      I love the double standards of libon where everyone knows theres 1 killer out there (syria) who is responsible for 10000 murders but we qustion only 1, if families ask about their loved ones who are missing, they are called dinosaurs for bringing up the past but for 1 piece of crap (not even the 20 that were riding with him), we can ruin a country for him.

      Im also happy to see that you are so excited about the embassies opening up and i guess its a first step but dont you think the libonais should have asked for all remaining prisoners before moving ahead with this? i guess the ho was so happy to see her pimp that she didnt care about any conditions. Libon has never been about self rule and power, its about being the ho of the one with the bigger stick, last year the US was the pimp, this year its syria and ho shifts from pimp to pimp. The country is dealing with this 5 year old issue of hariri because his son CONTINUOUSLY REMINDS US EVRYDAY ABOUT HIS FATHERs DEATH, jeeez talk about someone living in the past (as he vacations all over the world in his private jet)

      Tony youre a great guy and we share many similar views, but double standards are not right, especially for what you stand for. The rules and laws should apply to all equally not to where its convenient or at others expense.

      BTW meen 7al 7abli kathy? ive read some of her posts and she sounds like a complete ditz. Perhaps she should work for the libon embassy in syria, she fits right in, or better yet blackberry is hiring reps for their solar powered smartphones

      1. LOL you idiot Maria, I sound like a ditz? you know I really never insulted you by calling you names but I guess your mental age only allows you to react in this way….I think you are still hung up on the blackberry comment…I was joking, learn to take it or go play in your sandbox.

        by the way, since you are in canada, why dont you come and watch me debate with other middle east politics experts and university professors here who ask me to be at their conferences because they see the vast knowledge I have about not just LIBON as you annoyingly call it but the middle east as whole and how good my arguments are.

        bye little girl

      2. Maria,

        haydi Trashy (cathy) habla bil khales. bitkazib el kizbi wa bitsadika. She is th e dumbest person on this forum. her rantings jump all over the place. She is a syrian spy who pretends to be christian and is now married to hassoona al kabssoona through jawaz al mot3a, thus defending her lover the drug dealer and criminal. the bottom line she is a syrian and ha appologist who is dumb, plain and simple.

      3. Anonymous Avatar

        Wow cathy, you seem pretty intelligent. You are smarter than I am. The only thing I debate with is my zionist cat!!

      4. hahahaha!!! I love it! personal attacks! shows that my arguments are really getting to you.

        a syrian pretending to be a christian! LOOOOL wlek yo2ta3 el habal!

    2. HAHA i loved your post to ASI. apologies for sterotyping christians as my best friend here in vancouver is christian catholic and we never talk politics. maybe once in a blue moon we say f ’em all.

      thank you for your ever so kind words to butthead. now if we can get beavis (fan-airie) to talk unity we will have a small electronic victory

  11. michael Avatar

    Maria you are the best!!!!

    1. Tarie AL Fanarie Avatar
      Tarie AL Fanarie

      Yes Maria we love you.

      1. awww Maria, la2aynelik 3arissen! Tarie and Michael lol

  12. hi maria,

    totally agree with everything you said. dunno if you read my previous posts about moving on but i totally see your point.

    absolutely right on re the whole country stopping cos of political parties killing each other.

    i have said many times just gimme 24/24 electricity while you’re fighting or some clean water.

    you’re absolutely right in terms of the lebanese prisoners. nobody’s asking about them.

    i hope you’ve read my posts as i’ve mentioned my apatyh to the STL and the waste of time and money that could have been better well spent on much needed relief for the people who were born in lebanon and will probably die there.

    nasrallah’s speech? disappointing. i need hard evidence that points the finger. who loaded the van? who jammed the radars, i thought that was gonna be his proof but hearsay is not really evidence.

    i hope when you say double standards you’re not talking about me cos i’ve been fair and i’m still fair with every issue.

    i take no sided in politics and i dont care for all these parties. as i’ve said before, they’re self serving.

    i’ve said that when JFK was assasinated and they were trying to find the killer, life went on in the government but in lebanon, nothing’s being done. every politican’s focus is the STL cos i guess they’re all worried more about their careers than really who is the killer?

    i can see that the STL will come and go and nothing will happen. for nasrallah to dismiss the STL’s outcome is absurd ONLY if the STL issues a statement like his speech. if they have hard evidence and proof then let’s see it otherwise the whole thing will be an insult to the lebanee people.

    i honestly dont care who killed who cos thats politics and nothing is ever personal in politics and thats according to the skull and bones codes so, i’m not gonna kill myself for somebody else’s family and i never intended to.

    hopefully ya maria you will meet us one day in lebanon and we can sit and laugh and drink a la plage ou a la piscine and leave the politics to the mafias.

    i will be there in about 3 and a half and i cant wait. i intend to go and smell the fresh air up in the mountains and enjoy my country.

    as a pacifist, my war is quite different. i only come into the arena as a referee and NOT a participant nor do i care for a hand out. i am just there to make sure everybody gets along so that the small people can enjoy their country as well.

    i can see now that the non voters in lebanon are the smart ones cos if all people dont vote, what message will that send to the parties? it will be a great takeover by the people of their governemnt.

    an absolute quite and blood free victory.

    1. Hi Tony, I never said you had double standards, I just mentioned that there alot of people who are willing to forget about important issues for the sake of artificial peace. I know you dont believe that if things are good with syria we have insured long lasting peace, do you?

      Anyways I know youre a great guy and mean well and thats the beauty of sharing and exchanging good converstaions and having some laughs with it!

      PS.. ma tayibla la 7al ja7shee kathy because she is flooding the site with 7abbil postings 🙂

      cheers wleh

      1. maria habeebti i will in no way think that the alliance with syria will be a straightforward one. one must come to these meetings with one pen in one hand and a knife in the other hand behind one’s back.

        syria has her tactics and lebanon should be very careful in every move it takes.

        to think tht anything is simple is silly.

        syria wants israel to stay on israeli side.

        i have read articles that the US offered syria the whole of lebanon in exhange for dismantling HA and syria refused as it said tht HA is lebanons resistance which lead to the assasinaton of hariri and the expiulsion of the syrians.

        now, we have to sit and think to ourselves which alliance will serve us better – one with israel or one with syria. both neighbors suck (not the syrian people) but to choose syria would be choosing the lesser evil.

        choosing israel will eventually force us to take thousands upon thousands of palstinians and if we dont agree with anything we will get invaded again and again and again.

        as far as answering jacob – israeli relations, its time we lebanese really know who our real enemy is. the zionist snake will always be much more venomous and treacherous than syria.

        if the zonists have sedated 365 million US taxpayers to give u their lives for a country who doesnt care about them, what makes any of us think that the snake is not lurking at our borders tempting us with the cutting of a tree so she marches in again.

        ya wayl illi 3am byisa3ed israel.

      2. wlek Tony yeslam timmak! I couldnt have said it any better.

        Finally someone who understands the situation from the inside out.

      3. Maria, dont be jealous, Tony has enough love to go around.

        and stop calling me names, what are you in kindergarden? kiss ikht habalik!

  13. Jacob-IR Avatar

    *Support a Free Lebanon*


    These people (though I am sure they mean well that comes out in a sadistic and maschoistic way)are hell-bent on blaming or focusing on the wrong group and as a result are accomplices (unwilling and therefore useful idiots or willing?) to help push Lebanon in to the next conflict and to forget about the prisoners and missing people.

    Instead of recognizing that Syria and Iran are not only wishing to make Lebanon their satelite (through their proxy army Hezb Allah) and oppress its people, they wish to make Lebanon a battefield instead of attacking Israel from their countries.

    Who wins? Who loses? Lebanon loses either way.

    in July 2006, Hezb Allah (Iran/Syria) attacked Israel in a cross border attack and snatch of soldiers and then unleashed many missiles from Lebanon(!!!) onto Israel.

    What did ISrael do? As any rational actor (a term from International relations)would it counter-attacked Hezb Allah positions and other people died as well since war is neither an exact science nor sterile. why? Because HA is on Lebanese soil. So Lebanese suffer.

    Now, last week, the 9th Brigade/batallion of the army (with Hezb Allah sympathizers) attacked Israel from across the border position. Of course Israel responds. Why? Ask who gains by this?

    Well if anybody was paying attention to the week before that.

    Nasralla like a spoiled baby promised that if the STL were to release its findings and indict his members (should also indict Asad for ordering murder of Hariri and 22 OTHER people. one of his ministers admited to him (Bashar Asad) ordering the assasination) then he would either cause a civil war in Lebanon or create a conflagration with Israel.

    Hmmm what happened last week? He tried to do what he promised.

    Thank God that it didn’t spark another war.

    But yet that is exactly what HA is planning regardless. it is just a matter of time.

    This time it seems that HA (Iran/Syria) has suceeded in drawing the Lebanese government as well. This means there will be greater suffering for ALL Lebanese and not just the Hezzies.

    Cathy has already stated her sources, Finklestein (who has already been descredited as an extremist and on a foreign payroll) and that she believes in the 9/11 conspiracy nuts. With thinking like that she will next tell us she has been abducted by aliens (les extra-terrestres)-lol. Therefore she emraces Syria and Iran. Cathy better start brushing up on her Persian.

    1. Jacob, (sounds awefully jewish to me), which explains your hatred of Finklestein.

      he has been discredited??? LMAO!!!!

      by whom? Israeli govt?? lol

      even zionists who hate him (such as you) acknolwedge that he is one of the smartest and knowledgable professors there is around.

      Is noam chomsky also discredited and on foreign payroll?

      I bet you’re a fan of Alan dershowitz then, the big AIPAC friend who was responsible for having the univ. where norman teaches deny his tenure.

      I tell you, one simple guy speaks against israeli policy and he is not only banned from entering Israel, but denied tenure…so it tells you who are the nuts controlling everything, in case you didnt figure it out, the zionists.

      I beleive 9/11 consipiracy nuts? LOL

      you actually didnt even take the time to read what I wrote about that.

      actually JACOB, being an israeli, you should know of the 3 mossad agents they arrested in NYC on sept 11, taking footage and laughing about the incident.

      I even have a link of them being interviewed on israeli TV which I will post shortly

      I DO beleive that it was islamist nuts that perpetrated it but I definitley do not beleive they acted alone.

      besides, is it a coincidence that the US govt did have info about an imminent attack but chose to ignore it?

      it is a coincidence that your hero netenyahu was recorded saying that now the world will side with us because we have created “the war on terror” and they will think we are fighting the same war as they are.

      PLEASE JACOB, if you have nothing more intelligent to say then to discredit me by discrediting my sources which are much more than just finklestein, and include ISRAELI sources, then go take your zionist propaganda somewhere else….

      1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        Pay no attention to him Cathy, he changed his name a little bit, he apparently thinks he is commenting on Jacob, apparently your lost and on the wrong website buddy. We already have enough Israeli spies IN Lebanon, we dont need them on our websites as well.

      2. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        Now i remember his name, some self proclaimed bull$hit name like jacob international relations expert. More like Israeli PR Relations expert.

      3. right back at you cathy with yislamli timmik. we need more of you and leb-syrian and HAHA and walid khouri and anti-zion and marillionlb and elias and yousef and many more to keep inciting unity.

        good job and long live lebanon one army one people

      4. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        Thx Tony! same to you

    2. its a tough call, all of libons neighbours have caused a tremendous amount of pain and damage to the country and its people but if I had to pick as to who has more blood on their hands, it would be syria. During its occupation, their soldiers who wore that urine stained uniform committed thousands of atrocities stemming from kidnapping, murder, rape, theft etc. and the worst part they turned everyone into a spy against one another. The classic line in libon which the syrian underwear on this site seem to forget ” RA7 JIBLAK AL MOUKHABARAT” was the most famous line for over 30 years. If you pissed someone off, be sure for 10 bucks the moukhabarat will be at your door and away you go. If you ask any libonais as to who created the most fear in them, it would be syrian moukhabarat. I guess some morons on here seem to forget being pulled over at the 7ajizz and harrassed, robbed, sometimes slapped around in front of their families and even hauled away, but yet their allegance is to assad. I guess the libonais really enjoy humiliation, well bon appetit, I pray from the bottom of my heart that syria comes back to libon and invades again so that these lovely times can return to you, then lets here your stupid comments on here.

      If Isreal was truly genuine about peace with libon, they would hand back any disputed land to libon and then there would be no excuses from mizzbel’ah…..then we can enjoy watching assad squirm around like a coward because he will have to take IS on alone, and we all know what will happen to syria then.

      Im not a racist, I just hate everybody!


      1. maria you’re cool in my books. i totally understand you. you and i have been on this site quite a while and i know what you’re saying habeebti.

        you hate all parties and you love lebanon. thtas why we need to come up with ideas to take it back.

      2. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        LOL Maria, we may not agree on stuff word for word, but when you say you hate everyone equally, this is 100% true! And I respect that and your posts are definately hilarious. Bas, andee sou2al illek, lik shlounek???! haha 🙂

  14. Oh ya!! good memory Leb-Syrian! 🙂

  15. Leb Syrian, you are absolutely hillarious, I enjoy reading your posts ya abu aliya, yesterday you fired one at ASI with the accurate translation of his name and i was in tears lol. You know I have more syrian friends than libonais ones and just because I hate their leader doesnt mean I have anything against the people, they are warm, kind and welcoming more than libonais.

    shlon cava ya abu aliya? 🙂

    1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      LOL, ma nseetee al aliya? I think chuck has actually made aliyah, he hasnt been here for a while. I am doing well, shlon ceva intee? Lol well most of my friends are Italian, and then I have some from the Libon, and some that are Syrienne, lol. 3am e2dala3 bi 7akyee… But me and my friends never talk about politics, that is the last thing on our minds, and i have never seen syrienne on libon crimes in the usa, so im content with that ;).

      1. Again in tears with the reply to this pagan dude,

        “inchala byit 7ana be 7al sa7in il kh@rr@”

        …..i swear i laughed so much at that! inchalla bit’khali il kil yed7ak, keep up your great humor!

  16. To all, I would like to be part of this forum, but the language spoken here does not exist in my dictionary. Lets all exchange views respectfully as educated adults, so other people like me would not feel left out.

    I might not be an expert in politics but I know for sure these facts:

    1. Syria should not be considered our friend until they return our prisoners – my Mom’s cousin has been gone for years, and his mother still waits for his return – it is a heart breaking scene. I am sure there are thousands like him.

    2. Israel is our enemy, and up until they return our lands and respect our independence, there should not be a peace talk. Meanwhile, we should do anything in our power to support the Lebanese army so they can be compatible if they are to face Israel.

    3. 9/11 was not created by Israel/US. My husband cousins and his boss, who happened to be Jewish from Israel, died in the WTC. It is an Arabic/Muslims Extremist created, carried out, and executed operation – Never underestimate the Arabic mind and do not listen to or watch the nonsense movies or documentaries. US only mistake was not taking the warning signs seriously.

    4. Other than President Suleiman and the Lebanese army, we, the Lebanese people, should not honor or blindly follow anyone, not HA, Harriri, Geagea, Auon, Jumblat, etc. Even though I do not know what most of them stand for, but I am learning as I am reading in this forum that none of them stand totally for the benefit of the Lebanese people.

    If we all agree to these facts, than here is our start for unity as one nation.

    1. I totally agree with your post and yes its heart breaking for people who have been missing for over 30 years and have been forgotten about for the sake of artificial peace. What bothers me the most is when someone mentions these missing people (who have probably been murdered already) I get answers such as “why you dwelling on the past” or “you’re so living in the past, get with today”

      If some of the ignorant people only realized that it could have been them or a loved one in this mess, would they want everyone to forget about them? I pray for these poor people who are missing and pray for the ones who forgot that a spirit of truth takes over their contaminated soul!

      1. Maria, we can’t and should not forget our own flesh and blood whom are still missing. If they have been killed, Syria needs to let us know so their families can come to a closure.

        BTW, I do not enjoy being sodomized (whatever you meant by that); on the contrary, I am known at work to be “The Smiley Face Lebanese Lady”. I love life, enjoy jokes (clean & dirty), laughter, and even flirting sometimes, but I can’t stand cussing, insulting and fowl words addressed to another human being – I might be in the wrong forum I guess.

      2. Joanna you may seem to be in the wrong forum because it is quite obvious that you have not read my posts…..I am for a free libon, return of the kidnapped and demarcated borders, unlike others here who sweep these issues under the rug for artificial peace to satisfy their masters.

        I have never directed any rude or vulgar comments towards you and to anyone who is truthful and yes sometimes there are retards on this site that need to be put in their place but if you feel I am to harsh on SSNP members then please dont read my posts!

    2. Joanna, I agree with your post and I hope that all lebanese prisonners return safely home.

      with that said, the whole 9/11 thing..listen no one knows for sure…so what if jews died in the WTC, so did many arabs…there has been many incidents around 9/11 that cast doubts over wether the jihadists were working alone or with someone….

      I do not watch stupid conspiracy theroy movies, I read and research facts and never claim to know the truth but base my opinion on research rather than just what the media chooses to tell us.

      Im sure you didnt know about the findings of 9/11 commission and how even 9/11 victims’ families have been protesting and are trying to sue because of insufficient investigation.many unanswered question remain. that’s all. no one is saying blame everything on the israel and the US but you gotta wonder when Bin Laden was on the CIA payroll for a long time.

  17. Wake up ya loubnan - Tony Frei Avatar
    Wake up ya loubnan – Tony Frei

    I believe the battlefield is on this website not anymore in Lebanon. You don’t know each other in person and you have reached this level of showing your angry teeth so imagine how is like wih the politicians in Lebanon. God help us to help Lebanon.

  18. walid and leb-syrian much love guys.

    i will write longer articles now just for you lol 🙂

    1. It will be just great if Cathy and Maria close out the day as friends, just like Tarie and Leb-Syria.

      This means that Lebanese are still capable of accepting their differences and settling their cases respectfully, whether they agree or disagree with each other. Tony A, we can use your wisdom and help here.

      Peace to all 🙂

      1. Joanna, I never had a problem with Maria, honestly..its a freaking forum and I just said she was living in the past but never resorted to personal insults…I think she’s the one that hates (for God knows what reason) and started with the degrading insults….

        in fact me and Tarie are having civil debates now 🙂

  19. Tarie Al Fanarie Avatar
    Tarie Al Fanarie

    Cathy First you’re jealous because we love Maria. Second I thought you’re a devout christians. Christians do not other call other people names. When George called Biotch you didn’t like it. But you can say to Maria get the F..Ck.

    Or ya sharmou…th or you C…

    Even if she insulted you as devout christians you are or shall I say Shiites, then you should not be insulting people back. Did Christ cursed back at his enemies? do not call yourself a devout christians when you use so many profanity. Maria and many others bring the past because many lebanese suffered from it and still suffering. The pain still continuing not with just israel, but also with syria, Hezbollah and many other extremists groups in Lebanon. Can’t you at least attack Syria to free whatever remains of our prisoners from there jails? Can’t Aoun your body free up his own soldiers at least? bigger enmey you say in israel. We say the enemy is within and its still hezbollah, syria and those extremists groups. I bet you 100% once we clear lebanon from within then we can settle our difference with israel. If israel wants war we’re all against it. I am not going to resort to name calling here. But you should sympathsize with your fellow lebanese who suffered a lot in the past and may i remind you hezbollah keep threatening us on daily basis. How could you even defend these people? we have israel our big enemy but we can’t side and unite with our enemy inside since this enemy is bent on controlling our daily lives and wants us to go where he takes us. We’re more intelligent than that and we don’t need them to run and ruin our lives and our country. wake up and support your country and don’t tell me i am not defending hezbollah and syria. Because you are showing it by not attacking them and by siding with hezbollah. And please spare us the beliefs that hezbollah is good for lebanon. They have done nothing good for lebanon. they want to fight israel go fight from syria. Majority of lebanese are tired of them, of israel, syria and lately Iran. take your crap out of lebanon and keep us out of it.

    1. Tarie thank you for your love, much love for you two my friend!

      I never posted or replied to this idiots kathy comments and all of a sudden she starts insulting me and the Tony warned her not to go ahead with this and she still did. So I decided to shut her mouth for her and really make her feel like the little SSNP agent that she is and she replied with F and C words lol….wi7de shliki mitla should be ashamed of herself for using the dirtiest words in an urban dictionary. Go look at every post, I never used any of these words but just goes to show what type of “lady” she is!

  20. “Cathy First you’re jealous because we love Maria”

    Tarie, for your info, i never personally insulted maria, she started calling me names and telling tony to stop talking to me lol shows the mental age & who’s really jealous

    ba3den i dont need religion lessons from you. mind your own business pls

    1. Tarie Al Fanarie Avatar
      Tarie Al Fanarie

      And we don’t need to lecture us on how hezbollah is not guilty about killing hariri and how they’re good for lebanon. I mind my own business when you mind yours. Stop protecting the enemies of Lebanon whether it may be israel, syria and hezbollah. These are the enemies of lebanon and anyone sides with them for all the damages they’ve done to lebanon and ignore their evil deeds against is. Is their friend and allies and we can do without your kind in Lebanon.

      1. You are your own worst enemy my friend. beleive me.

  21. moustapha Avatar

    To be fair.. i feel Cathy has been hammered by many in one go and yes Jesus never responded back to any of his enemies but then again that is what we all are striving to be like.. that is the model we are trying to reach and i guess i can say the majority hasn’t necessarily reached it so i can understand why she couldnt control her self.

    I know maria out of the three of you from her posts and I know she is a good person.. this thing is a whole misunderstanding. And cathy really deosnt seem to be an arogant person.

    Hope, Cathy, Maria and Karim can get over this phase and find a way to dumb the insults down.. Inshallah Khair.

    Tony A!!! where are you bro.. we need someone to spread and share some peace and love between our brothers and sisters.

    You know what.. i know this “might” not mean anything to any or most of you but it does to me so for what its worth I would like to say Ramadan Karim to all of you and i hope the spirit of this holy month can bring us all closer together what ever confession we are from. Allahy yi7meh Lebnan min il fitan ou min kil ileh 3am bi kido 3ala Lebnan bi shar.


    1. Thank you moustapha 🙂

    2. Tarie Al Fanarie Avatar
      Tarie Al Fanarie

      Thanks Moustapha and I wish all muslims a Ramadan Karim and inshallah peace be upon.

      1. wow tarie, Im impressed. for the first time, you said something very nice! bravo! 🙂

    3. Thank you Moustapha, Ramadan Karim to all Muslims.

  22. tarie read my posts carefully, I said I do sympathize with whoever still has prisoners there, but lets face it, the majority who hate syria, do not hate them because of the prisoners only but because of their past behaviour. thus my request to try to move on if we want to rebuild this country and make it stronger.

    Syria is out of lebanon, are they still meddling with our politics? sure but who isnt??? THE U.S? ISRAEL? SAUDI ARABIA?

    this is the problem, you guys are like Bush, you’re either with us or against us. and I am not with any side, wether you beleive it or not, I dont really care.

    1. Tarie Al Fanarie Avatar
      Tarie Al Fanarie

      Cathy is syria by no means out of lebanon. Their agents still work freely in lebanon. Assad keep submerging us with his doom and gloomy message of civil strife. he interferes in lebanon gov’t and politics as they never left lebanon. He’s lying about not having any prisoners in his feakin jails. Saudi Arabia and US at least help us financially but that doesn’t mean we should allow them to meddle. Even if Saudi meddle I would feel they have their best intentions for Lebanon. I know US has big congress and some favor israel and some even favors arabs believe it or not? but you can’t lump the US in one as you would with saudi. i am sure obama do not wish to cut aids to LAF. but you have israelis congressmen in there and what do you expect them to do? We can do lobby here for congressmen to support us. But we all talk and get angry and don’t do anything about it. Syria still interfers in lebanon and same with Iran. Do you want to hear what Khameini top man said recently. he said the Lebanon, Gaza and Iraq and Afghanistan are the fronts for Iran. That means we can use them at own disposal. Why do you want to drag lebanon with the problems of Iran? even hezbollah leaders like Raad, Qassam indicated on many occassions if Iran is attacked, we will sit idly by? why do you want to use the LAF and our land to defend iranian interests? Even during the days of Bush he could not do anything to stop hezbollah or syria. They talked and talked and when hezbollah attacked and killed its own people, did Bush send the marines? then just talking from far is not doing anything to affects one damn bit. But iranians and syrians are putting their words into actions. And their actions leading lebanon to destructions. If you can’t see that then not much i can say or do to convince you otherwise.

      1. I totally agree with you Tarie, I most definitley DO NOT wanna fight Iran’s battles.

        Listen, its very complicated and my personal opinion is that HA in the long run is NOT good for lebanon and must be disarmed or integrated into the army as lebanese defending lebanon.

        BUT the problem as I have explained it before, is we also have Israel to worry about.

        now lets say in a perfect world, HA disarms, and has no military wing, only political.

        what would you do if Israel decided to invade again to pursue its own interest of pushing more palestinians in, sucking water from the Litani, expanding Israel to accomodate the increasing population?

        just a simple question that I would like an answer for.

      2. Leb-Syrian Avatar


        MY answer to that would be that HA soldiers will have integrated into the lebanese army, making our country stronger, therefore not needing a party of god or syria to protect us, or Israel to accuse us as terrorists because of HA. And then the whole world would condemn Israel because they can not use the Hezballah is terrorizing Israel excuse anymore.

      3. True Leb-syrian BUT even if our army does become stronger with HA, the IDF is known for being one of the strongest armies in the world with the most sophisticated weaponry.

        now the only reason HA was able to defeat the IDF was because they acted like a militia and had bunkers and secret tunnels. otherwise, they would been blown to pieces.

        Also, if HA integrates the army, dont you think Israel will twist it by saying that now our army are a bunch of terrorists because HA is integrated in it?

        we can never win with them lol

      4. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        LOL, as far as we can never win with them, this is 100% true, they will manipulate every single situation to make the opressed seem like the opressors. Who knows what the future holds, we will have to wait and see.

  23. Leb-Syrian Avatar

    “you guys are like Bush, you’re either with us or against us. and I am not with any side”

    Correct, I noticed that alot on here just accuse me of being pro Hezballah just because I am half syrian. Or that I side with the Syrian regime, which I really dont. But this is the world we live in, and stereotypes exist everywhere. Just take it with a grain of salt and move on, or u can always tell the person off. LOL

    1. Tarie Al Fanarie Avatar
      Tarie Al Fanarie

      LEB-SYRIAN no i know by now you’re not with anyone and you even critisize syrian gov’t. Sorry if i was ever rude to you my friend.

      I know people here say syrians but they really referring to their gov’t. and no harm intended toward our syrians brothers. Peace!

      1. Leb-Syrian Avatar


        You know what is kind of funny and coincidental, today, as I was skimming through your comments I was thinking, he’s not so bad anymore haha. And I as well apologize if I was rude to you, which I know I can be. Sometimes it is better for people to agree to disagree, than to take it to the next level, but no one is perfect, myself included. Peace to you, your family and loved ones!

  24. Hello everybody

    My name is sam,i like to start posting on this forum,but first i want to say marhaba

    1. Hello Sam, welcome to this forum.

    2. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      Ma na2ais ghairak, just shut up Sam, no one gives a rats a$$.

      hahahaa, just kidding, welcome to hell!

      1. moustapha Avatar


      2. Haram, you are scaring him….lol. Leb-Syrian has a very unique sense of humor, but he is a great guy (I am assuming you are a guy, right?)

        This is the most civilized forum. At the end of the day we all love each other, and love Lebanon.

  25. ahlein Sam 🙂

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