FPM to take legal action over Karam investigation leaks


Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) MP Ibrahim Kanaan said during an interview with New TV that “starting Monday, the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) will take legal action against media outlets that reported leaks” from the investigation of retired Brigadier General Fayez Karam for espionage.

Karam, who is a senior FPM official, was arrested last Tuesday on suspicion of collaborating with Israel.

Kanaan said that FPM leader Michel Aoun has no knowledge of any collaboration, adding that “we are giving the investigation space, but the leaks are raising suspicions about its nature.”

Karam and Aoun went into exile in France following Aoun’s defeat by the Syrian army in 1990 and both returned to Lebanon following the withdrawal of the Syrian army from Lebanon in 2005.

Most of the leaks about Karam’s investigation are coming from the pro-Hezbollah/ Syrian media.

Hezbollah’s Al Manar reported that Karam has admitted to spying for the Mossad and unveiled that he began collaborating with Israel in the early 1990s.

The pro-Syrian newspaper As-Safir reported on Friday that the Intelligence branch of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) has been investigating Karam’s crimes since 2007.



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  1. Just like rat on a frenzies. Can’t they all address the situation at once, one voice, one opinion and put the issue to bed once and for all.Of course not, then they will have to work for the people who elected them. They would rather go on TV and voice their opinion to the matter one by one. This is a new TV show that should be called “WHO IS RIGHT” since they are all wrong. Why is kenaan defending aoun prematurely. is aoun an implant installed by the CIA to get the scoop on h/a and syria!!!Is that why he changed course since his return to Lebanon from exile!!!! One would wonder. I do not think a man with conscious would act like aoun and posse are, unless there is a hidden agenda. aoun either way you will loose, because you lost your credibility, integrity and loyalty. Go munch on a banana.

  2. thumbs up ALI. if the guy admitted he’s spying, what are you people running around like idiots screaming bloody murder.

    the reporters on any of these shows that interview any of these people should laugh in their faces for the absurdity of their logic.

    Karam: i admit i spied for israel.

    kanaan: this guy has no idea what he’s talking about. we will sue the media for leaking the truth. karam is innocent, he doesn’t know it yet.

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