3 killed in Lebanon-Israel border clashes


Lebanese and Israeli troops exchanged fire on the border Tuesday in the most serious clashes since a fierce war four years ago, and Lebanon said at least two of its soldiers and a journalist were killed in shelling.

The U.N. urged “maximum restraint” and said it was working with both sides to restore calm, but witnesses in Lebanon reported intermittent Israeli shelling in the area hours after the clashes broke out.

There were conflicting accounts of what sparked the gunfire.

Israeli soldiers and medics carry an Israeli soldier, injured during an exchange of fire with Lebanese troops

Israel’s military said its soldiers came under fire inside Israeli territory during a routine patrol and retaliated with artillery fire. A Lebanese army officer said the clash started when Israeli troops tried to remove a tree from the Lebanese side of the border.

An Associated Press photo shows an Israeli standing on a crane reaching over the fence that separates the two sides on the Lebanese side of the border.

The Lebanese officer said one of the Israeli shells hit a house in the Lebanese border town of Adaisseh. One civilian was wounded in the shelling, he said. A security official also said a Lebanese journalist working for the daily Al-Akhbar newspaper, Assaf Abu Rahhal, was killed when an Israeli shell landed next to him in Adaisseh.

The officials all spoke on condition of anonymity under military guidelines.

The border has been relatively quiet since the summer 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war that left 1,200 Lebanese and about 160 Israelis dead. Tuesday’s fighting did not appear to involve Hezbollah fighters.

After the 2006 war, the U.N. deployed 12,000-member peacekeeping force, known as UNIFIL, in the area.

Tensions along the border have risen in recent months. Israel claims that Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas have significantly expanded and improved their arsenal of rockets since 2006. Among other things, Israeli officials have accused Syria and Iran of supplying Hezbollah with Scud missiles capable of hitting anywhere in Israel, a claim Hezbollah has refused to confirm or deny.

But friction extends beyond. More than 70 people in Lebanon have been arrested since last year on suspicion of collaborating with Israel.

Lebanese President Michel Suleiman denounced the fighting and urged the army commander to “confront any Israeli aggression whatever the sacrifices.”

Suleiman said the shelling was a violation of the U.N. resolution that ended fighting between Israel and Hezbollah in 2006, saying Israeli troops had crossed the U.N.-drawn Blue Line boundary separating the two countries and fired on a Lebanese army checkpoint in Adeisseh.

Hezbollah officials were not immediately available for comment. The group’s leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, was scheduled to address supporters via satellite at a huge rally south of Beirut later Tuesday marking Hezbollah’s “divine victory” over Israel in the 2006 war.

UNIFIL confirmed that the Lebanese and Israeli armies exchanged fire and urged “maximum restraint.”

“UNIFIL peacekeepers are in the area and are trying to ascertain the circumstances of the incident and any possible casualties,” said UNIFIL spokesman Neeraj Singh. “Our immediate priority at this time is to restore calm in the area.”

Top photo: Lebanese medics treat a man injured in  clashes which erupted along the tense Israel-Lebanon border, near the village of Adaisseh




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  1. This is the time where we lebanese need to be united and stop the bickering and fighting and stand behind our army. They need our support in every way we can. The more we fight the weaker we become and our enemies will win. Our prayers go out to the soldiers family who died and for the wounded. May Allah protect our army and keep it strong and steadfast against the israeli aggression. Its time to make a stand and its about time we stand united. Long Live Lebanon and hope and pray no more clashes or wars.

  2. Aussie supporting Lebanon Avatar
    Aussie supporting Lebanon

    Agreed, well spoken. Lets support Lebanon in this time of need. The more united we are and the stronger we are. All of Lebanon need to stand strong against the Israeli aggression. Israel get a life. From OZ

  3. I don’t understand why the Lebanese army would open fire on Israeli sodliers while they were on their side of the border?!*** FYI- The actual border is several meters north of the fence in several places….even if it weren’t uprooting a tree is not the same as firing!

    I can understand Hezbullah doing it as they did when they started the war with Israel in 2006.

    And then hid behinds women and children and other civilians. Lebanon suffered because of Hezbullah.

    This is a flagrant violation of UN resolution 1701 by aggressiob against ISrael.

    Lebanon also never fufilled its obbligation accoridng to UN res. 1701 to Disarm the Iranian/Syrian Army Hezbullah.

    Hezbullah is slowly taking over your country and destabilizing it and the region. You suceeded in getting rid of Syrian amry only to have the other Syrian/Iranian proxy army-Hezbullah in your land.

    Disarm Hezbullah and make a peace treay with Israel. You two can make something beautiful together and dance to ISraeli and Lebanese music and enchance the quality of life together.

    Jews/Israelis and Pheonicians (Current Lebanese Christians) have along history of peace and good relations for thousands for years.

    Don’t let the SHIA continue to immigrate and dominate your country..take it back.

    Arafat and his Muslims tried to overthrow the Lebanese government in the 1980s and you invited the Israeli army to help you, remember?

    Before Arafat and his muslims started a civil war in Lebanon, Lebanon was a small garden paradise almost the “Paris of the Middle East”.

    How can PM Sa’ad Hariri stand to sit in the same room with his father’s murderers (Rest in Peace Mr. Rafik Hariri)Asad (who ordered the assasination) and Hezbullah who carried it out???

    1. Well said Jacob. You really know the real heart of our problemin Lebanon. I disagree with all other emotional posts, united, be a real Lebanese etc…. Does hezballah accepts what majority of the Lebanese is indeed. Then we consider to be united but never. In the previous posts I have mentioned as we are Arab as Lebanese we are Phoenicians no one has believed. Syria Assad has declared last night possibility of having peace talk with Israel in conditions of the Golan. So imagine Lebanon why not? Because of Iran. The entire middle east is pro American, 3 Arabs countries are in relation with Israel. Why us we are different because of batch of Underground hezballah trying to rule us bringing the Persian history to rule the world. No way and we will never let them.

      In previous post I mentioned the same that the Christians were saved by the Israelis in the 70s otherwise we would have Not been there today. So let’s think logically

      as Lebanese we have no problem to be in peace with Israel and am sure you will all reply Israelis are murderers and let me remind you too, Amal of Berri, Hezballah etc are all murderers too so we should not have peace with them too. it’s the time to wake up. Allah Yerham trab bachir gemeyal he had always said Syria is our ennemy no. 1 no one else and he said the day to come they will pay the price. Thanks Jacob you made my day. Thanks again.

      1. tony ali Avatar

        blah blah blah jimmy with your history lessons. yeah yeah yeah we got it. thanks for reminding us nerri and hizbollah are murderers.

        whatever man. you guys are trying to trap HA into a fight but thanks to the LAF, they are proving that they can deal with the issues at hand. the big guns will come when needed.

        lomg live the lebanese army and hizbollah and the phalange and the druze and ammal and all of our dysfunctional family. at least at the end of the day, we all have one goal and that is to protect lebanon.

        israel’s goal is to keep tje whole world divided especially its neighbors. well it aint woirking anymore and i hope that we always stick together in the face of adversity.

  4. Syria and Israel are two peas in a pod United on the destruction of Lebanon!

    We are defending a Lebanese tree which the Israelis tried to cut down yet we are not allowed to use the water of the Aassy River which all of it goes to Syria.

    We are not allowing the displaced to return from Israel yet we do not know the fate of the Lebanese political prisoners in Syria.

    We are ignoring the smuggling of armament threw the Lebanese Syrian border yet we have 12000 UN and 15000 Lebanese soldiers watching the border with Israel.

    We are arresting Israeli spice on a daily basis but the Syrian agents are members of the government.

    Both Syria and Israel occupied Lebanon. And both would like to come back.

    Wake up people. Israel and Syria both are the enemy “tow peas in a pod”!

    Myself I will join the fight with anyone defending Lebanon from any of these enemies.

    1. Tony Smith Avatar
      Tony Smith


      You have said it all man..

      Your words are gold..

    2. Jacob-International Relations Avatar
      Jacob-International Relations


      You are right about Syria but not about ISrael. ISrael came to help fight along side you in Lebanon in 1982 to help stop the radical PLO?Arafat from tearing up your country. They tried to take over your country and they failed in Jordan.

      You invited them remember?

      The Israelis are good, smart and peaceful people..but don’t do anything bad to them because they are strong.

      By Hating Israel you are falling into the hands of Syria/Iran…this is their trick-exactly what they want ..to justify their occupation and dominance of Lebanon by Syrian/Iranian proxy army of extremists-HEzbullah. Also to distarct attention from the indictment… Asad/Hezbullah murdered your former prime minister, Mr. Rafiq Hariri (may he rest in peace). Is this why Walis Jumblatt switched sides out of fear back to Syria?

      You say that Syria occupied Lebanon….their army left but they still occupy through Hezbullah.

      Remove Hezbullah and you and Israel can have peace, I promise you. Thery are good people in Lebanon and there are good people in Israel. I know both of your peoples.

      In fact you Lebanon and Israel should unite against Syria and Lebanon and all terror that wishes to murder and occupy your land.

      FREE Lebanon from Terror and extremists and occupation…Free Israel from the same.

      God Bless.

  5. tony ali Avatar

    i will truly believe that they tried to remove a tree and they started the skirmishes. the lebanese in nature are peaceful. theres no way that we started anything.

    long live lebanon and all lebanese.

    1. Jacob-International Relations Avatar
      Jacob-International Relations


      Believe it. Israel has nothing to gain from starting a war. ISrael was never at war with the Lebanese only against the aggressors (primarily, PLO and Hezbullah) who are your enemies too.

      The Israelis by nature are peaceful.

      I don’t beleive it was a Lebanese Sunni (unless a “palestinian”) neither a Chirstian…but only a Shia (loyal to Syria and Iran not Lebanon) or a Hezbullah soldier who made the first shot against Israel.

      Be strong free Lebanon of Foreign occupation and make peace with Israel. Probably the only true friend Lebanon can have in the region.

      1. Sydney, Australia Avatar
        Sydney, Australia

        Tony – you must have lost a few brain cells because you are just crazy! i got nothing else to say about you, you talk like you think you know everything about the issues but you got no clue.

      2. tony ali Avatar

        jacob – lol 🙂 i’m sorry but at times is a good remedy to debates cos come on man, pictures don’t lie dude. 🙂 i’m actually pleased with your blindness. ummmm theres a crane thats israeli okay?? (i’m talking to you like a 5 yer old cos i lol honestly see no other choice lol) now that crane in the picture has an arm thats extending over the lebanese border okay my young lad? lol 🙂

        now when you see that worker leaning over the fence into lebanese soil, thats whats called a breach of reolutions.

        do you see that in the picture?

        thank you as i rest my case.

  6. stan squires Avatar
    stan squires

    I am from vancouver,canada and i wanted to say that israel will always be a problem for the people of Lebanon.If it wasn’t for the western imperialist govs.like canada, u.s.a.and european govs. supporting the fascist israeli gov. the people of Lebanon could solve this problem.The united nations is not doing their job the way it should be done.They are part of the problem.Its impossible to have peace with an apartheid state like israel.

    1. Stan i have one suggestion for you. Leave Canada and join hezballah. You are a traitor to Canadian And the west. Sorry

      1. tony ali Avatar

        jimmy dont insult stan cos hes well informed. i guess you cant handle the truth. or better yet, you love hiding it.

    2. Jacob-International Relations Avatar
      Jacob-International Relations

      You are obivously a fascist war mongerer….why do you love war so much?

      1. tony ali Avatar

        i meant to say laughter is a good remedy…..

    3. tony ali Avatar

      i love you stan as i type from vancouver BC

      1. Jacob-International Relations Avatar
        Jacob-International Relations


        You mentioned the photo. It shows an Israeli soldier reaching over the fence which SITS on ISraeli territory. Let me Slowwwwww dowwwnnn. The Lebanese-Israeli border is tens of meters TO THE NORTH of the fence.

        ISrael never entered ISraeli territory.

        UNIFIL troops confirm that IDF did not enter Lebanese Territory. Lebanese army made a mistake and fired first.

        IDF says they were laying in an ambush….maybe. One thing is for sure….why would a journalist be there just by chance today? Could it be he knew of their plans?

        Now explain to me what justified this provcation?

    4. As apposed to… Democratic, life loving liberals and human right champions like Ha, assad, and the iranian regime??

      Stan, you must have forgotten to take your medicine if you prefer to live in such a imperialist fascist country like Canada.

      Sober up man reality is not that black and white as you

      try to picture here.

      1. tony ali Avatar

        tiger dunno why you’re trying to intimidate stan or attack him. why is it that you cant handle the truth. stick to other web sites where you feel intelligent cos of the less informed readers that you’ve brain washed over 40 years with CNN anf fox.

        well sorry to burst your bubble but thanks to you tube, the world is not as big as it used to be is it??

  7. Mohammed Ali Avatar
    Mohammed Ali

    Jacob, I live in the south Lebanese city of Tyre, and have been victim to constant shelling, and I have a far greater understanding of whats going on. In fact, I have had seven far cousins, two of which I was close to, three cousins and my Grandfathers sister pass away. Our hatred for Israel is going to forever remain due to these. Hezb Allah dont choose to stay in civilians buildings, they are sent around to give aid, the ones in civilian buildings arent fighters but help to teach us to adjust to the circumstances and supply us with minor weaponry in case of emergencies. They stay for a day or too, then leave. I dont want war and while I don’t like being Syria and Iran’s puppet, I also don’t want for my country to have ended up like Palestine, which it very well would have if it wasn’t for Hezb Allahs great history.

    1. tony ali Avatar

      wallah ya mohammad my support is always with you my lebanese brother.

  8. tony ali Avatar

    sydney australia i will never deny that i havent lost a few brain cells and that i am indeed very crazy. if you got something to bring to the table offer it cos we can all insult each other.

    thanks for stating the obvious about me so can we now discuss the issues at hand please?

  9. Constantin Avatar


    This time the Israelis provoked the firing on them from the Lebanese army with their attempt to uproot a tree on the Lebanese side. The Israeli army’s behavior was not necessary, insulting and without any regard to our sovereignty, as usual (because the Israelis fly over Lebanon any time and as many times as they want without any regard to the Lebanese).

    We the Lebanese are not war lovers, we are very peaceful people, including the Hizbullah people (Ok they made a mistake in 2006 and paid dearly for it), trust me they are peaceful and want to live in peace, but from your part stop disregarding our sovereignty on our land and space. If the Lebanese army wanted to uproot a tree on the Israeli side of the fence, how would have the Israeli army reacted? Can you answer this question? I am sure they would have fired at the Lebanese army. I am very much pro-peace with Israel, but please start showing some respect and goodwill to your northern neighbour before any peace consideration….

    Salam/Shalom to All!

  10. all of you need to realize this is not just a little clash, Israel have been trying to provoke Hizballah so they retaliate and Israel use it as an excuse to go to war again, this time it didn’t go the way they wanted, out land is sacred , if you take one pebble from Lebanese soil , you will pay for it, what Israel need to realize is that it messed with Lebanon’s most sacred, Beloved organization, THE LEBANESE ARMY, let it be known to them they are not facing a few lebanese who belong to a group or a religion, this time the are facing 4.5 Millions LEBANESE , you started it Israel , suffer the consequences, if Hizballah decide to get involved and help the Lebanese army, All the support to them also

  11. Constantin,

    The Lebanese were the aggressors here.


    The fence is several meters south of the Isreal-Lebanon border. Reuters (as usual) put an incorrect caption showing an Israeli crane over the fence, which Reuters presumed was in Lebanese territory, which it was not.

    A Hezb-affiliated journalist was killed and a sniper took out the Israeli officer. A sniper and a Hezb-journalist. Hmmmm…

    Could be that this was staged by Hezb to take the heat off of the new allegations coming at it for the Hariri assassination.

    BTW, the tree uprooting was done in coordination with UNIFIL. This wasn’t some random provocation or act of aggression by Israel.


    Your in our dua’s oh Lebanon from Iraq to Australia your in our prayers.

    May ALLAH SWT protect you, Allah yerham the souls of those whom have departed us today; To a better place.

    Fi aman ILLAH

  13. Tony, intimidating stan (or anybody) was not my intention at all, just my thoughts

    on stans one dimension indoctrinated opinion, which he has the freedom to have . . . in canada.

    I fail to see what brain washing got to do with anything i wrote and even less, what has you tube to do with “bursting my bubble”?

    What contradictions have you discovered on you tube that have anything to do with what i’ve wrote here?

    If you have anything of substance to say, regarding stans words and my response to him, besides accusing me of brainwashing

    people or “bursting my bubble”, go ahead and do it.

    1. George Tannous Avatar
      George Tannous

      Lebanon’s Worst Enemy’s are the Lebaneese Politicians themself,They want you to believe something that they don’t believe in,Every move they make is politically Calculated to influence certain group of people and the aspiration of special needs,All that to the Contrary of what most of you think.

      Look at the history of Lebanon from the 70’s,I can assure you that every leader or militia head chief had fought from their own personal needs not for the faith of lebanon and it’s Democracy.

      My fellow lebaneese People

      I am calling all of you to wake up and to not allow these evil politicians christians ,muslims and Duruz to manipulate you any longer.

      I had lived in lebanon thru out the civil war and i can tell you that it was the most horrified experience i had ever witnesed.

      They will tell you what you want to hear and behind close doors they are cashing out on your sacrifices and while you are busy Preparing to make ends meat ,These leaders are making Millions of Dollars from whom ever they choose to work for.

      In conclusion,My advice to all lebaneese christians ,muslims,Duruz etc,Wake up and see the truth if you wish to live in a true Democracy.

      In lebanon ,It is not what politicians can do for you ,It is what you can do for them.

      Let us take control back from these Criminals or so called Leaders,These leaders are same People who created the civil war,Hundred of thousends of yictims had died as a result to their Mistakes and miss calculations,Let us not repeat the same mistake by electing these criminals who they only care of their own ego and family’s.

      candidate for nj state senate

      George Tannous.

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