Aoun renews attack against STL


During a tour in Kesrouan district on Sunday, Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun renewed his attack against the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) , saying it cannot issue an indictment before resolving the issue of false testimonies .

STL was formed by the UN to try the killers of Lebanon’s former PM Rafik Hariri

His remark is part of a well organized campaign against the STL following a report in the pro-Syrian newspaper, Al Safir which revealed that Hezbollah members will be indicted by STL in the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

“Everyone admitted that there were false witnesses who testified about the murder of Rafik Hariri,” Aoun said, questioning who manipulated them.

In his speech Thursday July 22 , Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah admitted that some of his party members would be named in the tribunal’s formal charges but stressed that he will reject the indictments . In an another speech he questioned the STL’s credibility, calling it an “Israeli project” designed to create sectarian strife in the country. He also claimed that the indictments were written long time ago and were based on testimonies of false witnesses.

All the false witnesses are reportedly former Syrian Intelligence officers .

Mohammed Zuhair Siddiq also known as Mohamad Zouhair Siddik is a self proclaimed former Syrian intelligence operative who used to live in Lebanon.

Husam Taher Husam another self proclaimed former Syrian intelligence operative

Both witnesses provided information that led the Lebanese authorities to arrest the four Lebanese generals in 2005 .

All the 4 generals were released from jail last year for lack of sufficient evidence

Earlier in July, STL held a public hearing over former General Security head Brigadier General Jamil as-Sayyed’s request for documents related to his imprisonment. Sayyed, was one of the four jailed generals . He claimed he is the victim of false witnesses.

In defense of Hezbollah Aoun said:

“We thank every Arab and international effort seeking to uncover the truth behind Hariri’s assassination , but we do not welcome efforts to frame the crime on anyone with the intentions of destabilizing Lebanon.”

“A crime cannot go without punishment and an innocent can’t be accused of a crime. ” He said

He added.

“Israel is planning for trouble in Lebanon so that international resolutions are imposed on us at the expense of our sovereignty.”

Aoun warned :

“We are on the verge of facing a new plot which I have warned about weeks ago,” …. “Israel is plotting problems and planning to hit stability in Lebanon. ” He said

Aoun then slammed the US, by saying “it can crush Lebanon with its weapons, but it cannot impose on us its policies.”



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    1. damn you Ali now i’m singing the song in my heaed lol. damn you man 🙂 you have cursed me now. i can’t stop the song in my head 🙂

      all together now: “who let the dogs out? woof woof woof woofwoof”

      damn you Ali 🙂

  2. Tarie Al fanarie Avatar
    Tarie Al fanarie

    Nassrallah, Raad, Moussawi, Berri and Aoun..

    Five little monkeys jumping on the bed,

    One fell off and bumped his head.

    Mama called the Doctor and the Doctor said,

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    We’re tried of these monkeys jumping on the STL. Yes Aoun there are two false witness one his name Husam who’s currently travelling between Chatourah and Syria and works directly with the Bashar Assad. the other Zuheir Suddiq who spies on the west and reports to the syrian intelligence. Yes those false witnesses are still working for Syria. What does that tell you Aoun the Monkey. Oh please stop jumping you five monkey because you keep hurting your heads..

    Oh Doctor Doctor my head hurts.. Well the Doctor asked why does it hurt. Because i fell down while jumping on the bed. you stupid ape stop doing it then so it won’t hurt anymore. Well you five monkeys stop accusing yourself of the crimes committed since you feel so strongly about not being guilty. Bend Over Aoun i am going to shove a scud up your jazz so it will take to north pole where the sun don’t shine..

    1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      you are sick

  3. How old are you ? You sound like a 7 year old ….. we all know who killed Rafik Hariri …. ISREAL and only the ignorant think otherwise …. ONE LEBANON FOR ALL THE LEBANESE …

  4. i wonder why all of you are wasting so much time on these petty articles. who cares about what MPs are saying? the STL will issue its statements regardless of what anybody feels or says.

    you guys go enjoy the sun

    and have fun and sun your buns. the STL can go to hell

    and it will ring its bell

    when its ready to yell

    out the names

    if its nasralla or james

    if its israel or assad

    theres no meeting bil wassat.

    The STL is independent of lebanon

    so enjoy your day and when the time we will nijtama3on

    POEM OVER lol

    and see who the culprits are so ignore the in between stuff and focus on the big picture. the STL will indict whoever the STL finds guilty.


  5. Tarie Al fanarie Avatar
    Tarie Al fanarie

    Yes the ignorant are you Hassan and LebFirst and John and Jnoubi. Otherwise why are these monkeys keeping jumping up and down on the STL if they’re not guilty? face it like a man if you’re one? we’all know who did its the dogs who are barking very hard trying to scare everyone. Hide it and ignore it all you like. The facts remains you’re hezbollah did it with their syrian masters. Israel if it wanted to even as of late kill Nassrallah. But they shied away? so what makes them not kill him and cause civil strife? you tell me? you can ignore it and lie about it all you like. They’re guilty and you’re an accomplice since you’re trying to protect them. I will visit you in jail Hassouni no worry baby!

  6. Berytus Avatar

    The only monkeys are the March 14 and the March 8 forces.

    So if you follow either or the other, you are a monkey.


    Because you believed their lies for FIVE YEARS NOW!

    Why are they lies?

    Because NONE of them have given any solid evidence. All they are giving is conspiracy theories.


  7. michael Avatar

    Tarie, let the dogs bark, this will not change the course of action. The STL will issue the indictments and the terrorists of hizbolla and their allies will not change anything.

  8. michael its exactly what im saying man. tarie gets all bent out of shape for nothing. the STL will indict whoever is guilty so go enjoy the sun.

    dont worry about all the petty outbursts. read the president’s article. i can’t have said it any better.

  9. Chuck Lanka Avatar
    Chuck Lanka

    Hezballah has upgraded their telecommunication to iPhone 4, unfortunately they have faced antena problems this is why their tails I mean their allies such Aoun and wahhab and berri are getting the message in retard.

    It’s funny all are speculating and requesting evidences and blaming Israel and the US. Do they have evidences to support their claims definetely not, they are idiots ashaming every Lebanese around the world. The US has opened doors for evry lebanese during the war, we got educated, rich and thanks for evry Lebanese American in investing in Lebanon and in rebuilding Lebanon where do you think those 6 millions tourists are from? Iran? Yeh right! But idiot like Aoun and Berri are left out to bark from time to time but soon they will get extinguished. All hezballah supporters are living in the US building better life so why hezballah doesn’t call them to return home since they are anti American?

    Syria has made us suffer in the last 35 years and I will never wish them one day peace! Never and never no matter what including hezballah. Am proud to be Lebanese American and proud to be and fight against Iranian regime in Lebanon no matter who they are.

    1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      w kaman min sureeya illak, allah la yib3atlak khair w ma tet7anna wala yom fi 7ayatak 🙂

      From a Lebanese-Syrian American

      Have a great day ole chuck!!

      1. Chuck Lanka Avatar
        Chuck Lanka

        You better go do your Syrian military service to get enriched and become more stupid. How shame are you to nominate yourself Lebanese and American. Probably you kissed the American feet to be accepted and desperate for an American passport since your Syrian passport worse a donkey. Go ya Arab and stay Arab like jarab.

      2. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        Actually, my family has been here for 40 + years and I was born and raised here, so try again Chuckster! And the only shame is you who makes fun of your fellow arabs,and when you wish harm on a whole country of people just because of their opressive government. But when “americans” look at us they dont think syrian or lebanese they just think ARAB, whether you like it or not. And you need to correct your grammer, its not “How shame are you…” its “How ashamed are you…”.

      3. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        P.S. Oh righteous, chosen one, the Lebanese passport does not give much for freedom than the Syrian one does. Just some food for thought!

  10. Chuck Lanka Avatar
    Chuck Lanka

    By the way, Aoun has forgotten who has saved him from Geagea and the Syrian was the American welcomed and lobbied by the French as a refugee. Unfortunately he is another jumblatt. Ask about jumblatt family members where do they live in France and the states. Just shame on them how silly scumbag they are. They have no dignity or pride to stand for

  11. Chuck Lanka Avatar
    Chuck Lanka

    I am not Arab and I will never be one. Am Lebanese and I will remain Lebanese. I speak and I eat Lebanese not Arab ya jarab. Trust am educating enough the world around me about Arabs and Lebanese. If the canadians speak French and the American speak Spanish don’t make them Spanish and french. Be proud as a Syrian and stop wasting your typing by saying Lebanese cause you can’t earn it. So be it

    1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      Fyi, I am not arabic either. So another wasted comment. Just because my parents come from Syria and Lebanon doesn’t make me arabic. Haha in a way your proving stereotypes yourself. You automatically assumed that Im an arab, the same way americans would assume your an arab just cuz your from Lebanon. So take all that arab jarab crap and use it somewhere else. Anything else you’d like to say? And I dont have to earn anything, because I am what I am. On the other hand you were not born in the US, so you must have been kissing feet to get your American passport huh?

      1. LEB-SYRIAN. i`ve read sri lanka`s comments on may occasions and when he first came onto this site with adam ben yoel he was very zionist. beware of the wolf in sheep`s clothing.

        leb-syrian and any nationality that speaks moderation and understanding is welcome in my house. as a matter of fact the more mixed you are the more welcome you are cos you are the types of people who will always look at both sides of any argument before you utter a syllable.

      2. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        Thanks Tony! Ahla w sahla feek anytime bro. Usually I dont feed into dumb peoples crap, but Im bored at work and felt like making someone ignorant look stupid. mission accomplished !! haha

  12. Leb-Syrian Avatar

    You just get more ignorant/dumb by the minute.

    1. leb-syrian dont hold back. ignorants are dangerous cos many itelligent people are sheep and some fall into ignorants` messages.

  13. Chuck Lanka Avatar
    Chuck Lanka

    Wow you are so good, just figured it out. Am standing at the US embassy night and day wishing myself good luck.

    Bravo ya shattoor, Mami must give a lolly.

    Sorry, the conversation is fun with you but I need to catch my party in Broumana. Welcome to Lebanon our paradise that you all dream to live

    1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      HAHAHAHA….. Good way to escape embarrasment. And if I wanted to live in Lebanon I could have and would have as I have family there and in Syria. But im good here in the US 🙂 Hope it rains on your party!!

  14. Do those who are part of the organized campaign against the STL really believe that the indictments are all based on false testimonies?Do they really believe it or they want people to believe it?The STL is doing its job so the innocent are innocent and those who will be accused can defend themselves!To continue to create this tense atmosphere and cause more dissension does not help build states and neither does it make its citizens feel safe !Stop warning and attacking!let the judges and prosecutors do the job!

  15. tony ali Avatar

    fauzia, you always speak logic.

  16. Bond is speaking again.

  17. bravo general u made everything clear as cristal for us now well done now we can sleep well

  18. Lebster Avatar

    3ou 3ou 3ou 3oun

  19. Tarie Al fanarie Avatar
    Tarie Al fanarie

    Fauzia i totally agree with you and let the STL decide as partial as it may seems. If the verdict to convict guilty people and ignore others so be it. I know that doesn’t sound fair, but you can’t have everything at once. In the end there no one bigger and greater than God. In the end he will send those do evil to hell and those who do good on earth to Heaven. And again history was never on the side of dictators and criminals. they may get away with many things but in the end they will die like dogs. Or be caught and arrested like dogs? or commit suicide or die with bad ailness. Lebanon need to clear the residue of war. If the STL takes place and convict fairly those whom they have solid evidence of the crimes committed against lebanese people. Until these people brought to justice lebanon will always live in fear and it will go past electricity problems or ever become a truely civilized nation. For those who do not understand that justice need to be served, then you’re aiding the criminals whoever they maybe. therefore you’re an accomplice in the crime. You do the crime then you better be ready to do the TIME Like it or not?

  20. Tony Smith Avatar
    Tony Smith

    If justice means destabilizing Lebanon then let it be.

    HA and the Christian leaders that hide behind them will get their day soon….

    1. Chuck Lanka Avatar
      Chuck Lanka

      Pls don’t name Christian leaders hidden behind there is only one stupid is Aoun

  21. tony ali Avatar

    sorry sri lanka i tasted war so don’t feel so sorry for yourself. i used to man the road blocks with my friends thinking it was all a game. i was in baakleen during the civil war you red neck. i studied under blackouts and explosions in deir al qamar plus i starved for over 3 days when the israelis cut off the food supplies to the mountains. our house was destroyed as well so i don’t feel sorry for you.

    so ya falaa7 that wants to defend his christianity, unlike you i want to defend hunamity you zionist underwear lover. go to israel if you like them so much and take your arrogance with you.

    i don’t feel sorry for you at all and unlike you when i escaped thru ayria, i learned the language of love and acceptance cos its why lebanon is the way it is cos of arrogant people like you that think you’re special and that you fought hard for lebanon. the only thing you are fighting for is a label – christianity. good luck man but your attitude like gaegae hurts any progress for ALL lebanese.

  22. Leb-Syrian Avatar

    Chuck, I saw your post before it was deleted for your foul language by someone on here. You resorted to name calling because I made you look stupid. And called you out on every ridiculous comment you made. It was a great day for Lebanon when you left, and a horrible day in America when you arrived on our soil. You should be stripped of your Lebanese citizenship after the comments you have made. If being Lebanese meant being someone like you, then I would hide my identity, But thank god everyone in/from Lebanon is no where near anything like you. And yes in face I am proud and happy to have family roots from Syria and Lebanon, and you nor anyone can strip me of that. However, I doubt you are Lebanese, because no Lebanese person or family member that I know would agree with anything you have to say. How dare you defend Israel over Lebanon. I just wish that your post wasn’t deleted so everyone can see the person you truly are.

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