Analysis: Dangerous Illusions


By:James Zogby *

After a century in which tragedy has been heaped upon tragedy across the Middle East, it is distressing to see how many dangerous illusions still shape the behavior of so many of the region’s principal players.

This truth was brought home by a recent report, “A Third Lebanon War,” issued by the influential Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The author of the report, former Ambassador to Egypt and Israel, Dan Kurtzer, after methodically assessing factors on all sides, advises U.S. policy makers to prepare for the possibility of war in the next 12 to 18 months between Israel and Hizbollah forces in Lebanon.

(Kurtzer wrote his piece well before rumors that an international tribunal may be indicting members of Hizbollah for the assassination of Rafiq Hariri. And while this has generated a new set of concerns with the focus now on Lebanon’s internal stability instead of war with Israel, the CFR piece remains useful for its analysis and the dangers it examines.)

The developments that prompt Kurtzer’s assessment are twofold: Israel’s growing concerns with the quantity and quality of weapons alleged to have been amassed by Hizbollah in violation of U.N. Security Council Res. 1701, and the heightened war-like rhetoric on both sides.

Kurtzer sees it as unlikely that Hizbollah would launch hostilities, and suggests that the more likely scenarios are that Israel would either try to lure the Lebanese militia into a war or take it upon itself to attack Hizbollah positions in Lebanon in an effort to “degrade” the group’s military “capabilities”.

Kurtzer cautions that no good would come of this renewed conflict. Lebanon would again pay a bitter price. Israel, already experiencing some degree of international isolation, would see its standing further compromised and such an adventure would most likely not result in dislodging or weakening Hizbollah. And the U.S. would witness severe setbacks to its three major policy objectives in the Middle East: “slowing or stopping Iran’s nuclear program, withdrawing combat forces from Iraq, and helping Middle East peace talks succeed.”

While Kurtzer suggests measures the U.S. might take to discourage an Israeli attack or, after hostilities begin, to limit them, he acknowledges that the combination of partisan politics and the work of the Israel lobby would likely restrain the Administration from taking too aggressive a stance to pressure Israel or more actively engage Iran and Syria, or to open a dialogue with Hizbollah–all with an eye toward easing regional tensions.

In the end, Kurtzer concludes that while the U.S. “should work to avert another war in Lebanon, its capacity to do so is limited.” He, therefore, concludes that the Administration’s best options are to prepare for a worst case scenario. Among these options are: “upgrading U.S. intelligence collection and U.S. Israeli intelligence cooperation”; “publicly restate U.S. support for Israel’s right to self-defense and concerns about Hizbollah’s rearmament”; “increase diplomatic pressure on Syria”; and “prepare for possible postwar diplomatic initiatives.”

After reading the CFR report, several questions came to mind, focusing on the dangerous illusions that appear to guide behavior of all involved in this bizarre “dance of death”.

If no good will come of a third Lebanon war, as Kurtzer rightly notes, then why are we, once again, at the brink of conflict? At what point do Israel’s military planners realize that one more war will bring them no closer to regional peace and acceptance than any of the past wars? If Hizbollah is truly concerned with the rights, safety, security and prosperity of its people, then why does it persist in this dangerous game of rearming and brinkmanship? If the U.S. has so much to lose, then why will it allow partisan politics and a lobby to limit its ability to protect its national interests by actively working to restrain one bully or opening a dialogue with another? Can Dan Kurtzer, whose thoughtful and disturbing analysis has so correctly identified the costs, futility and dangers of renewed conflict, really believe that the recommendations he proposes at the end will do anything but encourage the war planners to proceed on their fools’ errand? And can anyone really believe that at the end of yet another devastating round of hostilities the region will be anymore receptive to a productive “diplomatic initiative” than it has been after past conflicts or it is today?

That another war will create peace; that more arms that only provoke your dangerous better-armed and unrestrained neighbor will make you secure; that bad policy made under the duress of domestic politics will produce anything other than bad results — these are the dangerous illusions under which all have been laboring for decades, and apparently still are.

* James Zogby is President of the Arab American Institute, Author of Arab Voices




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  1. Jonathan Boyko Avatar
    Jonathan Boyko

    Kurtzer’s analysis is – I am sorry to say – baseless. After 1967, when Israel took a preemptive step against Egypt and Syria, the Israelis only attacked following an attack.

    While the situation is complex, it certainly is true that the 2006 war between Israel and Lebanon would not have happened, if Hassan Nasrallah would not have captured and killed Israeli soldiers, to use as bargaining chips (as well as in 2000).

    The worst thing, of course, is that while the Israelis built civilian protective infrastructure for decades (such as bomb shelters), Lebanon’s rulers did nothing of the kind. Moreover, according to some reports, Hizballah’s men forced villagers to stay in South Lebanon during the war, putting civilian lives in additional risks.

    Because of international community’s reaction, Israel cannot allow itself to attack first. It didn’t even attack Hamas first in 2008. Lebanon would be much bigger a deal.

    1. tony ali Avatar

      jonathan go study your facts before you post one sided propoganda crap.

  2. Do upon others what Hitler did upon you. That terrorist state israel should be called HITSRAEL for it’s likeness to evil.

    Hizballah was not the product of good will and love from HITSRAEL; but from years of oppression andstate terror against poor, and defensless people. To be exact, HA was the fuits produced by that terrorist state after it’s evil “stay” in Lebanon after 1982.

    Terror begets terror. Crazy begets crazy. And the chickens are coming home to roost.

    1. actually R and prophet i totally understand what you`re saying cos a consequence has to start from an action and it seems that michael chooses to ignore that fact.

      why would HA be created after 1982 if it wasnt for HITSRAELI aggression.

      i could care less about HA but when we can admit our faults, we will be able to deal with HA with some humility instead of the arrogance that we all love to hold onto and the proof is in the pudding with the grand opening of luis vuitton store where heads of state actually attend.

  3. michael Avatar

    R: you have a complex of Israel and Zionist. Do you dream about them? well let us try to think about own problems and solve them and not blaming all of them on zionists. Your analysis are consistently narrow and suffer for complex and frustrations. How old are you? I really think that your comments are fit for 12 years old boy or girl.

    1. Walid Khouri Avatar
      Walid Khouri


      I think they abused him…. sexually that is… lol

      1. Walid, You are sick, and you know what I think you were the one who was sexually abused. Maybe by your own father.

    2. hey bozo, you are narrow minded and do not like people that have an objective mind. I will keep bringing you up to speed on the truth regardless of how many bozos like you give me thumbs down. The more of them the prouder I am.

      1. Walid Khouri Avatar
        Walid Khouri

        So Rania (R)

        Are you gonna tell us your name? What are you afraid of?

        I am sure you are a woman as a real man can take a joke and laugh about it…

  4. prophet Avatar

    The fact is that none of the group that have fought against Israel had existed before the illegal creation of Israel. Whether it’s a Palestinian group, Lebanese group or any other group that opposes Israel in the middle east. Since the creation of Israel, the whole region has been unstable, threatened, and attacked by Israel.

    From the day Palestinians were forced to leave their homeland, and throughout the 60’s and 70’s continues attacks on Lebanon by Israel, to the first major invasion of 78,and the occupation since then ,ending with the 82 invasion ,Israel has been the aggressor. They have nuclear weapons that can destroy the whole world few times, yet, they want us to believe that few thousand missiles from world war two ear are a threat to Israel. The destruction that Israel has done in Lebanon throughout all the wars, and ending with the 2006 war, should be considered war crimes.

    There are more UN resolutions against Israel than there are against the whole world all together. That should mean something. Israel is the next South Africa’s apartheid. Time isn’t on the side of Israel.

    1. Tarie Al Fanarie Avatar
      Tarie Al Fanarie

      No one can disregard the destructions inflicted on Lebanon and palestinians by israel. But that should not give hezbollah and syria reign in lebanon where they can do whatever they want. They kill people and attack Beirut and attack christians using street gangs who are running on motor cycles. Look inside you before you look outside. That doesn’t justify hezbollah and syria to kill hariri and 18 other good people with him.that do not justify to kill walid eido, Gibran Tueni and pierre gemyal and many others. Every time we bring these good people names you bring israel? what does israel have with Walid Eido? it was always the outspoken against Syria and hezbollah that got murdered. We have heard enough crap that these people were killed by israel? the STL have withouth a doubt solid evidence against the murderous thugs. If you going to protest against it then go to Court and do it. Not go on TV and threatens Lebanese and the international community that civil strife could happen if hezbollah was accused. That doesn’t sound like an innocent people to me and many others. Syria murdered more lebanese than israel in all the wars combined. Pick on your sister syria first who is not suppose to do this to a brotherly nation. Clean the inside of your country first. As far as israel i totally agree with you but also do not ignore the enemy within. Once they step on me and kill my brother they’re no longer my brothers and i do not consider them the freedom fighters of Lebanon. They decided the fate of the war of 2006. Israel warned them on many occasions return the soldiers to us or we will bomb. Review your history before you blame everyone except yourself. Hezbollah who attacked the border killed and kidnapped their soldiers. I am not saying israel is not a brutal enemy and have never done us wrong. Its the so called the brothers and sons of Lebanon who killed and murdered their own people just since 2005. The past lots of lebanese were guilty and no one can dispute that. The lebanese govt should not have allowed the palestinians to enter lebanon and let them sit at the israeli borders until israel give them their homeland back. I and for Support their full return to their homeland and even if it means breaking israel back. But we’re done with war damn it. Let syria,iran and palestinians fight their own wars from somewhere else. Every time i hear israel was about to attack iran,Qassem and Moussawi give us the words that they will not sit idly by without attacking israel. You do not represent the gov’t first and you do not represent the whole lebanese population. Most lebanese do not give you the blessings of attacking israel so who are you to decide the fate and lives and on top of it destruction of property and economy? who are you to take me to war with israel? i am all for being prepared against them and be on alert. If we’re attacked by israel then by all means, lebanese should rise not just army, but also resistance and the whole nations to show our total soliderity and unity. Otherwise stop bringing israel to make up execuses. Let us live in peace please.

      1. “But that should not give hezbollah and syria reign in lebanon where they can do whatever they want”

        I strongly agree. But Histarel is the evil that started it all. And that is regardless of how many mistkaes the idiots in the Syrian regime made, Regardles of the stupid Abu 3ammar, or HA’s allegged assasination of Hariri.

      2. “that do not justify to kill walid eido, Gibran Tueni and pierre gemyal and many others. ”

        I respect all these guys and cried for Pierre and Tueni. Never knew Eido but soory about him too.

        I am not the one bringing up Hitsrael. They bring themselves up by their actions. I do not support any party whether HA or anyone else using Hitsrael as an excuse to kill anyone else (assuming they did). HA does what HA has to do. Syrian regime does their dirty thing too just like geagea did his many dirty things. Who is or was clean in Lebanon besides Saad Hariri?

        However all above does not give Hitsrael the justification to take people’s land, oppress the poor and defensless until death. Yet they have and still are doing it.

      3. VOICE OF TRUTH Avatar

        “…h/a does what h/a has to do…”

        what on earth are you talking about????????????

        well my friend, this is the kind of talk about h/a and the palestinians some people throw at you casually without knowing its serious and deadly national ramifications!!!!!!

        do you really believe the majority of the lebanese, which i am sure are non h/a followers, would buy this nonsense??????


        the lebanese are sick and tired of giving blank checks, without any accountability, to the shiite and the palestinian resistance.

        since the major israeli withdrawal from lebanon in the year 2000, the military wings of h/a and the palestinians had their welcome status expired in the eyes of the lebanese population.

        they slowly but gradually ARE BECOMING A NUISANCE by insisting on arming themselves against all national conventions like taef and against all united nations’s resolutions, challenging the role of the laf and starting to undermine the stability the security and sovereignty of lebanon.

        if h/a is indicted by stl with the assasination of late pm hariri and or the following martyrs , adding to the list the 2006 oooops war, plus the occupation by h/a and cos. of downtown beirut and continuing with the bloody occupation of west beirut in 2008; the sum of all these events, put in perspective, is giving the lebanese a clear idea where things are heading if military groups of h/a and the palestinians are left alone doing whatever they please all over lebanon.

      4. prophet Avatar

        Tarie Al Fanarie

        Yet, you made many statements that are not proven at all. As to who killed PM Rafik Hariri, and all the other Victims who were murdered during those four years. You state it as a fact that Syria, and HA killed The late PM. ,and the others.

        At first, the STL and most Lebanese accused Syria and the Lebanese security apparatus of being behind the killing. The Heads of four Lebanese security establishments spend for years in Jail without and due process. at the end , we were told that they have no evidence on any of them. As for Syria’s Involvements, it disappeared all of sudden. Now they are talking about Ha being involved. I don’t know whether that is true or not, but that same STL lost most of its credibility, and you know it. To most people, the STL is being manipulated by the International community for political reason that might turn out to be very costly to Lebanon. You hare to admit that the STL has a credibility issue to repair, though I doubt it can be done at this stage.

        I don’t disagree with you on Syria’s mistakes in Lebanon. But let’s put in the right contest, Syria was given a green light by the whole international community to handle and control Lebanon. Also, all Lebanese faction, have at one time or another been allies of Syria. They all used the Syrian influence to advance their own agenda, whether it’s political or sectarian.

        You also say that Israel warned HA to return the two soldiers or they will bomb. You make it sound like Israel had no choice. Well, you ignored the fact that Israel was holding many Lebanese prisoner for years, and had been warned by HA , that if they don’t release them , They might resort to kidnapping Israeli soldiers. You ignored all the statements made by Israeli leaders admitting that they already had planned a war on Lebanon that same year.

        As for the Palestinians totally agree that the Lebanese government should have never allowed the PLO to operate from Lebanon. Yet If you review history, it is clear that all Arab States, and the international community were part of that plot/ plan to send the armed Palestinians to Lebanon, after their clash with the Jordanian authorities. I still have to remind you that I Israeli aggression against Lebanon had started way back before the creation of the PLO.

    2. LEBFIRST Avatar

      I agree totally with your post Prophet. One day, hopefully in my life time, the Zionists in israel will come undone and finally lose their Influence over the US & the U.N. you know the saying give a man enough rope & he’ll eventually hang himself well the same will hopefully occur with the Zionists eventually all the rope they have been given by US & UN will eventually bite them on the arse.

      1. Voice of truth my butt. Who are the Lebanses bozo? HA and shiites are not Lebanese in your book. You should be thankful to have HA defending your butt from zionists who want to treat you as an inferior race.

        BTW, I am Lebanese and christian. And I remain as a neutral observer with an objective mind. on the other hand you keep talking like Lebanon is yours to direct. And you get to decide who is Lebanese a?

        And you know what, take the Palestinians in Lebanon and send them to your beloved KSA. They will be happier there until there is a solution. BTW why don’t you ask KSA if they can pitch some land for 2 state solution.

        Between the stupid Abu 3ammar paletinian, and the idiots in the syrian regime, I prefer a Lebanese like HA or S. Hariri to rule Lebanon.

      2. wallah ya prophet and lebfirst talking to tarie is useless. it is appearing to me more and more that he is definitely an israeli all this time posing as a nuisance armenian who really has nothing better to do than come on this site and invoke strife.

        he likes to spit out facts that are outdated and have nothing to do with our current situation at hand.

        he has proven to be an israeli bacteria twice. once when he said that he doesnt care if israel wipes out HA without caring about the rest of lebanon and the elbanese people and onfrastructure and then again recently when he is defending isreal as to the tree incident which all intelligent people can see that israel is baiting HA into a war.

        this guy is a menace that wont go away. he will come back and dish out the same nonsense about stuff that happened 30 years ago and 20 years ago but never has anything good to say about lebanon’s unity direction and what the government is trying to do.

      3. LEBFIRST Avatar

        I agree Tony, I’ve been saying that Tarie is an israeli for awhile now, its notable from the content in his posts. If he’s not lebanons in deep crap if theres more of his type in lebanon :/

    3. Prophet, how the hell was Israeli independence illegal???

      The League of Nations backed the creation of a Jewish state in the area and so did the UN.

  5. I agree with Mr Zogby.Man cannot continue to believe that war is a solution!!They continue to arm themselves with the newest deadly weapons,start wars that cause death ,destruction and suffering!A ceasefire halts hostilities and fighting stops!This is folly!War will never bring peace!Strength and power will never bring peace to the Middle East.Peace will only reign when Israel realizes that it cannot go on denying the rights of the Palestinians.The creation of a Palestinian state is the only solution to the situation in the Middle East!Only by dialogue and the building of confidence can this be reached and not by war!War is a dangerous game that costs mankind a lot!

  6. tony ali Avatar

    thumbs up to fauzia.

  7. tony ali Avatar

    chimo you’re right thta israel will never disappear but you’re dead wrong with its survival. when the violations come back in full swing when vetoes cease to exist, israel will crumble like icing on a cake. enjoy your arrogance cos its very short lived and ehrn the day comes, i will not help you hide from the prosecutors.

  8. Chimo,

    If Hitsrael was interested in peace then why are they still bulding settlements in west bank and Jerusalem? Why have they not taken the arab plan (from KSA) seriously?

    I spend more time on their websites then I do here. They do not want peace. They want to keep acting like they want peace until they finish what they are doing and that is make a new reality on the ground and inflict pain on the palestinians till they leave.

    The zionists cannot survive with peace. get it.

    And don’t forget they believe that it is their god given right to take palestine, and Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and parts of Egypt eventually.

  9. Berytus Avatar

    Interesting coincidence!!!

    Kurtzer sees it as unlikely that Hizbollah would launch hostilities, and suggests that the more likely scenarios are that Israel would either try to lure the Lebanese militia into a war or take it upon itself to attack Hizbollah positions in Lebanon in an effort to “degrade” the group’s military “capabilities”.

    Well, just under an hour ago, there are fire arm exchanges between Israeli and Lebanese army positions in Addeiseh. Israel apparently made the first move when trying to uproot trees in the Lebanese territories.

    Apparently, the shooting hasn’t stopped yet.

    And I guess Kurtzer was right to say that Israel would start it off first.

  10. VOICE OF TRUTH Avatar

    this is in response to r or rated r or xxx or whomever you are.

    i am trying to engage in a civilized and rational exchange with hopefully civilized people that can reciprocate with words other than butts.

    is this the way you are trying to convince me and a lot of the lebanese that do not share your opinions?????????????????

    now r,it is your turn to put it in your thick skull, h/a does not represent all the shiaa and h/a certainly does not represent all the lebanese, and as long as h/a dont recognize this fact and try to understand the other point of view, well dont expect the majority of the lebanese to keep supporting them blindly.

    1. tony ali Avatar

      VOT i’ve had many exchanges with you bro but you do come off as mr know it all and your condescending remark re R’s name is hypocritical since you don’t even put your name either. Voice of Truth? according to who?

      HA doesnt represent all shiites but i’m very sure they stand behind HA when adversity strikes just like every lebanese does.

      HA represents a part of lebanon just like the democrats, republicans and independents do in the US while Jumblatt, Gaegae, Jemayel, Aoun (ouch), Sfeir represent another part of lebanon.

      who told you HA doesnt recognise that fact? look what they did today with the skirmishes or do you choose to ignore the fact?

      they stood behind the lebanese forces and told them they got their back if needed. what a beautiful united lebanese message to the world from within our borders.

      the LAF are actually trying to prove to lebanon they can be the internal security force while HA will become the lebanese army for lebanon that handles international attacks. it will no longer be called HA when the time comes as HA will have to become a strictly political party like the IRA at the right time.

      i have totally agreed with president suleiman that its not the right time to dismantle HA. the time will present itself when the time is comfortable for all lebanese.

      i aint gonna be swayed by stupid international or local media as to labelling HA. the term terrorists is not for HA. HA is a resistance group. it was formed after 82 cos of lebanese neligence. the kata’eb, druze, maronites might well all be called terorists if you wanna be equal so whats the difference one more aint gonna rock the boat is it?

      we have a resistance group in lebanon called Hizbollah. a terrorist organisation is israel not HA.

      HA turning its weapons against the lebanese people was coerced by fellow lebanese government officials. can you even be truthful about that without being biased? its true? look at the facts as to what happened?

      all that is beinhd us and i’m proud of what happened today between the LAF and HA. theres actual unity. its no longer words. todays actions speak volumes.

      sorry VOT for you dont speak on behalf of all lebanese either and neither do i but i never said i did.

      your title seems to give the illusion tht you’re the messiah and the oracle. whatever man!

      Hizbollah is lebanese. wake up.

  11. Chuck Lanka Avatar
    Chuck Lanka

    Voice of truth, evry word u wrote makes sense. I fully agree with you. HA are not accepted by the majority of the Christians, the Druze and the Sunnis so how could they represent te Lebanese people. It’s imposed on us without a doubt.

    I laughed so much reading other people posts talking about dialog, ha is Lebanese etc… This tells me how much are innocent and away far away from understanding the real issues. They fluctuate so much with their opinion based on media feedback. They have blamed the Israelis in shooting first or being on Lebanese territory and here the UN says the opposite. This is how much fast we jump to conclusion.

    Trust there is no war between Lebanon and Israel if ha isn’t there and peace talk can be on its way. Let Syria and Iran defend Palestine from their own land why from Lebanon and no one like to have them in their own country. Lebanon becomes the garbage dump for all of them. No matter what you wanna call me Zionist or trader, my ennemy remains Syria and Israel I will trust more

    the Israelis in peace talk realtionship then trusting the Syrian. Ha is a militia pro Iranian imposed on all Lebanese which they always dig for trouble to prove their raison d’être , they control the entie politic system, the presendency, and very soon the army when they will drag Lebanon to war. Guys, go to Lebanon and talk to 10 people you will find nine of them saying the same thing. Enough enough garbage jarab Arab and Persian. We need to live peacefully modrn life with freedom of association and awy from discrmination.

    1. Chuck Lanka, “They have blamed the Israelis in shooting first or being on Lebanese territory and here the UN says the opposite”

      you seem to be the one innocent and unable to understand issues..the UN said it was in Israeli territory BUT it ALSO said that the lebanese govt disputes those borders JUST LIKE Israel disputes other parts of the border. Thats #1

      #2- LAF fired WARNING shots and the UNIFL did also warn IDF of discontinuing their gardening operation, and that is when the IDF replied and shot at the army.

      THAT is when the LAF fired back and killed the IDF colonnel.

      so knowing THE WHOLE TRUTH shall set you free my friend.

      “Guys, go to Lebanon and talk to 10 people you will find nine of them saying the same thing.” THATS EXACLTEY our point, lebanese in lebanon are blinded by ta2ifieh and religion and CANNOT get their brains to comprehend the threat that Israel represents.

      EVERYONE outside Lebanon, including JEWS, OK JEWS WHO ARE ZIONISTS AND SONE ANTI-ZIONISTS, say the same, Israel wants a piece of Lebanon, always have, it is good in every sense, wether for natural resources (water), for more land in order to drive out the palest.

      but the lebanese problem is that they are so hell bent on proving to everyone that they are not “arab”, they are “phoenician” and that they dont want to be associated with Iran or an arab state, that they are to side with an enemy that could care less about them and would destroy them in a second.

      where I live are many many jews from whom I hear the most atroicious things, like there is a part of Lebanon that belongs to Israel according to the bible!! YES I have heard that…

      Israel should bomb all of you and push all the palestinians out to your country where they belong cos there is no such thing as the palestinian people. THATS WHAT I HEAR EVERYDAY.


    2. VOICE OF TRUTH Avatar

      thanks chuck,

      we need to speak out loud from now on and let everybody know that our opinions count and the silent majority is fed up being silent seeing the country gradually taken over by a loud bullying and inconsiderate minority!!!!!!!

      1-i agree, h/a and the pro syrian and pro iranian folks are lebanese,but then there are a lot of people on the otherside, the cedar revolution folks that do not share their pov and they are as lebanese as anyone else.

      2- since 2004 and even before, the cedar revolution folks were subjected to all kinds of intimidations and threats and a lot of their leaders paid dearly with their lives for their political views, can you show me one example of a leader in h/a or their sympathizers that was subjected to a similar treatment?????????

  12. tony ali Avatar

    cathy you’re amazing and sri lanka fyi is an israeli. i’ve been on ya libnan for nearly a year and i read it everyday and ir erspond to all articles plus responf to many posters’ comments. i know for a fact that when sri lanka came on he was absolutely pro israeli but now he changed his tune just like adam ben yoel shortened his name to adam cos he couldn’t take my jabs at his name being adam ben laden or ben lying or ben hiding… i can go on and on abou tmy tireless attacks and defences against many morons who have come on this site to try and give history lessons and how much HA is evil and they don’t minf if israel takes them out.

    i mean how absurd can you be. israel taking HA out is bombing lebanon like they did in 2006 and i was actually there. soem lebanese are stupid and i am sooooooooooooooooo happy that i have finally been joined by you and several others to add weight to my arguments thta we are lebanese and with with the nonsense about HA is evil and gaegae is beautiful.

    everybody sucks so everybody needs to sit down and figure out president suleiman’s new direction for unity and a strong IDP.

    how can people not see through gaegae’s comeback to nasrallah’s speech of solidarity with the LAF by actually saying that the LAF has adequate fire power. who are the idiots that cant see thru that.

    gaegae is a trouble maker and he knows whats on the horizon when HA will be absorbed into the army. a demotion for him cos HA will be for lebanon and not just gaegae’s militia.

  13. Chuck Lanka Avatar
    Chuck Lanka

    FYI Lanka does not stand for Sri Lanka is more Lankawi in Malaysia

    I told you Tony Ali how ignorant you are.

    I am not Israeli nothing I am just chasing the truth and the eliminatiion of the ones who are selling us day by day

    الله يكبرك يا طوني علي

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