Hariri reelected as the head of Future Movement


Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri was reelected on Sunday as the head of the Future Movement.

Future Movement parliamentary bloc leader and former PM Fouad Siniora declared the victory of Hariri at the Future Movement founding conference that was held at Biel Exhibition Center in downtown Beirut.

During the conference the party also elected an 18-member political bureau.

MP Samir Jisr won uncontested the post of Chairman of Future Movement’s Supervisory and Control Board.

The newly elected Al-Mustaqbal politburo also appointed Ahmed Hariri as Secretary-General of the Future Movement.

Also elected as vice-presidents were Bassem al-Sabaa, Antoine Andraous, and Samir Doumit.

Ahmed Hariri will hold a press conference on Monday to announce the recommendations of the founding conference of the Future Movement, according to a Future Movement statement

The Conference was attended by 600 Mustaqbal affiliates in their capacity as active members. Also participating at the conference were about 100 observers.

MP Samir Jisr won uncontested the post of Chairman of Future Movement’s Supervisory and Control Board.

Justice not negotiable

Hariri said during the conference: “There are some who imagine, fear,or probably wish that the issue of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s assassination could be a cause for the eruption of a Lebanese crisis or sectarian strife. We say with all honesty and responsibility that there is no place in our national dictionary for these fears or allegations or even wishes”

Hariri said that the case of the assassination of his father has become a national, Arab, and international cause, adding that achieving justice “is not open for negotiation”.

Addressing the recent tension following the speeches of Hezbollah chief sayyed Hassan Nasrallah , Hariri said :

“Hariri’s soul will not be a reason to restart strife on Lebanese land, so enough intimidation.”

He added: “We are dealing with STL with a sense of responsibility to prevent strife from penetrating into our internal unity ” .

Hariri called for calm in the face of “attempts to launch campaigns aimed at creating tension and anxiety among the people.”



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