Hariri: No crisis or war this summer in Lebanon


Lebanon Prime Minister Saad Hariri reassured the Lebanese , during a Thursday meeting held to discuss the needs of cities and towns hosting tourists this summer, that there will be no crisis in the country.

“There are political disputes between the parties , but nothing dangerous will happen,”he said.

His comment comes after the tension created following Hezbollah chief ‘s speech last Friday and Tuesday’s report in As Safir which revealed that the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) would soon issue indictments against Hezbollah.

Hariri said that the cabinet would make efforts to implement several plans that call for more investments in the tourism sector.

Interior Minister Ziad Baroud said in turn that his ministry appointed between 590 and 1800 security forces members to ensure safety in the country during the summer.

Tourism Minister Fadi Abboud also said that his ministry would contract 100 inspectors to monitor services and prices in touristic institutions.

Abboud added that he intended to increase the number of tourism police.

Hariri rules out possibility of war

Earlier today Hariri ruled out an imminent Israeli war on Lebanon during an interview with al-Hayat newspaper “despite Israel’s hostile intentions and constant intimidation,” stressing that “there’s no fear from a sectarian strife provided that Lebanese politicians decide to prevent it.”

Hariri stressed that “any Israeli threat against any Lebanese party resembles a threat against the whole of Lebanon, especially that the whole of Lebanon is under threat according to the enemy’s statements.”

Hariri noted that “arresting a spy in the telecommunications sector is an important thing,” adding that “perhaps more dangerous cases exist inside security services, the Resistance or banks.”

The PM stressed “the need to hunt spies until the last spy in Lebanon.”

On the other hand, Hariri noted that “Mustaqbal Movement has conducted a review for the relation with Syria in the past few years,” revealing that “mistakes” had marred those relations.

Commenting on his recent trip to Damascus, Hariri stressed that his decision to open a new chapter in the relations with Syria was “irreversible,” revealing that he had intended “to visit Iran during the current month, but the remarks about a possible visit by (Iranian) President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad led to postponing the visit to a future date.”

The 2006 war between Hezbollah and Lebanon damaged the Lebanese economy . Lebanon was expecting over 1.5 million tourists , but the war prevented that from happening. This is why Hariri is trying to assure everyone that there will be no crisis or war this summer in Lebanon. Last Monday Speaker Nabih Berri , a key ally of Hezbollah made a similar statement



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