AUB:”Young Lebanese, What they feel, how they behave.”


The Issam Fares Institute Research and Policy Forum on Youth in the Arab World at AUB is holding a roundtable discussion on “Young Lebanese: What they feel, how they behave.”

The discussion will focus on new research studies by AUB Associate Professor of Social Psychology Charles Harb, AUB Assistant Professor of Journalism and Media Studies Jad Melki, and researchers Azza Baydoun and Maud Stephan from the Lebanese Association of Women Researchers (BAHITHAT).

The meeting will take place on Friday July 23, 2010, from 10:00 am to 1:00pm in College Hall, B-1, AUB

Professor Charles Harb will present his analysis entitled “Describing the Lebanese Youth: A national and psycho-social Survey”. This national survey research project investigates young Lebanese’s identities, values, and their degree of sectarianism, with an emphasis on prejudice, attitudes towards inter-sectarian marriage and religiosity.

Professor Jad Melki will present his analysis of “Media Habits of MENA Youth: A three-country survey” convening 2,554 university and high school students in Jordan, Lebanon and the UAE. The focus is on youth media consumption and production habits.

Professors Azza Baydoun and Maud Stephan will present their work entitled “Young Lebanese Women: Spectators, Readers and Listeners” (in Arabic) which surveyed 580 men and women in their first year of university and explored their cultural consumption habits. This work identifies the effect of socio-demographic factors on their preferences and attitudes as “spectators,” “listeners” and “readers.” Albawaba



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