Palestinians to be granted work permits in Lebanon


The Justice and Administration parliamentary committee tasked with reviewing the bill that was proposed by Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt over Palestinian civil rights approved on Monday an amendment of Article 59 of the labor law. The amendment grants the Palestinians work permits without paying any fees. Palestinian refugees who have been officially registered at the interior ministry would also be exempt from paying taxes

The commission deleted part of the bill that was proposed by Jumblatt and which stipulates that the Palestinians working in Lebanon should receive equal treatment to their Lebanese counterparts.

The Committee also gave the green light for foreign workers to enjoy the same rights of Lebanese when laid off on condition of reciprocity.

“We will also discuss the issue of the ownership of property by foreigners,” Head of the committee MP Robert Ghanem told reporters following a meeting in parliament on Monday.

Last month , during an extraordinary session of the parliament Jumblatt proposed a bill that grants Palestinian refugees in Lebanon civil rights and allows them to own property. The bill was referred by Speaker Nabih Berri to the justice and administrative committee to study and submit recommendation to parliament .

Hezbollah and Amal MPs voted in favor of the bill, while the Phalange party , Lebanese Forces and Change and Reform blocs voted against it.



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