Customs seize a shop & factory of counterfeited alcoholic beverages


The directorate general of Lebanon’s customs department said on Monday that it has seized a shop in Hazmyeh and a factory in Bizmar selling and manufacturing counterfeited alcoholic beverages.

The owners of the shop and factory are now under police custody. The department said the customs department closed the shop and factory as part of efforts to implement the intellectual property laws and pledged to continue its crack down on such practices.

The department added that the purpose of this campaign is to preserve the health of consumers. Authorities confiscated during their raid 29 cartons of liquor , six empty gallons and 22 gallons filled with different types of alcoholic beverages. It also seized dozens of cartons filled with various counteracted beverages. The customs called on all citizens to call 01/983253 or 01/983254 to report any counterfeited products.



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