Analysis: Iran fails in S. Lebanon


By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

IRAN has once again admitted its inability to face the international blockade imposed on it. The country has opted to put knives on the necks of the people in South Lebanon. The recent Hezbollah attacks on the international emergency forces proved that the area, which has been troubled by hot-headed, reckless and adventurous people, is no more than a playground for Iran.

Iran also uses the area as a dumping site for the remnants of its ruined relations with the international community. This only proves that the republic does not consider the security of the innocent people in these villages, which have never experienced stability over the last decades. People in this area have been abused by blood trading organizations and militias, in addition to the Israeli occupation which continued for more than two decades.

The current tension in South Lebanon and attacks on the UNIFIL forces are part of the Iranian orders. They are not coincidences or merely an objection to routine maneuvers coordinated between these forces and the Lebanese Army. Observers have also noticed that relations between the ordinary people and these forces are very good as manifested in the cultural, medical and developmental projects and the humanitarian aid provided by UNIFIL, while the group with the so-called ‘clean money’ has been spending generously on entertaining themselves and increasing their balances in the banks.

They have been splurging, while the people in South Lebanon suffer from financial and economic difficulties, to the extent of hunger and extreme poverty. These are the same people that Hezbollah fought with their blood over the last years. Hezbollah has been using these people as barricades, while responding to orders from its masters in Tehran to deter the international sanctions on Iran. The Lebanese have nothing to do with the sanctions approved by the International Security Council, European Union and the American administration on Iran. In fact, Lebanon’s stand on the Security Council was about to be transformed into a spark of civil war. It is the least that might happen in a country afflicted with a militia hiding behind the mask of religion to serve the imperial interests of its Persian master, whose objectives and plans have been exposed.

Consequently, if Iran really wants to face the entire world, then it should do so on its own territory, not on Arab land. Iran has repeatedly announced its alleged possession of weapons which can defeat the strongest armies. However, it seems the Iranian statements are nothing but slogans. The innocent and armless Arabs have been paying a high price because the Hezbollah has recruited some of them, using different slogans to influence their decisions and throw them into the darkness of their adventures.

We all know the Lebanese, especially those residing in the South, cannot tolerate the withdrawal of international emergency forces from South Lebanon, leaving the people to face their destiny, similar to what happened in 2006, which became known as the ‘Year of War’, in accordance with Hassan Nasrallah’s statement after the war.

We are also aware that the stability experienced by Lebanon over the last few years was the result of the concerned efforts of honest Lebanese, who have been striving to build their nation away from any regional entity, not due to the threats of the hot-headed parties. Furthermore, Lebanon, which is now keen on activating its role as an Arab treasury, can no longer be used as tools for some adventurous Arab countries, since any upcoming war will not affect Lebanon alone but all Arabs. Therefore, no one should tolerate the acts of some people toying with the fate of the innocent and the prestige of the Lebanese government to serve Iranian interests.