Hezbollah angered over shepherd abduction


Hezbollah considers the Israeli detention of a shepherd near the Shebaa Farms region a blatant violation of Lebanese sovereignty, the resistance movement said.

Israeli forces during the weekend apprehended 37-year-old shepherd Imad Hassan Atwi. Lebanese media reports suggest Israeli forces

crossed the Lebanese border and took the shepherd to the occupied Shebaa Farms region.

Israel seized Shebaa Farms from Syria during the 1967 Six Day War. The United Nations, in resolutions dealing with the matter, confirmed Israeli forces have retreated from occupied lands, though Syria and Lebanon contend the withdrawal isn’t complete until Shebaa Farms is liberated.

Israeli forces later returned the man to the U.N. Interim Force in Lebanon, who handed him to Lebanese forces.

Hezbollah in a statement published on its al-Manar news station said the temporary detention was a criminal act.

“The crimes are an assault on Lebanon and its state, security, citizens and sovereignty before the silence of the international community that stands helpless before Zionist violations of the borders, laws, and sovereignty of nations,” the statement read.

Hezbollah added that the act was a “new link” in ongoing Israeli aggression, which it said was taking place “under the watchful eyes” of U.N. peacekeepers.UPI



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