France: Lebanon should end the war rumors


French Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bernard Valero said during his weekly press conference: “For months everyone was talking about the turbulent situation on the Lebanese borders and then strangely, everyone became quiet, and then the rumors restarted.”

He added: “We do not believe in the voices that call for war in a critical region. The rumors that warn of a war will not settle the region’s problems.”

He stressed his country’s commitment to Lebanon, and repeated its call for all sides to respect the Lebanese-Israeli border, noting that this commitment is “embodied in France’s participation in UNIFIL.”

Furthermore, he said that French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner’s recent visit to Lebanon and Syria nearly a month ago was aimed at voicing France’s diplomatic commitment to Lebanese, Syrian, and Palestinian causes.

“We are placing all possible efforts to guarantee an improvement in the situations but in order for this to be possible, all sides must search for solutions to the problems, and it is on this note that we believe that rumors of a war must stop,” Valero stressed. Naharnet



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