Lebanon Cabinet approves Bassil’s electricity plan


The Lebanese cabinet has approved today the electricity plan that was proposed by Energy Minister Gebran Bassil, which aims at lowering the energy sector’s losses, the environmental impact and the national deficit.

The cabinet meeting at the grand Serail was chaired by PM Saad Hariri .

Following the approval of his plan, Bassil said on Monday that he thanked the cabinet and added” the plan will end electricity shortages in 2014 and will start generating profits by 2015.”

He added that “we proved as a government team that we are able to work and build together.” He also thanked various individuals and institutions for assisting him on the project.

Information Minister Tarek Mitri confirmed following the cabinet meeting that Bassil’s plan was approved and said the cabinet asked him ( Bassil) to submit progress reports to the cabinet every 6 months.

According to observers the plan calls for utilizing natural gas instead of fuel oil and for using renewable energy resources . The plan also includes the construction of an infrastructure for handling the gas and this will include a liquefied natural gas pipeline along the Lebanese coast.

Bassil did not reveal to the media the following:

– Types of renewable energy resources

– Source of the gas

According to media reports Bassil was proposing the construction of 11 dams.

As for the gas, Lebanon is supposed to hold huge reserves in its territorial waters in the Mediterranean sea. Israel has already started the exploration but Lebanon has done nothing so far . Many in Lebanon accuse Israel of stealing the Lebanese gas.

I.n any case the Arab Gas Pipeline which will export Egyptian gas may be used in the initial phase of the project



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