Mitri briefs the media on Lebanon cabinet meeting


Following Friday’s extraordinary cabinet session at the Baabda Palace Information Minister Tarek Mitri briefed the media about the issues discussed :

2010 budget:

The cabinet unanimously approved the 2010 state budget after discussing the amendments that were proposed by Finance Minister Raya al-Hassan.

The proposed budget will be transferred to the Parliament for ratification, adding that there were no significant tax increases in the budget ( increases in some areas and decreases in others)

The ministers discussed Energy Minister Gebran Bassil’s dam proposal,but agreed to defer it until next year.

Suleiman Assad summit

President Michel Suleiman briefed the cabinet on Tuesday’s summit with his Syrian counterpart, Bashar al-Assad, in Damascus.The two leaders discussed bilateral relations during the summit.

“Assad promised to visit Lebanon soon and showed readiness to assist Lebanon in resolving the issue of armed Palestinian factions outside the refugee camps in Lebanon,” Suleiman reportedly told the cabinet

Natural resources:

Prime Minister Saad Hariri touched on Israel’s extraction of natural resources from the Mediterranean Sea and stressed on the importance of studying the issue.”

State security:

The cabinet approved the appointment of Brigadier General Mustapha Dakroub as the new deputy director general of state security.