Geagea, Spanish FM stress Lebanon’s right to control decision-making


Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos and Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea stressed during their meeting in Spain the rights of the Lebanese state to have control over the decision-making process, according to a statement issued by LF.

During a meeting with Geagea and his accompanying delegation Moratinos briefed them on EU’s Thursday decision to impose further sanctions on Iran.

The newly imposed sanctions might increase tension in the Middle East, said the LF statement, adding, “Which is why the Lebanese government should seize control of the decision-making process.”

Last month during a press conference, the Lebanese Forces leader accused Hezbollah of shifting Lebanon from its “neutral stance” to the defense line of Iran without the will of its people, government and parliament.

“The region is unstable and boiling and Hezbollah is putting Lebanon in a hot oil cooking pot,” Geagea said

Moratinos stressed his country backing of Lebanon’s sovereignty and independence.

Geagea has reportedly , asked Moratinos to pressure Israel into leaving Lebanon.

Israel continues to occupy Lebanon’s Shebaa farms, Kfar Shouba and northern Ghajar.

Geagea , who is visiting Madrid as as part of a regional tour arrived in Madrid from Paris on Thursday.