Murder suspect on the loose in Lebanon


The Lebanese Forces leadership claimed on Sunday that murder suspect Hanna al-Barsoui has disappeared. A member of the political party said they are helping the security forces in apprehending him.

During a press conference on Sunday, Lebanese Forces bloc MP Strida Geagea called on Hanna al-Bardaoui—who allegedly killed Tony and Nayyef Saleh in the Koura village of Dahr al-Ain on Friday—to turn himself in to judicial authorities as soon as possible.

Geagea voiced hope that Bardaoui will turn himself in within a day.

She added that she will join the LF delegation that will travel to the northern village of Bazoun, the birthplace of the Saleh brothers.

The victims were members of Suleiman Franjieh’s Marada Movement and the alleged killer is a member of rival Christian political party Lebanese Forces, led by Samir Geagea.

Naharnet, Ya Libnan