Wahab: Lebanon must vote in support of Iran


Tawheed Movement leader Wiam Wahab on Tuesday noted that “Lebanon occupies an essential position in the (U.N.) Security Council today, and it must confront any attempt at imposing sanctions on Iran,” adding, “Premier Saad Hariri is being subjected to pressures during his visit to the U.S. regarding this issue.”

He warned Lebanese officials against “any uncalculated step in this regard, and that Lebanon remaining idle in the face of imposing sanctions on the Islamic Republic is not enough, at a time Lebanon must reject these sanctions and seek to drop them, and it has to openly stand by the friendly Islamic Republic of Iran in the Security Council.”

At a ceremony held in Burj al-Barajneh on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Resistance and Liberation Day, Wahab added he hoped Hariri’s stance would be “at the level of the popular Lebanese stance, especially that we are amidst the month of liberation and victory.”

Wahab hailed the stance of President Michel Suleiman “in the recent period which has been a very positive one as to the resistance issue.”

“Despite all the Israeli and non-Israeli attempts at targeting the resistance, it remains stronger than they would imagine,” Wahab added, noting that “some get delighted by foreign visits to influential nations or by some foreign ministers visiting us. These imbeciles do not comprehend that had it not been for the existence of the resistance, nobody would’ve received you or visited you in Lebanon.”

Wahab added that “the resistance needs national consensus, although the lack of consensus will not bring its pride and dignity to an end.”




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