Fuel shortage at Beirut Airport


A fuel shortage caused by a defective fuel shipment prompted Beirut’s international airport to supply airlines with just half their normal daily allotment, airport and civil aviation authorities said Wednesday.

Airport officials said incoming airlines would be asked to carry more fuel on their flights so that they would not need to refuel in Beirut.

They added that flight schedules were not expected to be affected or for any safety issues to arise. Those airlines in need of fuel would still receive it.

A statement issued by the Lebanese Civil Aviation Authority said the shortage was caused by a defective fuel shipment that arrived in Lebanon on May 11.

Tests revealed the fuel did not meet the required standard for airplane engines. It did not elaborate or give details on the origins of the shipment.

The statement said the airport will be supplying local and international airline companies with 400,000 liters of fuel a day — half the usual daily ration — until Sunday night.

The airport officials a new fuel shipment was expected to arrive on Sunday. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to give officials statements.

The officials added that fuel tanks at Beirut airport normally holding 18 million liters of fuel now only had six million liters. BW